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Best Song EVER.
It's about a city built in the wrong place
And the eruption of a volcano torn it to pieces!
Watch on YouTube NOW!
Also please look at the Krazy Kats Remix from
Clouded Sounds


I agree that the lyrics are sublime, however, the music is too pop/electronic especially considering that they could have done A LOT better, using the same lyrics. The build up to the song ties into the epic nature of the song, but, it falls apart after that... :( Don't know why it's so very popular
Really really good song with a rich compose of melodies.
A song that you must listen...
Pure Quality song. Nothing else


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Absolutely amazing song, the tune and the words-Enough said my absolute favourite song, should be number 1!
By far one of the best, better then Pompeii should be #1
Amazing song.. Amazing Lyrics.. Much better than Pompeii
Best song ever. It's such an emotional song and it has a great melody and harmony.
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3Laughter Lines
This song would have been no1 if they have put a video on this one.. its way better than pompeii to me so this song became underrated and pompeii become over rated.. This would have also been a billboard hit.. especially that violin part and the spooky tune.. we will sink into this master piece.. GREAT JOB!
This song always makes me smile. I think of my girlfriend and for once I feel like nothing can ever get in the way of us. This song can bring up all your good memories and help you lead a happier future.
Amazing song! I think it should be the top 1
The words r really good it should be #1
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Really -. - the only reason that Pompeii is at the top is because it's overplayed on the radio, its good but Icarus is way better
Best song..! You just cannot match its quality...! Bastille rocks..!
Just brilliant, can't beat pompeii for popularity, but Icarus is so much better
I LOVE THIS SONG. It's like my fave song ever. Just beautiful. It deserved to be in the top spot.
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5Things We Lost In the Fire
Amazing song! The vocals are simply amazing and it is soulful and catchy at the same time! It's definitely barely behind Pompeii for me
Really nice song. The drum in the backround just holds you... I think it just beats pompeii by a hair. Both are god songs, this one is better
This is really really good song came out 2013
[Newest]Lyrics aren't that great but an amazing beat and it's really catchy and emotional
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This should be right at the top. It's amazing.
Awesome song. My favourite.


Really a great song... You can't just stop listening to it
Heard it first in The Vampire Diaries, the first Bastille song I ever heard
[Newest]Really beautiful, like a lullaby
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7Laura Palmer
Such a good song especially since it's about the character Laura Palmer from the show Twin Peaks. Brilliant show and song to go with it. watch the show!
Absolutely great, it made my day
This was really nice
This is Bastille's best song without a doubt.


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8Of the Night
This Song is awesome! I simply love its starting.. should be in top 3 at least
This is the best song of Bastille. Vote for this, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!
This was good I love this
[Newest]It's so cool me and my grandpa love it so much should be number two or one mostly number one so better than pompeii
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9Daniel In the Den
Not many artists can turn a well known bible story into a song so hats off to the boys for that. This song is so heart warming and should not be eighth
This is so heart touching, amazing this song takes away all of your sadness and fill your hearts with nothing less than unlimited joy!
Should be First though.


This is a really heartfelt song that is just so well written.
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10Bad Blood
Fantastic song of all
It has all the amazing elements needed for a good song, plus it has seamless transitions; the beginning sounded like EDM, Bastille turned it into rock. Plus it just sounds great. Can't stop listening to it!
The best song by Bastille! Wicked bass line, awesomely simple yet perfect drum beat to compliment the vocals n bass, and the wicked little mini-roll puts it WAY over the top.
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The Contenders

11Get Home Listen to sample

I LOVE this song! The first song I heard by Bastille was Pompeii, but this is the one that got me hooked. The words and tune are so emotive and soulful, very meaningful and catchy.

If laughter lines is number three how can haunt be no:23?
It should be no:2 then,
It's so down here maybe because you all havnt lent your ears to this nostalgic masterpiece... please vote it higher!
Because it desreves that spot!


14No Angels
This song is beautiful I listened to it on repeat for days! If you haven't heard it yet you are missing out it is PERFECTION
The song is so beautiful and not only the voices but the background music as well. I'm glad that I was able to find a song like this to take the part as the calm breeze in my crap storm of a life!
Although it is a cover, it is the one that I can listen to over and over. It's really just perfect.
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15Weight of Living, Pt. II
I like this song because of multiple reasons. First of all, you may disagree if you want, but I think that the way the drumming and all the sounds are so put together. I also like how it teaches you about how people will grow up, and to appreciate what you have when you have it.
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16Durban Skies
Wow! It's so beautiful... I felt like I am in heaven! <3 love it so much!
When you hear this song you will feel like you are visiting a beautiful city where clouds came down and rain makes the city beautiful...
I think this song is about dan's native place where he lived his younger life
Good song. Good chorus. All-around good band.
Listen to sample

17What Would You Do?
Such an awesome song with a great message. Needs to be more popular!
Wow, this song is very underrated. It makes me want to cry every time, and it disappoints me such a beautiful song is only at 14. Deserves to be somewhere in the Top 5 at LEAST.


This song tells such a great story that really asks the question, "What would you be willing to do to protect the people you love and yourself? "
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18These Streets
Ay I'm with you on this one, it's amazing yes it's not very popular but the tune is so great. I can here it on repeat. People of Earth- this is true sweetness to your ears, you've got to listen to this.
This should honestly be in the top ten. I don't know about anyone else, but I really enjoy this song 😍
Listen to sample

19The Silence
Have you? Heard? This song? Flaws is good too and daniel in the den but this song? Cry
Best song by them... Should be on the album.
This should at least be in top 10

Amazing tune and lyrics

Can't get bored of it.
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20Weight of Living, Pt. I
This song is FANTASTIC! It's way better than Pompeii if you ask me. Should be number 1.


I love Bastille's use of the metaphor for the albatross. This song is so true and should be number 1. Way better than Pt. II!
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Such an awesome song. I had to write a poem for school and was so uninspired, but listened to this song and felt motivated and excited! This should be more popular!
It's so good I love it so much I sang it to my college and they love it
Poet is amazing:) So sweet!


22The Draw
! I downloaded this on a whim, started listening and it was good but not great... Until I got to about 2:37mins, I then realised the whole song is just a massive build up to 2:37 with drums coming and fading away throughout, a couple moments before 2:37 you get the chorus in a capella then 2:37 hits you, a stunning little electric guitar clash and it explodes, glorious... Vocals, lyrics, drums, guitar arrangement and composition all perfect, must listen... (If your listening where EQ presets are available id suggest Electronic preset :D)
The buildup is so intense in this- watch it live and when the actual drums come in, Daniel goes crazy. His dance moves make my life. It's so underrated; I swear everyone just knows Pompeii and that's it. Pompeii is great, of course, I love it too, but Bastille has some insane tunes that few people pay attention to, The Draw included
This song is the best. I really really love it, cause I hear in them a bass guitar. It's amazing!
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So deep and meaningful, a must listen to! You will regret it if you don't! By far THE BEST SONG EVER!
Love this song, it's a deeply touching song. Love all songs of B"STILLE

This song really speaks to me. Its a very emotional song for me and makes me think of the relationship between me and my mother. Its a wonderful song and it really speaks to me.
The bittersweet melody is amazing. This song is awesome, the melody is out of this world.
This was my favorite
Listen to sample

Love Gabrielle Aplin & Bastille!
Feat. Gabrielle Aplin
Listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness

26No Scrubs
No scrubs and no angels, they are the same. LOVE B"STILLE
This song is so catchy and surprisingly I've never heard any like it!
The meaning is cool too> This has got to be up there> its well worth listening to so well done Bastille!

27Requiem for Blue Jeans
Such an imaginative version. This song really captured my heart and is severely underrated. Dan Smith's voice is so heavenly and just suits the emotionality of the song perfectly.
The chorus in this is simply heavenly. Dan Smith has one of the best voices I have ever heard!

28Aqua Lung Listen to sample

29No One's Here to Sleep
You were always faster than me. I'll never catch up with you, with you.
Oh I can feel them coming for me. Ost. TeenWolves #BASTILLE feat. NaughtyBoy

30Died In Your Arms




34Thinkin Bout You

35Adagio for Strings

36Bad News


38Walk to Oblivion



41Sweet Pompeii

42Oh Holy Night


44Forever Ever

45Thinkin' Ahead

46Tuning In

47Tuning Out...
Peace of mind
Hear the angel voices
Night divine, oh night, when Christ was born

48You Make Me Feel Listen to sample

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