Best Bands of 2013


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Linkin Park
One person below said that one direction is the best band and should be number 1, she doesn't even know who linkin park is! Go to hell, listen to linkin park and get a life!
East or west or north or south, linkin park is the best band in the world... They are god of music
This band doesn't deserve to be classified as even alt metal
[Newest]I like his voice

I love their songs
Skillet is the best band to set foot on a stage PERIOD! BOTTOM LINE!

3Green Day
I think they got the best music, Green Day for sure
I love this band especially their meaningful songs.. 21 Guns Rock Ya


Love OneRepublic
After Counting Stars, this should be no.3 after Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons

6Imagine Dragons
They are a great band and have great songs
They sing all of their songs with meaning, unlike many other bands
Creativity in beats.. Lyrics.. And singing no bull


8Bullet for My Valentine
Sure, Temper Temper wasn't great, but have you guys heard their new song? Dang! They got a lot in store for us! Bullet For My Valentine M/

I really wish Paramore was in the Top Ten of this list, I mean they are one of the few bands out there today who actually sound better live an the atmosphere at they're concert was unbelievable, they were amazing. PARAMORE FOR LIFE! =D


For me Paramore is one of the best band. Their lively music kills me.

10Bring Me the Horizon

The Contenders

11One Direction
This is seriously the worst band in history. And One Direction isn't really considered a band. They have no talent whatsoever. Lets face it girls, if you took their good looks away would you still be fans?


They are totally dumb and they only have fans because their cute but once that guy got married none like them
Obviously your deaf. One directions singing abilities are absolutely amazing. Also all of their songs have great meanings. Maybe if you weren't so busy hating on them you would have some time to actually listen to their songs and the meanings.

I can't believe some of these are so low! U2, Coldplay, The killers, The Script, 3 Doors Down, Daughtry, Imagine Dragons!

13Decyfer Down

14Asking Alexandria

15Fleetwood Mac

16Fall Out Boy


18Dark Tranquility

195 Seconds of Summer


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