Best Bangladeshi Rock Bands

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Why not? They are the only band in BD to play such versatile riffs! They should at the top!
The Gesture...! Blending different tunes all together! This is what makes them different from others! Then the lyrics! Breath taking lyrics! Just outstanding!
I think this is the best heavy metal band in Bangladesh I love this band so much & of course loves to see saju's drums playing,
[Newest]Best than ever music lives on their blood

After hearing Warfaze all else in Bangladesh hears like generic POP to me...
Thanks Warfaze for giving us a real rock band
I like this band because guitarest komol and oni I think they are best player. And drummer tipu he is alo best drums player, and mizan is perfect vocal for WARFAZE. I think WARFAZE is the best in BD.
I could vote artcell also but I preserved that vote for future... Artcell is awesome but in my opinion they are not number 1 over warfaze... Just look at the longevity, number of song which have won d race in d long run, & still they don't compromise with their songs with cheap popularity or something... They've got depth in their lyrics, composition & also instrument playing so does artcell, but I vote for warfaze just because they've been able to maintain d awesome quality for so many years... I can't compare artcell with warfaze... They are different but obviously both are my favorite & deserving top 2 bands in Bangladesh...
[Newest]I like this band. I think warfaze is the best band in Bangladesh.
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aurthohin is the best band of all time in bd... they can do melo rock, heavy metal, melodic death metal, alternative rock to punk rock song... who else do you think can do those music...
A real time band.. Should be in the top. No band will be formed in Asia that can outdo Aurthohin. Lyrics are awesome too..
[Newest]Aurthohin is the bast

4LRB (Love Runs Blind)
I like ayub bachchu too much. His performance best. Best position in bangladesh. Best of luck. I like band ab. Also like lrb.
Only for LRB people of all generation in BANGLADESH has been involved in rock area. AB is a kind of guitarist who can challenge any guitarist of this world.
Awesome singer and definitely leading band in Bangladeshi band history, unique in style and always refer as a boss guitarist in Asia!
Hope all the best L.R. B
[Newest]Bangladesh er best band lrb...

I am a big fan of your band. Cause your songs have the abilities to give soul peace. Your songs are spiritual and very much reality based. I think that the ranking is
My favorite band in Bangladesh. I think their songs are very much practical for modern life and give peace in mind.
I am a big fan of this band... Cause only this band has ability to sing all kinds of music... They use deshi and western instrument in their song
[Newest]Shironamhin should be the best... Because they think the best and do the best...

Just awesome... Always rocking... Different from other bands... Different music... Really fantastic...
Manam ahmed, safin ahmed, hamin ahmed, jewel and turjo... All are the best musician in music world in Bangladesh...
Miles is the best band of bangladesh. They have a lot of good songs. I really like miles very much. Miles really rocks
Really fantastic! Sons of Firoza Begum, the empress of Najrulgeeti, I.E. safin and Hamin can just rock the world. Their charming emotions in the midst of Bengalised rock is just awesome. Just listen to Hridayhina, Neela, Firie Dao and you will fall in love with their music!
[Newest]They are the true legend

Nemesis is the best youngest band! And I am sure that one they will become the best band in history with maher khan's solo! I love the way he plays guitar I'm a fan of nemesis
They are simply awesome. With Maher Khan's solo and Zohad's vocal they sound simply amazing. They have that touch and feel of rock music that the Bangladesh music scenario has been looking for a long time. Best of luck to you guys.
I love this band so much. I love zohad's vocal. He rocks.
Everyone of this band is so good.
I wish they could go a long way.
[Newest]Nemesis is My Life

Moruvumi is the upcoming band which is gonna rock the country. Their song "protikkhar prohor" made a huge hit and touched all listeners heart...
Just a awesome band... Keep at it dear moruvumi band.. mm//
Hello, um Shukhon from (DHAKA)--Mirpur. Actuality this band is very upcoming Good Band in Bangladesh Band's History.. They are all doing very well Getting bigger, more active and growing more fur every day... I think all of their songs are very different of type.. They're all playing variations of retro garage and soul music -- or bringing... You are going to make it... Love you Moruvumi Band and all of band's member... Just keep at it and Cheerz... Mm// (y)
[Newest]Waiting for the second album

9Nogor Baul
Nogor Baul is not for the time, for forever... Only James is the pioneer of rock band in BD. James is the best performer in concert. He is a practical, romantic singer. He sings for humanity too. Only James is the singer who makes his listeners, spreads his music every parts of society, country to country... Only James is the singer, who stands in leading position from 30 years. He is known as Asian Jim Morison...
Nogor Baul JAMES is the best unparalleled voice... Quality stage performer... & So more component... That's why the Band is the best. Moreover JAMES who is the vocal of this Band as call GURU in BD for such music in music industry. No doubt he is the only one who is the best in BD no more... Just one name that is JAMES for that Nogor Baul is the best.
What a performer james... Real rock
[Newest]James is the Real Boss

Black is a band only one loving band of bangladesh. Only in the songs of black anyone can find the real love and real pain. Try to love and listen black. Not artcell, warfaze, aurthohin, they are the god of pain song almost the world.
Just an Awesome band! Jon, Jahan, Tony ^^ T2... They are the present ^^ the future of Bangladesh music! Love them deeply... I wish they will rank 1st soon!
(Nadeem Pradhan)
Black is the first alternative rock band of Bd.
And They are best till now...
[Newest]They should be at number 1. Their songs can make you cry. Their songs are very painful. Specially, Jon was the best

The Contenders

The one n only Heavy Metal band in BD. Their thrash sound can take away your mind. They have really good metal musicians I think. Their vocalist Jamshed is just awesome. They can play amazing riffs. They are gonna bang on the sub-continent metal history.
Bangladeshi thrash metal legends.
THE BEST. Got nothing else to say.

They have just won the hearts of so many people with just one song! Durey Durey is a very old song. Many people love it. But when they came out with Chena Jagat, people minds were blown away! They are very best. All members talented. And as I know, they are currently taking break. I wish they get back soon! I love warfaze too, but the old one. sanjay vai, russel vai, kamal vai... they are too good! legends! So Vibe will get best vote.
Vibe's instrumentals are awesome... Playing of guitar solo in amar songbidhan touches my heart..
Vibe... Its simply awesome. The lyrics and instrument both are really cool. In a word Vibe is boss...
[Newest]Great melody, lyrics, technical instrument playing!

13Cryptic Fate
Cryptic Fate is Number 1 Original Rock & Heavy Metal Band In Bangladesh. Because They Know What Is The Meaning Of Rock & Metal. The Have Outstanding & Unique Knowledge About Rock Music.
cryptic fate as talent and determination to be the best of bd bcoz their are awesome and different than others..
They are jos creative use in their songs
And they are also joss and play best in their own instruments
[Newest]They are different in vocal, bass, Lead, drums everywhere... Specially the vocal is goddess... So powerful & bold...

Some people talking about some bands which could not even produce more than 10 hit songs! Ludicrous! These little young yo yo kids don't know how much Souls inspire us in the 90s. the little boys may say, this is not 90s. but those bands they are talking about did not even manage to launch 3 albums. where as souls has so many hit songs that can't be counted!
One of the most awesome bands!
This is very popular band

Oporajeyo.. Enemy within!... EPIC! Just EPIC!
Aww! I like this band very much...
Mechanix is just awesome! Their "Bisshoy" song is very heart-touching.
The guitarist Zeheen Ahmed is so cute! I am crazy for him laugh out loud :P

16De Illumination
This band is the pioneer of symphonic metal. So it's a brave approach for them. And I really appreciate this band.
This band is really something special di/
Great band! Very creative

17Cross Vein
Sweet Energetic song maked by cross vein... Cross vein live long...
Cross Vein...! You guys are AWESOME!
Just awesome in one word...

Good Perfomance & The Rocker Of Bangladesh
Awesome guitar work and drumming, good combination of fusion and rock
As a true musician

19Nobo Jatri
Very much creative band. This is a heart throwing band for all. We all really wanna see this band on the top position. I wish every success for this band.
They are upcoming band, love their unreleased shopner desh
Nobo jatri is a young band but too much well
[Newest]Go ahead little brothers


Shunno beyond doubt! Just let some more years pass by and you will see and know why they will be up there in the top
Shunno is a awesome band
Shunno a good pop rock band...
[Newest]This is the best band of all time in Bangladesh.

Very much creative band. Best wishes for your journey guys. I have been hearing you for quite a good time. And you guys are really good...
New but totally unique... Always trying to do something different... Glad to see them in dis position... The combination between the members of this band is also good... & I think they are good enough to compete with any other bands in BD...
This kids got big potential... They will be the next top band like artcell or warfaze.. Good to see you guys making up in the top 20s.
[Newest]In one word awesome

I love Dolchut band.
I love the voice of Bappa mojumder and the way he sings. The song "kao bola" is really touching and awesome at a time. Best wishes for dolchut band..

It's a creative band! It's heavily influenced with lamb of god!


25Silent Time
Unique one for alternative rock... Best of luck m/
They are actually rocking...
SILENT TIME s alternative rock band from Bangladesh. Our 1st release track is /janala & 2nd track is /sriti. Keep supporting...

26Lalon Band
Soul touching band... Creativity at its HEIGHT... The Singer, Bassist, Drummer, Rhythm Guitarist just gel together and the outcome is EXCEPTIONAL!
Lalon band is rock

Its simply awesome. The lyrics and instrument both are really cool.
Most promising band of the year. Like their own tunes and covers.
Circle formed in 2012 by a group of friends. The group consists of Tanvir on vocals and guitars, Sanjoy on bass guitar, Shuvro on guitars and vocals and Dip on drums. The group is concentrating on the post-grunge stuffs.

Within few months of establishment the band got attention of the critics and the audience for their fluent live performances and unique sound of their originals.
[Newest]C! RCLE is a post-grunge band from Dhaka, Bangladesh

28Rock Strata
One of the Pioneers of Heavy Metal / Rock songs. Rockstrata, the band that started the Metal revolution in Bangladesh back in the mid 80s. With other similar bands like In Dhaka, Rock Brigade, Aces and Warfaze, Rockstrata started out in the late 80s and is still considered to be the first Metal band.
Real pioneers of hard rock in Bangladesh.
RS was the best at their time and still their album is the best for the composition, music and lyrics.

Go ahead orbachin, never look back, you owned a style and try to keep it to be one of the best, wish you luck forever to grab the success... ORBACHIN rocks
This is a awesome band...
Go ahead, let people know you, make your place in peoples heart and may GOD bless you guys to achieve your goal. :-)
[Newest]Best of luck! >>>>> Orbachin! >>>>>>>>>

They know their music, excellent guitar player so all the best and should be one of top.
Icons where are u, we just miss you
We miss you Icons

Just awesome Spiritual, Amazing song ovishopto and otripto atta also their catalyst love spiritual...
Keep going guys... You just rocks! Specially well wishes for the vocal(along with all the band members)
Got hoge potential to become one of the best bands in BD in the next 2-3 years... They are got the team chemistry runnin.
[Newest]Nice band... Cary on...

32Funeral Anthem
Ah! One and Only power metal band. I miss'em :-(

Minerva band is rock

"Break the Barrier Through the Rhythm of Culture"- the motto, which is always giving birth to the newest as well as all the elder members of the organization.
Break the Barrier Through the Rhythm of Culture...
Nongar from shahjalal University of Science & university..
[Newest]Nongar Aways rocks... M/

They really know how to produce rock with sustainable melody, Born rockers. Their Music sense is amazing. They all are educated musician in a word as they know what they are playing actually
Well they doing well... All I wanna say guys keep it up
Their main vocalist Polash is just awesome.

Keep it up guys! :D All the best and keep rocking!
Best of luck... Snigdha.
A talented band of bangladesh.
Hope they will make a history!

A young band with some hard working members. I love this band a lot and hope they will shine very soon. Best of luck for them. Blaze m/
They are really cool, & I like all their songs, if you want to hear real heart touching music, you should hear them. They are like the future leading rocking band.
The things that touches me and probably most of the laymen are the passion about music and the message spread by the lyrics. That is what BLAZE works at. So, I voted for this band.
[Newest]In a good position just in 2 years of his guitar life. Good work tanvir and best of luck Blaze.

They remind me the 80s & 90s rock music. Awesome.
They are the choice of the new generation
[Newest]Mind blowing music and composition as well

39Acoustic Shunnota
They have a very unique flavor
Very unique composition and amazing lyrics.Waiting for more to come.Loved their music! Good luck Acoustic Shunnota.
Alternative metal with excellent lyrics and vocal.
[Newest]Cool intense music. Not mainstream. Very refreshing.

I believe this band will show their talent to the world. !

I saw their live performance in Chittagong. It was awesome. Nowadays it is one of the best bands in Chittagong. I wish them good luck and all the best.
Bindu is the finest metal band in the country!
They have enthusiastic performance and extraordinary music!


43Revive Saddle
Young team with lots of potential
It's a heavy metal / Hard Rock band from Bangladesh Founded by Zian Chakma and Fahim Shahriar Rodsi. This band was planning to setup from a long time ago but for many unexpected reasons the band couldn't been setup. Bassist Choton joined when band was in need of bassist. After a long search band found the drummer Fahim also another guitarist Sunny. After all are set band used to had gigs but not with the proper vocal, at that time our Bassist brought out Rifat (vocal) who is our Big B. Now the members are jamming together and looking forward...

44Self Portrait
Very talented musicians!
I heard the bass, drums, guitars LIVE and in Stage.
Nothing to say, They will go far from now where they are.
I am very happy to see that because every member of self portrait are too good as a musician, as a person and they are my good buddy also
This band deserves to be in top ten. I have seen them live several times. They really rock.

45Ransom of Truth

46The Watson Brothers


By watching the rank exactly now I know there's so few people who really know what is art. I am always appreciate Shohortoli for there amazing creations

49Tahsan and The Sufis
Superb band... ! Just love them.. !

I wish the best for the band

Its one of my favourite band
Swat, fight for the pride
Khola janala is awesome.. Love them very much

Hi this is rakib I vote for dreek

I am a big fan of arfin rumey.
I'm big fan of shahid vai

One and only Rock and Roll Guitar player who have a band called Tuneless
Born To Be Rock


We like your songs. If you sing so rock we will more happy.

They are cool because no one like thm in BD could play so fast like 192 tempo its the children of bodom of Bangladesh


59Rip String

60Thousand Dias
Thousand dais one of my favorite band... Specially bassist & drummer... But all of the member of TD, really joss... Best of luck TD...
You will rock us guys
Oh the Bassist! He is crazy and awesome. A very good band and they will go far m/

Good job, pray for All of you Guys
Goo on goo on


63Severe Dementia
Many of you may never heard their music! But they are the best Death Metal band of Bangladesh! Legends are nothing compare to them!
Good technical brutal band


A progressive rock Band. Formed in 2009 with Seven members. Released a mixed album (Protibimbo by Live Records), song name: Bishonnota, Track: 09. Recently just doing underground concerts & composing new songs.

Where is chime band?
We like chime... & love chme & khalid
Chime is band unforgoteble and memorials band of in bangladesh. Iam sayed sohel. Ahmad@facebook. Com

New Breed Of Southern THRASH METAL!
"Excavate Your Own Grave"... m//
First Thrash metal band from sylhet!

68I O N
Awosome band... Like all membrs of ths band... Recently this band realised their 2 own songs... The songs are so awosome...
I O N ar 'oshomapto shomoye' song ta chorom lagse


70Aurbachin - The band
Aurbachin one of the best young bang. The members of the band's are very tallented. Shoyeb is the best bassist among young site & his place on top 20th. Tilok is another star of Aurbachin. He is the est drummer this band. Reefat plays his role on lead guiter. Very aggresive band nowadays. Hopefully they can continue their perfrmance as best as they can. Hopefully everybody being with us


72Blue Bine


Bhai amar naam e band! Ata abar ki? Naam ki kono band hoy?
Shahan is a solo artist.

First ever EP produced & self-released in Bangladesh in 2009.
100+ shows around the country, numerous times in radio & T.V..

Most important of all, I like how they sound, and of course, their cool friendship. Waiting for the full-length album!

A lifelong friend of the band, and a well-wisher.
Unique tonality, 1st ever band to release an EP in Bangladesh.


Don't know how many times I have listened to amari Bangladesh. This band should deserve a high spot.






83Embrace of Death
Greetings, bro's! I am the smallest student of your vocal named Turj. Please try to work very hard for your band and if possible, I will join you all as soon as possible!
Farhan Ishraq Fahim
I think it is the best band is Bangladesh. I like this band and I like the brother named Turj.
Farhan Ishraq

84Death Dream
Rockstar in Narayangonj.


86Rono Dhoni
I love rono dhoni
Music can wake you up... Lets wake up together...
Live performances and recording new songs...


Lead Vocalist - Rafsan Hamid Pavel

Lead Guitarist & Vocalist - Mehedi Hasan Rafi

Rhythm & Riff Guitarist - Shopnil Akash(Uday).

Key-boardist & Vocalist - Evan evu

Bassist - Naim Dt

Drummer - Samiul Haque Deep
Bon jovi, Lionel Richie, Queen, Creed, Scorpions, Nickelback, BRYAN ADAMS, U2,
Poets of the Fall, Metallica, Alterbridge, Pink floyd, Eagles
LRB, Warfaze, Winning, Miles, Nagar baul, Black,




King of under ground. It's a progressive metal band. The drummer "Sazib", vocal "Aornob"and all of them are good.
Hedonism is the king, they are doing too good. It's a progressive metal band. The song "TOMAR JONNO MITHILLA" is best for me. The drummer Sazid & vocal Aornob too good
I like arnob vaiya and pritam vaiya. you guys rock. I like your concerts. extrme vox and kick ass guitarz 666/.



93The Baul Company Limited

94Amar Band

95KaalOddhai Band





Simply the best young band of bangladesh

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