Best Bands with Colorful Names

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21Plain White T's
22Blue October

This band are a salvation! They are amazing. No other band comes close! Songs with true emotion. Justin is a genius, his lyrics touch your sole. Check them out. They do not have one week song.

Yo, hello, this is Blue October! They're songs are awesome! Plus cool name, idk why Black Eyed Peas are all the way up there. Have you listened to them? It endorses hurling. - BulletStreet

This band makes my heart bleed with tears. We need a top ten song list for this band. Lets start one!

23Simply Red
24Crimson GloryCrimson Glory is an American progressive metal band that formed in 1979 under the name Pierced Arrow.
26The Black Crowes

A great blues/rock band emerging in the 90's. Although their style was fading out by the time they came on the scene, they managed to appeal to later crowds. A fantastic band. Real music.

27White ZombieWhite Zombie was an American heavy metal band that formed in 1985. Based in New York City, White Zombie was originally a noise rock band, and was known for its later heavy metal-oriented sound.
28Evans Blue

One of the best bands ever both musically and lyric wise. They know how to write music. Saw them in concert and they sound as good if not better than their CD.

29Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The best band in the world

30The Black Dahlia MurderThe Black Dahlia Murder is an American melodic death metal band from Waterford, Michigan, formed in 2001. Their name is derived from the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, often referred to as Black Dahlia.
31Screaming Blue Messiahs
32Golden Earring
33Yellow Magic Orchestra
34Shocking Blue
35Black and Blue
37CN Blue
38Motionless In White
40Beyond the BlackBeyond the Black is a German symphonic metal band from Mannheim originally consisting of Jennifer Haben (vocals), Nils Lesser (guitar), Christopher Hummels (guitar, vocals), Tobias Derer (drums), Erwin Schmidt (bass) and Michael Hauser (keyboard). As of August 2016, the members parted ways, with Haben more.
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