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1 NIKE Hyperdunk NIKE Hyperdunk

The best basketball shoe in the world! Nothing can beat its lightness, durability and design!

Light with great ankle support. Absorbs impact after a couple seconds in the air...

Light weight and not compromising the comfort fit and agility to move faster. Material use are very durable

Best shoes ever they are so light

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2 NIKE Zoom Kobe III

Very comfortable definitely recommend it expensive but worth it I would use it all the time such as the kobe vi the new on because of the cool black mamba designs snake scales overall its nice outside and inside

Great looking shoe, light weight, works great, doesn't have great support though

Very comfortable shoes! No support, but nothing ankle braces can't fix stylish expensive but absolutley perfect for a quick guard and jump shot shooter girls like me should definitely get them! Love em!

There to to Good.

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3 NIKE Air Jordan XX3 NIKE Air Jordan XX3

Any Jordans are good and in my opinion they are the most comfortable, stylish, and have the best quality. Once I bought a pair Converse basketball shoes and the quality was not satisfactory

AIR JordanS ARE SO GOOD. They are probably the best shoe ever made, way better than the hyperdunk. Inspired by the best player ever.

Jordan is the one he make the best shoes I telling you that and he better then durant or james you know

I don't care what jordans I wear I LOVE them

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4 NIKE Zoom LeBron V

They suck so bad they shouldn't make that kind of shoe again

it does every thing he dose every thing - kingjames360

Better than hype dunks should be number one I love the shoes amazing like lebron lets go heat

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5 NIKE Air Jordan I NIKE Air Jordan I

they are totally rad and the first jordans EVER!

these are the most stylish basketball shoes ever. why would anyone not like to have these kings

The first ever pair of air jordans, first released in 1985. - vato4

The best ever!

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one of the only basketball shoes that CONVERSE makes - vato4

Ultimate! One words enough to explain!

Beast shoes outputs other shoes

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7 NIKE Air Huarache 08 NIKE Air Huarache 08

Besides awesome style, this hoe makes you feel amazing and builds confidence to storm the court!

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8 Nike Lunar Hyperdunk Nike Lunar Hyperdunk

It is currently the best shoe in the world, it is very light, it has every quality of being the best in the top ten. The angle support is awesome and so is the design. No one can beat this shoe.

Just beautiful, the best shoes in the world. Definitely.

Best shot in the game and for style and I love how the nike sign is

These shoes are really cool

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9 Adidas Crazy 8 Shoes Adidas Crazy 8 Shoes

I have these shoes

They look nice my favorite color combination

They are from a German company. end of argument

I have the blue color way!

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10 Nike Zoom Air KD

KD's are Kevin Durant's signature shoe: there are currently five existing models. The KD iV is a staple in sneaker collections and had a great run last year. The KD V is another great shoe. Apart from the sneakerhead aspect, the shoe (the fives) have great ankle support, good traction, and are lightweight. There are also many great signature colorways that release every year such as Aunt Pearl, N7, All-Stars, Easters, Christmas, Nerf, Year of the (... ), etc.

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11 NIKE Air Jordan Fusion 5 NIKE Air Jordan Fusion 5

a great re-release of the Air Jordan 5's! - vato4

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12 Jordan I
13 Air Jordan 2012 Air Jordan 2012 V 1 Comment
14 Nike Roshe Run
15 Diadora Mi Basket '84
16 NIKE Hyperfuse

These shoes are the best by far to me and I am really looking forward to seeing Hyperfuse 2

I have theses. Had em for 2 years, still great condition and very comfortable. Better than any pair of Jordan's I've owned. Plus, they're dope.

Nike hyperfuse feels really comfortable at the bottom of the shoe plus its light weight so a lot of agility comes out when yhu put them on

17 Lebron 9

Best looking shoe and performing shoe ever!

They have better grip

18 Adidas Stan Smith
19 Nike Air Force 1 Nike Air Force 1
20 Dunkman Powerhouse
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