Best Baltimore Ravens Players


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1Ray Lewis

In the top 10 ravens players on this list, #1 is Ray Lewis, and #2 is every one else

Ray Lewis has got to be one of the middle linebackers let alone defensive players ever, definitely a first ballot Hall of Famer. - Benweis88

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2Ed Reed
3Ray Rice

Truly great runnings back. One of the best in the league right now. - dudesterravensfan

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4Joe Flacco

Best player on the ravens well I'm a good ravens fan hears something! RAVENS ARE AWESOME +JOE FLACCO AMAZING QB HE SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 NOT RAY RICE!
Fyi he punched a girl ray rice punched a GIRL! - Rofl999999

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5Terrell SuggsV1 Comment
6Haloti Ngata
7Jonathan Ogden

The Ravens' first-ever draft pick is now in the Hall of Fame. Left tackles don't get much publicity, but he was an amazing run blocker.

8Michael Oher

I love him! Have you ever seen the Blind Side? - Alpha101

Good player but to many false starts

9Jamal Lewis
10Steve Smith, Sr.

Steve smith is so good him and joe and Justin got to be in the top ten

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11Torrey Smith
12Elvis DumervilV1 Comment
13Peter Boulware
14Shannon Sharpe
15Todd Heap
16Chris McAlister
17Anquan Boldin
18Dennis Pitta
19Michael Huff
20Justin Tucker
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1. Ray Lewis
2. Ed Reed
3. Jonathan Ogden
1. Ray Lewis
2. Ed Reed
3. Terrell Suggs
1. Ray Lewis
2. Jonathan Ogden
3. Ed Reed

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