Best Basketball Players In Europe In 2012

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The Top Ten

Dimitris Diamantidis
Panathinaikos because! Of course the best player in Europe! He has won 6 times the title of the best defender in Euroleague!
Probably the best player ever in european history and for sure the best playmaker ever in europe and the rest of the world.
The best defender of all time, one of the best creative players, a great 3pt shooter... He can score, he can pass, he can defend and the most clutch player of his time. Simply the best!
[Newest]The most integrated player in Europe for the last decade!

2Vassilis Spanoulis
Olympiakos because! Kill Bill! He did better in Panathinaikos because but he also plays great in Olympiakos!
Simply the best. The last two year dominates Diamantidis and he is a leader. Best quality in Europe.
Osfp kill bill for ever

3Juan Carlos Navarro
FC Barcelona Regal! La Bomba! The captain of the Spanish national basketball team!

4Sarunas Jasikevicius
Panathinaikos because! Great career in Barcelona, Maccabi tel Aviv, NBA and Panathinaikos!

5Theodoros Papaloukas

6Milos Teodosic

7Nick Calathes
Panathinaikos because! Euroleague's rising star!

8Andrei Kirilenko
CSKA Moscow! Great career in NBA with Utah Jazz!

9Mike Batiste
Panathinaikos because! One of the best centers in Euroleague history!

10Ioannis Bourousis

The Contenders

11Viktor Khryapa
CSKA Moscow! Maybe the second best defender in Europe second only to Diamantidis!

12Nenad Krstic
CSKA Moscow! He' s a great player with career in NBA!

13Antonis Fotsis
Armani Jeans Milano! The best offensive rebounder in Euroleague with great career in Panathinaikos because!

14Jason Kapono
Great carrer in nba and now on euroleague with PANATHINAIKOS! Great shooter, I think the best in europe.

15Ndudi Ebi

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