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Not upto mark... To be the top one among Axewound's other songs.
Vultures is The Best...

Amazing awesome song this is one of the best songs I heard in 2013
Also the video is very good, matt tuck beast guitarist
Exorchrist is a very good song too I love it
I really love cold best song of axewound its just so amazing


This song truly shows what modern day heavy metal is about, and because of this, it's back. The intro is incredibly wrote and played, the heaviness is just awesome. I have no faults to state about this song. ♥

Just awesome Among these...
Synyster is the Metal God...
Loved this song...
Awesome Solo... Is the #1 in Album...


Awesome riffs, killing vocals, blasting drumming. No metalcore debut song can ever be as good as this track.

5Victim of the System
6Post Apocalyptic Party
7Church of Nothing

It deserve to be the no. 1
awesome solo... And melody.. Lyrics is awesome

9Burn Alive
10Blood Money and Lies
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1. Cold
2. Exorchrist
3. Collide



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