All Time Best Baseball Jersey Numbers


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This number belong to Jackie Robinson, MLB has retired this number and it hasn't been used since.
Jackie Robinson was one of the best black players in the mlb just wake up and see
42 is my favorite number. 42 is retired from baseball it is the best
It is the one of the best

Robby Cano, Old Manny, Mark Teixeira with the Braves, Willie Mays Tony Perez, and Early Wynn.
So many great players to wear 24. One of the hardest debates to have in baseball is who was the greatest 24? Griffey, Mays, Henderson? Many more greats who weren't as good.
Griffey, Ricky Henderson, old Manny, and Bonds


[Newest]I think 13 is better because Marino wore that number and he was awesome.

Derek jeter wears 2 best shortstop in the mlb to me
Charlie Gehringer for the Tigers is one of the greatest hitting second basemen of all time. Derek Jeter as well.
I love # 2 because it has mystical powers
My number is to

This used to be my number, but I switched to 23. I wanna switch back! Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball legend ever, and I was proud to wear his number! Well not really but still. Awesome number.
My number for baseball this year hopefully gives me good me good luck this year. Babe ruth was the best player in mlb history!
Best number ever should be number one Evan longoria Tampa bay rays best ever
[Newest]I love number 3 laugh out loud

Papi, Felix, and BRYCE HARPER (google him I you don't know him... Hit a 570ft hr as a freshman, which wasn't a fluke, can throw 96, throw runner out from his knees as catcher (his primary position) and the fastest bat speed ever
Yeah I agree it's a pretty cool number, However I wouldn't were it unless you are a freshmen or above player
I like number 34 but what about 27? Mike Trout? Or 9 for South Carolina short stop Joey Pankake? 34 is a cool number but, you forgot some of the best numbers in the game.
[Newest]I've had this number sice I as 4

HEY! What about cano he's better.
Jacoby ellsbury's number on the Yankees and it's a really cool number
What about Andrew Mccutchen

The best number for first basemen and my number.

How 51 is so unpopular the only good player who wore the number is Ichiro when he was a mariner
51 is like the coolest number ever


I have worn many numbers but for some reason 11 was just my favorite.
I wear 11 on my travel, academy and in house Jersey. It's awesome
Its sick because it is worn by very fast outfielders such as Raji Davis on the bluejays
Jimmy Rollins is the all time Phillies hit leader.

The Contenders

This is the number that I where I where it because my dad wore it when he played I will probably switch to 16 this year because my whole family wore it for their high school baseball number
Magic Johnson that's why!

Mike Trout, Matt Kemp come on
Oh come on we got mike trout, Matt Kemp, José Altuve and of course my man Stanton
Mike trout, Matt kemp, Jose Aluve, Giancarlo Stanton, and best of all me

Look at the players who wear this number it's a great hybrid number worn by all position more notable players are catcher yadier Molina, Brandon Phillips, and the royals outfielder with the cannon Alex Gordon and also Astros young star George springer!

That's my number in baseball but you got to put 16. My all time favorite number
James jones. Go Mariners


Hank Aaron, Willie Mccovey and many pitchers

My number. I take after Trent Richardson though.
My number... I also like 22, go Cutch!

Clemente, Clemens, Sanders-tons of talent

It's the awesomest number in the world and it's my number
Steve Yzerman... Enough said!
Pete rose was number 14.


Because it's my basketball number!


Buster posey is the greatest catcher of this era
Buster Posey, and it's my #! And he is my idol and I as well play catcher!



My all star jersey number



Stephen Drew and many other players have had this number.. Its just a lucy number to have
Ryan Howard 58HR 143RBI

It is my allstar number and right now ryan braun and shane victorino on the phillies
Gary Carter, Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey, Cal Ripken jr, Andre Dawson, Danny Epsinosa…etc.

Gotta love Brian Wilson.

DiMaggio, Brett, Pujols, Garciaparra, Bagwell, CarGo, Kinsler, and David Wright have all sported this uniform during their time in the big leagues.
Joltin' Joe DiMaggio. Enough said.

My best friend is number 10 he's amazing.
Ten Can See The Future

Everyone likes yasiel puig


Andy Van Slyke neil Walker






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