Top 10 Best Australian Cricket Players of All Time


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41George Bailey

Whatever Nonsense is Here! This George Bailey shouldn't be here, he must come in 80th

Every people are know that.. George bailey neuter... he... is.a very good... exam of.. Australia.. cricket.. and also.. he is a very good player...I. wish... to George bailey... bright.. future... god bless... him...

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42Ian Healy
43Craig McDermott
44Bruce Yardley
45Viv Richards

He's not even Australian! Otherwise very good

46Rod MarshV1 Comment
47Brad Hogg

Great spin bowler.Supported Warne Lee and McGrath and did it well

48Damien Fleming

Very impressive death bowler.He had a short career but relished his chances and was always a decent fast bowler

49Mitchell Marsh

Mitchell Rocks! I Love how he bowls! I am gonna become a batsman and part time bowler in the future! and ill bowl better than him!

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50Michael Bevan

Best batsman and styles player

He is the best middle order batsman ever Australia had over last 20 yrs... (Avg 53.58)... He deserve to be in top 10...

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