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141 The Celibate Rifles
142 Beasts of Bourbon
143 Cosmic Psychos

Much too low! Best bulldozer punk band in the world. Ever.

144 The Superjesus

Outstandingly raw

145 Frenzal Rhomb

Best punk band from Australia hands down

146 Died Pretty

#134 are you kidding me? Listen doughboys, go out and hear the band's library.

147 Madder Lake
148 Gypsy & The Cat

Listen to time to wander.

149 Redgum

You gotta be kidding. I was only 19, 100 years on and the last frontier. Just listen and lots more. say no more

You're kidding - what about REDGUM

I checked the list 4 or 5 times feeling sure that I'd missed it - perhaps I have. Redgum and Angels are probably my favourites.

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150 Superheist

Why are they so low? It makes me upset they so underrated, they're very talented and I wish they will come back one day. - UltimateHybridX

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151 The Wiggles

Certainly one of the most successful Australian Bands, the Wiggles have captured the hearts of many children all over the world. Not especially popular with adults but still deserve a spot given sheer weight of albums sold.

My kids loved them when they were little. Sometimes I secretly bring out the CDs and listen and stroll down memory lane. Great music and voice from Greg Page

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152 Art vs. Science
153 Pseudo Echo Pseudo Echo

Innovators - weren't just content to go along with the previaling boring template.

154 Psycroptic Psycroptic Psycroptic is an Australian technical death metal band formed in Hobart in 1999. Mainstay members are Dave Haley on drums, his brother Joe Haley on guitar, and Cameron Grant on bass guitar.
155 The Whitlams
156 The Beards
157 Spy vs Spy V 3 Comments
158 Real Life
159 The Bad Loves
160 Tiddas V 1 Comment
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