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41Girl Gone Wild (Avicii Remix)

Madonna sings the vocals, and Avicii adds the epicness to the song.

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42All You Need Is Love

This is a bonus track in his album "true" listen to it and you'll love it!

43Always On the Run

HIghly underrated song as it was a bonus track in his album "true". It should be in the top 5.


Amazing selection of tune, this song should at least be top 10

Speed = wake me up avicii by avicii

Full of energy..the track is just too good

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46Don't Give Up On Us

Great song I've ever heard

47Taste the Feeling

I think it's such a good song. Truly speaks to your soul with Conrad's voice and it's so catchy. It also makes me very happy every time I hear it.

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48My Feelings for You

It's nice very nice that's all tank you.

Awesome music with superb beats
Just love this song
Should get more votes, definitely one of the best

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49The Party Next Door

Just listen it. It's awesome

50Electric Masturbation

I haven't heard this but the title? What the...

I'm shocked this song isn't on this list. This is one of the best of avicii.

51F*** the Music

BOOM! Avicii can create any type of music...

52UMF (Ultra Music Festival Anthem)

This song is amazing! The tune is so catchy... but, technically, this was known as 'Fire' and 'Levels II' before it was released for UMF.

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53All My Life
54Heart Upon My Sleeve

Keep your eye on this song because this song will explode once the vocals are released with it.

Guitar + cello it's really amazing

I loved this song in the true album. I really wish it was more well known. it's a great mix of tunes.

55Miami 82 (Avicii Edit)

Avicii has done again... Great to hear this song...

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56Hello Miami

Easily second behind levels

57Three Chord Revolution

Fits perfectly to the lyrics "There's a bitch in the basement and she's calling for help" hope that's useful

58TroubleV1 Comment
59Long Road to Hell

Ha.. Ha. Cool music


It's incredible how Avicii managed to transform a boring Spanish music into something really interesting and musically rich!

Can't believe this one is only on the 37th spot. One of my favourite latin house tunes. Right up there with Flexy - Paris Latino.

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