Top 10 Best Australian Cricket Players of All Time


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21Justin Langer

I loved seeing him smash everything, providing a somewhat elegant counterpart to Matthew Hayden's "stand and deliver" approach.

22Andrew Symonds

The idiot with terribe hair, why the heck did he go fishing while the most important meeting was held?

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23Brett Lee

Why is he at no 11 he is the fastest and best bowler of Australia

He is one of the best bowlers in the world

Because is speed give fever to the batsman while he bowling

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24David Boon

Number 1 in all time time though debate raging over Hadden filling this spot... Boon has it so far!

25Peter Taylor
26Damien Martyn

One of the most elegant shot makers in test cricket and a shock to see him retire.

27Merv HughesV1 Comment
28Janib Sultan

Because janib is one most good batsman in the world

29James Faulkner

The best finisher and an incredible match saver

He is the most handsome and best all rounder

Most handsome allrounder is the most handsome cricketer, And that's mitchell marsh who os better than faulkner and is only australia

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30Steven Smith

Why? Steve Smith and Steven Smith are same!

Bad bowlers will be happy if he comes out

Australia future lives in his hands.

Always century when he comes out

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31Mark Waugh

He could be one of the top 5 batsman that world ever see

Deserved much better in career

Awesome player.What is he doing below Watson and maxwell. Top player elegant and stylish.

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32Mark Taylor

Tubby has no 2.. locked and sorted in all time team

33Doug Walters

3 times century in a session of test match. Natural abundant talent, no net practice before test match

34Simon Katich
35Jeff Thomson

The fastest bowler I have ever seen. At his top he was unplayable. Thompson played in an era that included the likes of Holding, Roberts, Croft and Lillee. Thompson was clearly faster than all of these great bowlers. Thompson would be my first bowling pick in any side.

No 8 in all time team... "bowlers would try to get you out! Tommo would try to kill you"!

36Doug Bollinger
37Terry Alderman
38Tom Moody
39Aaron FinchV1 Comment
40Pat Cummins

His the best bowler in the world

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