Best Baseball Players of the '90s


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The Top Ten

Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken Griffey was so good he could smash a ball off of randy Johnson eyes closed then sprint 500 feet into the stands and catch it. Griffey was a god at baseball.
Greatest player that ever lived
1 thing that sets him away from everyone else, No Steroids EVER!


2Derek Jeter
Griffey Jr. was so much better then jeter. Griffey was an absolute G compared to jeter. I think jeter was better in the early 2000.
JETER should be at the top of this list!


The captain was the best from the 90s that is a no brainer

3Greg Maddux
I mean no one had the dominance that greg maddux had, he was an excellent pitcher with unbeilavable command and the ability to make batters look stupid without throwing a 99 mph fastball, not too mention 18, yes 18, gold gloves
Maddux hands down best pitcher of the 90s
4 cy youngs? enough said, he's first.

4Sammy Sosa
Best black baseball player other than Robinson.

5Alex Rodriguez
No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No

6Mark McGwire
Without roids this still would have been a beast

7Mike Piazza
Mike was an amazing catcher and to back that up he could hit the ball

8Edgar Martinez

9Randy Johnson

10Pedro Martinez
Pedro was the most dominant pitcher of the 90's

The Contenders

11Tino Martinez

12Nomar Garciaparra

13Cal Ripken, Jr.

14Paul O'Neill

15Barry Bonds
Come on... I know he was on the juice, but that wasn't until 1998, he was still great. No Junior though.

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