Best Baltimore Ravens Players


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The Top Ten

Ray Lewis
In the top 10 ravens players on this list, #1 is Ray Lewis, and #2 is every one else
How is Ray rice better than Ray Lewis?
Ray being #2 is absolutely ridiculous. He's easily #1.


2Ed Reed

3Ray Rice
Truly great runnings back. One of the best in the league right now.


Best RB right now.


4Joe Flacco
He will be a franchise QB
Best player on the ravens well I'm a good ravens fan hears something! RAVENS ARE AWESOME +JOE FLACCO AMAZING QB HE SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 NOT RAY RICE!
Fyi he punched a girl ray rice punched a GIRL!


5Haloti Ngata

6Terrell Suggs
Sizz! A monster coming from the edge!

7Michael Oher
I love him! Have you ever seen the Blind Side?


Good player but to many false starts

8Jonathan Ogden
The Ravens' first-ever draft pick is now in the Hall of Fame. Left tackles don't get much publicity, but he was an amazing run blocker.

9Torrey Smith

10Jamal Lewis

The Contenders

11Todd Heap

12Chris McAlister

13Elvis Dumervil
7 Sacks in Tennessee game

14Peter Boulware

15Anquan Boldin

16Michael Huff

17Justin Tucker

18Dennis Pitta

19Steve Smith, Sr.

20Matt Stover

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