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1Kevin Van Dam

He is the best statistical and smartest bass angler of all time (meaning his statistics prove he is the best bass fisherman ever, which they do and he is), most classics, most wins, most money, and most AOY's prove everything! Not to mention all the other records, and he makes amazing lures!

An amazing fisherman, very knowledgable, 4 classic wins, 7 angler of the year awards, owns almost all the records for bass fishing, has all the trophies and accomplishments to prove it.

Probably the best of all time behind roland martin

He's on a whole different level on the mental side of the sport.

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2Bill Dance

Bill dance actually inspired me to fish

Greatest of all time

3 times B.A.S.S. angler of the year. 23 titles including 7 B.A.S.S. wins - Shakester

3Rick Clunn

The only other guy to have 4 Bassmaster titles. - Shakester

4Roland Martin

Roland is like a fishing encyclopedia. He is a master at every form of the art. He has done a fantastic job bringing Scott into the ranks. Fantastic Dad. Incredible fisherman. Really nice man.

19 tournaments won, 9 B.A.S.S. Angler-of-the-Year titles. - Shakester

He's JUST awesome he's GREAT AT WHAT HE DOES

He is by far the best

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5Jimmy Houston

15 BASSMaster Classics and won the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year title in both 1976 and 1986 - Shakester

6Woo Daves

Many relate Woo to crappie fishing, but this guy was dominant on the BASS circuit. He won the 2000 classic and has an extensive tournament record. - Shakester

7Aaron Martens

Best finesse angler all time!

BASS angler of the year title in 2004, 6 wins, 55 top-ten finishes (including three 2nd place finishes in the Bassmaster Classic as of 2010), and over $2 million in career winnings across FLW and BASS. - Shakester

8Mike Iaconelli

He's crazy and has revolutionized the sport

One of the more colorful characters on the circuit, but the guy can also fish. He has a Bassmaster Classic win to prove it. He placed 2nd in 2009 and won Angler of the Year in 2006. - Shakester

9Skeet Reese

Skeet reese has designed many top of the range lures and rods for bass, he is one of my favorite bass fisherman drawing with dave mercer

He only has one Bassmaster Classic title, but plenty of other wins and earnings. - Shakester

10Alton Jones

The 2008 Classic champion which was overdue after making it to 11 of them. - Shakester

Good man great fisherman <"><

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11"Lunker" Bill Murphy

Never fished tournaments, but was THE pioneer in the "monster bass" fishery in San Diego. Caught more bass over 16 pounds than anyone in history.

12Hank Parker

2 time classic winner 79 and 89 and y'all have him at 12

13Mark Davis

Its embarrassing he didn't make the list

14Kelly Jordan
15Mitch B
16Kevin Lucas
17Justin Lucas
18Dave Mercer
19Mark Zona
20Virgil Ward

He taught all the above!

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1. Kevin Van Dam
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