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61 Ayan (RIM)

Best of the bests in future!

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62 Ashfaq Hossain Shawon (Satanik)

I have no idea why Shawon bhai is not even on this list... What the hell is wrong with this list. This guy is one of the fastest guitarists I have seen, and one of the most technical guitarists of Bangladesh. Hail! M/

He is the technical guitarist...hail bro

63 Siraj (Recent) V 3 Comments
64 Latif (Cryptic Fate) V 1 Comment
65 Abid Shoury

This guy is one of the youngest and one of the most talented guitarists of near Dhaka...

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66 Ajman Rakin Chowdhury

One of the Best solo performer, skilled, best alternative picking, acoustic guitarist of Bangladesh.

This guy is amazing. His acoustic skills are off the chart. It is a treat to the ears listening him play

67 Bakhtiar Hossain (Bay Of Bengal)

One of the talented guitarist of Bangladesh.. No Doubt.. ! And he is a very good Vocal & Flute Player also... :-)

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68 Noman Younus
69 Galib - Shotodol

He is a awesome guitarist that I've ever seen. Hi Plucking system is awesome. And He also plays lead fast as like tornado.

70 Shovon (Com)
71 Maroof (Allegation of Crime)

Lead player at "Allegation of Crime" an underground thrash metal band. A sheer talent never fell behind in shadows, it emerges it's own. May be should be at the bottom part of the list now, but I believe my childhood friend will sparkle when his time comes. Future yet to unleash :)

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72 Swapan (LRB)

Playing bass for a long time along with AB at LRB. Some people never comes at focus but does his job with perfection. Unsung Rock-star, awesome bass player and a better person; Swapan bhai.

73 Diat Khan V 2 Comments
74 Naihan (Powersurge) V 1 Comment
75 Chinmoy (Artonat)
76 Shayan Chowdhury Arnob Shayan Chowdhury Arnob
77 Kamruzzaman Pulok

He is an amazing guitarist. He loves to play folk music, he always try to do something new. When he play solo it's sound like magical music.

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78 Shahriar Hridoy (Aguntook)
79 Jisan Haider Joy (Mazik)

One of the greatest shredder of our country!

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80 Tamzid (Mechanix)
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