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Listen...This song is very good. But, people on vine...( don't get me wrong, they are hilarious) usually don't even hear the whole song! They say "Oh ya, I know that song"... Do you really? I was really shocked when I first heard it on vine. But at the same time I was happy. But... I asked some people... They didn't even know it was a real song, which upsets me. But nonetheless an amazing breakthrough on vine for AWOLNATION!

So different, so unique. Easily one of their top 10.

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22Swinging from the Castles

This is my most played song out of 800 songs on my phone. True masterpiece

23Lie Love Live Love

One of my personal favorites.. I love the mix of soft and rockier parts!

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Should be higher up on the list. This song is awesome

This song just rocks!

I LOVE THIS SONG! If you haven't heard this live then you haven't lived!

25Woman, Woman

Easily their most underrated song

26Holy Roller

In this track AWOLNATION shows his ability to craft a beautifully made song. Love it

27Fat Face

Starts sad, builds, then just raw energy at the end. Awesome!

28I'm On Fire
29Wichita Panama

Not bad. Definitely nothing else they've produced. Nonetheless... good song.

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