Best Bands of 2012


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Green Day
Had some good songs this year, a lot of popular rock bands really lost it this year, matchbox 20's new stuff is terrible!


2Dave Matthews Band

3Linkin Park
Green Day & Linkin Park are my 2 favourite bands of all time... BUT
I love linkin Park the most and I think it should be on the first cause this year it is growing, its new album UNWANTED TRUTH is just awesome and the last one LIVING THINGS was also awesome... So please make it on the first... THanks...
Linkin park is world's 1st band from 2009 to 2011... But in 2012 it came on 2nd no...
This band should be in number 1... I love you chester... Long live linkin park
[Newest]Linkin park is the best band ever

4Matchbox Twenty

5The Killers
WOOT the killers invented class

6No Doubt

7Van Halen

8One Direction
Why is this even on the list?


They should be number one people
This is the best band EVER! They deserve to be in the top 3..

Train is the best of all time man
Drive by is awesome

I like these guys so much because they're unique in a way, with a special kind of percussion thing and how their first album, Aim and Ignite, was nearly flawless. Nobody makes albums like that anymore.
Fun. Will soon be amazing.


How is this not number one?

The Contenders

11Maroon 5
Hello! M5 not in the list? 3 tip thrre singles.


Its one of the best bands they have nice songs like pieces, already over pt2, breath into me, let go and shadows and I think they should be from the the top 5! Trust me you will not regret listening to them

14Black Veil Brides
They should be in the top 5.
How they can be below One Direction? One Direction Sucks.
Their songs has meaning. They give a wonderful message to people who get bullied bu someone. Music is just an epic.

Love their sound and interesting lyrics. Secrets is an amazing song.
They're so great! Why aren't they at the top?

Skillet is the best band out there right now. They should be #1


18You Me at Six

19Imagine Dragons
You know it's true. More hits than any other band this year.

To me, this is a great band! Should be at the top, especially after their last album Vice Verses. They keep getting better year by year!

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