Top Ten Best Batman Movies

A list of the best Batman movies, both animated and live action.

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1The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger's performance in this film was simply impeccable. I agree, The Dark Knight Rises did have a lot of plot-holes, for example how did Batman actually escape the pit? Along with Eckhart's performance, it was probably the best superhero flick I have seen so far. To people who haven't seen The Dark Knight, I strongly advise you to take a look inside this amazing storyline that is Christopher Nolan's.

Dark Knight Rises had a lot of plot holes. How did Bruce Wayne get to Gotham from the middle of the desert with no food, money, or transportation? The scriptwriter was too busy writing Man of Steel. But yeah, The Dark Knight is the best. Heath Ledger was the best villain in a movie ever.

None of the other Batman movies (not even Batman Begins) can compare to this masterpiece.

The joker was amazing as Heath ledger

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2The Dark Knight Rises

Excellent story. Perfect how the directors were able to keep Talia al Ghul under wraps, even though all Batman fans know about her, they were still able to make it a twist that she was the child of Ras al Ghul in the end.

Awesome. I personally do prefer this to the The Dark Knight and Batman Begins(Which I still love). This one offers more to me, the villain overall did more damage, the scale was larger, there was more to talk about after the movie, it was WAY more emotionally powerful, the score was amazing, they fully developed the character of Bruce Wayne rather than concentrating on Batman the entire movie, and Bane was awesome.

Bloody amazing! Tom hardy does a great job as bane. The twist at the end with talia alghul is so cool! Awesome movie

Better story than dark knight..

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3Batman Begins

Ra's Al Ghul is one of the awesomest Batman villains ever, and done perfectly by Liam Neeson. Amazing origin story, great performance by Christian Bale. This was the start of what I believe is the greatest trilogy of all time. - elijahpierson

Best origin story I've ever seen! Realistic, great acting, in depth and exciting.

#1 cause it shows the spirit of batman perfectly. This is his movie. Perfect tone. Easy to watch. This one will age well!

Batman begins has the best soundtrack the most action and really the batman the real one

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Sheesh... I REALLY hate to see the entire Nolan trilogy be higher on this list than this masterpiece, when this one is clearly superior. While this movie was dark, it was also surreal and unrealistic at times, but that's what made it feel like Batman for me. Also, Nicholson is a FAR more enjoyable character that Ledger. Ledger was not the Joker, he was some random terrorist. Nicholson, however, is both creepy, insane and hilarious, just like the Joker should be. TDK I always felt was a tad TOO realistic. This one, however, is one of my favorite movies of all time.

It's my second favourite superhero film, after the original Superman. So you can understand that it's my favourite Batman film of all time. It is a masterpiece.

Don't know about you but I find Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson to have amazing chemistry on screen (and it's really them that the movie is about) and at times I can't help but laugh my head off. This film is batman for me. But I guess you could say I'm biased cause it's what got me into batman in the first place. True masterpeice. Done the way batman should be done.

Call me crazy, but I actually prefer Jack Nicholson's Joker to Heath Ledger's (probably because this Joker is stuck with the creepy face instead of putting it on with make up)

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5Batman Returns

I loved Burton's visuals. You felt like you were in a comic book. It was entertaining and dark, just how Batman is supposed to be. When I think of Batman, I think of how this film looked. That is what made the film. Keaton is also the best Batman of all time.

Tim burton created a uniquely creative and brilliant movie.. But because I wasn't identical in tone to the original everybody assumed that it was bad... And that is completely unfair as this film is a masterpiece

Great scenes with batman penguin and catwoman- paved the way for the others

We get Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.. enough said!

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6Batman: Under the Red Hood

I loved this movie. My favorite characters were joker (because they made him evil and funny) and black mask (my personal favorite b-man villain). But why is the dark knight returns not on the list? There are two and both are incredible movies

Way better that all of the old batman movies with val kilmer, Michael Keaton & George Clooney

Awesome movie, highly recommend it.

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7Batman - Mask of the Phantasm

How does nobody I talk to know about this film!?!?! I would argue that, even in the wake of The Dark Knight, this is the greatest film adaptation for Batman, and along with the series is the best adaptation of Batman on a screen.

Better than that the live action movie of batman that came out the same year.

Deserves to be number one along with Return of the Joker. The Dark Knight trilogy is so overrated!

Why's under the red hood higher

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8Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Put your animation versus real life action biases aside and you'll see that not only is the graphic novel the best comic book ever written but this movie is also the best ever Batman flick.

Are you kidding this is a great movie it it the best animated batman movie of all time. this is my top 5

1 the dark knight
2 the dark knight rises
3 batman begins
4 batman returns
5 the dark knight returns

This was an awesome movie!
I think the movie was better than the graphic novel and its a great story by Frank Miller

Superman would tear him apart

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9Batman Forever

While many people hate on this batman movie no one can deny Jim Carrey's role as the Riddler being one of the best. personally I'd say Heath Ledger then Jack Nicholson and then Jim Carrey

I agree jim Carrey was a good riddler, but can you say because of 1 good actor in this peace of crap, it is good? You can't so every one says jim Carrey was a good riddler but it doesn't mean it is a good movie

I think batman forever was terrible and nearly killed batman but batman and robin did that but I think that instead of batman forever at 10 you should have batman the movie from 1968

Better than batman forever

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10Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker

The joker is batman worst enemy

This is by far one the jokers darkest films of all time

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?Batman vs. Robin
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11Batman (1989)

Wasn't this already on the list?

12Batman: Year OneV1 Comment
13Batman: The Movie

What? OBVIOUSLY this is the greatest Batman film ever made. Adam West portrays a dark Batman and must make life or death decisions around every corner! Does he throw the bomb into the water with the family of ducks to save others, but kill the ducks instantly? It's a thrill ride - higgsboson2142

Its hilarious, gets me mad the people think it is suppose to be dramatic but just came out campy, when it was meant to be campy all along

Does any other movie have "bat anti-shark repellent"? I don't think so. Therefore, by indisputable logic, this is the best Batman movie.

(That was pulling my must have been the JOKER! )

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14Batman (1966)

Wasn't this already on the list?

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15Batman Gotham Knight
16Batman: Assault on Arkham

This is an awesome animated film

17Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
18Batman & Robin

This terrible terrible peace of crap should be at last place and should go to hell and bern

Love it! Uma thurman is an awesome posion ivy oh apart from the bat nipples...

Batman and robin better than Casablanca 1111/10 makes me cry and laugh at the same time!
I love cocaine.

Worst movie in the world!

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19The Batman vs. Dracula

This is a great crossover between the great superhero batman and a horror icon dracula

20Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

This movie isn't out yet.

I am super excited for this movie

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