Top Ten Best Batman Actors

Who was the best actor as Batman? Do you prefer camp or dark? Animated or live? Make your choice here!

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1Christian Bale (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight)

Delivers both batman and bruce Wayne in a single great package. Keaton took away a lot of charisma from bruce Wayne.

Christian bale just makes me want to watch more batman movies; probably because he makes it all seem so convincing and un-corny.

Bale because he puts character to batman. He played bruce and batman well. And the voice, goodness people, I think it's just right that he would change his voice as batman. Other batman movies even batman anime bruce and batman just have the same voice which is just wrong. Changing the voice makes sense if you want to hide your real identity.

Best batman ever

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2Micheal Keaton (Batman/Batman Returns)

This is where we need to differentiate between Batman and Bruce Wayne. Bale was a great Bruce, but Keaton IS Batman. The violence of action displayed when dealing with Joker's goons trumps Bale's "I'm a bad-@$$, can't you tell by my gruff voice" act.

Michael Keaton is definitely the greatest Batman actor ever. There is no even competition. I love C. Bale much more than Keaton but we're talking about batman role. Keaton showed real emotions. Just look at his face expressions in Batman or Batman Returns. Ultimate Batman! - Magnolia

He is the definitive cinematic Batman. He truly comes across as a laid back and mild mannered character who becomes one with the costume when he's in it, which is what Tim Burton was going for. Truly inspired casting, when many said BEFORE THEY SAW THE MOVIE that it was just the opposite. I'll admit, I kinda raised an eyebrow myself, until I saw it, then I was blown away.

Haven't seen the new Batman movie wit Ben Affleck but in my opinion Keaton was the best Batman and a really good Bruce. The combo between Batman and Wayne haven't been matched since. There are a lot of great things about the others who played the role but none have yet to play Batman/Bruce Wayne as well as Keaton has!

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3Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series)

Bale is the best live-action batman (in my opinion), but nowhere near Conroy in the voice department. Probably because with animation (and video games) they just need the voice, whereas for a film they need someone who not only sounds like batman, but looks and acts like him too.

Conroy brings batman to life with only his voice, a far greater feet than being in a block buster movie.

Are you KIDDING?! Number 3?! He is by far the best one. The batman video games are the absolute best depiction of batman EVER. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are the BEST.

Conroy should be in number 2, and Affleck should be in number 1.

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4Val Kilmer (Batman Forever)Val Edward Kilmer is an American actor. Originally a stage actor, Kilmer became popular in the mid-1980s after a string of appearances in comedy films, starting with Top Secret!

Kilmer had the voice and he's a good actor but the script and director ruined any chance he had of succeeding in the role.

I like this batman better without the nipples because schumacher gayed it up

Best Bruce Wayne not the best batman but he had to fill huge shoes or should I say bat boots

He created a mystery atmosphere to the role... Something the others didn't do or do as well!

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5Adam West (Batman - 1960's)

Adam West didn't use rubber padding and he threw his batrope by hand. He didn't need to shoot it out of gun. Which proves he is the toughest of Batmans. Plus his fights look best because you can see what's going on in full view. His Bruce Wayne is very convincing as a very generous philanthropist. There's just way too many good things to say about Adam West

The Bright Knight will always be #1 in my heart. He's the only actor whoever had any fun playing Batman. Adam West played the role of Bruce Wayne better than any I've ever seen! The show's still enjoyable today

Adam West was by far the best. He was James Bond meets Batman. He was refined and suave and debonair and dressed old-school glamour with tuxes and ascots. He also seemed like a real man not the modern boy men that never grow up.

His Batman was more on the campy side, but it was the 60's, a time in which 90% of the shows were cheesy and the comics were more campy as well. So I would forgive his performance because it was the source material at that time.

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6Ben Affleck (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)

I've grown up with batman being my idol and I've got to say, Ben is the closest we will ever get to see a real Batman/Bruce Wayne, and contrary to others, I actually like a batman who kills when necessary, the part in The Dark Knight where Bale misses the Joker really angered me. Also people forget, when batman was first created in comics, he used guns, and Keaton killed a goon in the Batman film by throwing him from a great height, plus he killed the Joker.

Here is probably the best thing about his costume, those abbes aren't fake, he is the only movie batman that didn't have made up abbes, his suit is cloth not hard material and lest be honest he should get his own movie, first his voice then suit and one of my favorite parts being Alfred, like seriously when you watched this movie you have to admit you heard Scars voice in every line heck when Catwoman finds the Batcave and asks Alfred if he's batman hopefully he makes a lion king joke any way great Batman and great everything. Thank you Ben Affleck.

The constant killing was not my cup of tea, but otherwise, from writing to performance, this is the closest live action portrayal of the character to the comic books I grew up reading. A must-watch performance in a sub-par film.

This dude is clown shoes. How he continues to get work in Hollywood after Pearl Harbor and Gigli defies all logic. Matt Damon is the John McCain of acting, and Ben Affleck is the Sarah Palin.

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7Rino Romano (The Batman)

It's too bad that this is a more forgettable performance which I thought was alright

Not many people give this show the respect it deserves

He is a great batman I love the show

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8Will Friedle (Batman Beyond)

I really liked Will Friedle's voice portrayal of Terry McGinnis/Batman Beyond. Even though it's not Bruce Wayne/Batman, it's still an amazing portrayal of Batman. Will Friedle brings an element of youth to Batman, which is something fans of Batman haven't seen before Batman Beyond.

9Olan Soule (Batman/Superman Power Hour)

I agree that the best batman is Christian Bale but Olan Soule is better than val kilmer at least. Batman forever was the worst of batman. I hate that movie.

10Diedrich Bader (Batman: Brave And The Bold)

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11George Clooney (Batman & Robin)

Horrible script, great performance. He was a convincing Batman. The others looked awkward in their costumes. They stood so stiff. Clooney had a confidence to his Batman. He was convincing. He also made a great Bruce Wayne. Kilmer was boring. Keaton didn't look like he could get any girl he wanted, which was what Bruce Wayne was. There was something off about Bale. You saw less of the public face of Wayne with him. In the scene where he's at the observatory and Ivy goes up to him, he talks to her and invites her to his event with swag, confidence, and with charm. George Clooney should be recast as Batman with a better script. He had the potential to be the greatest Batman EVER.

I certainly can't blame Clooney in his role, what I can blame however is the horrible writing which lead to some awkward performances on part of Clooney

Batman & Robin is an awful movie, but I think Clooney's face suited well to Batman's role.

Worst Batman/Bruce Wayne ever

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12Peter Weller (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)
13David Mazouz (Gotham)

David Mazouz legit is the best Batman I've seen. He is a phenonomal actor for such a role.

14Will Arnett (Lego Movie Batman)

The perfect mix between Kevin Conroy and Christian Bale. Mark my words, he will be your kids favorite.

Come on, nobody can argue with Arnett's portrayal of Lego Batman!

Perfect description of batman "darkness, no parents! "

Better than George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Adam West.

15Jason O'Mara (Son of Batman)

Although he hasn't worn cape in cowl irl, he gave his voice in over 6 animated movies, and for good reason too. He has the voice and suit of Christian Bale's portray, but both are much better. He really does have the style and attitude of the Batman

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1. Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series)
2. Micheal Keaton (Batman/Batman Returns)
3. Christian Bale (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight)
1. Christian Bale (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight)
2. Micheal Keaton (Batman/Batman Returns)
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