Best of The Beatles Accomplishments


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1Held Top 5 Positions On The Billboard Charts (U.S.) (1964)

1. Can't Buy Me Love, 2. Twist And Shout, 3. She Loves You, 4. I Want To Hold Your Hand, 5. Please Please Me - westofohio

If This ever happens again. The group or artist that breaks the record is going to be bad ass, but I don't think it will ever happen again. The closest will be Top 3 someday. - westofohio

This is the one world record that will never be beating! Also that year on the Australian charts they actually had the top 6 on the charts - westofohio

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2Highest Selling Band Ever

The Beatles are officially the highest-selling music artistes of all time, having sold over a billion copies under their name.

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3Most Songs In Top 40 At One Time (12) (1964)

There will never be a group like the beatles again they were once in a lifetime group.

4First To Have A Promotional Video (1966)
5Most #1 Albums

Not an easy task...

6First Performance On The First Satellite Hook Up Around The World (1967)

They Performed "All You Need Is Love" - westofohio

7Most #1 Hits In One Year (6) (1964) (U.S.)

I Want To Hold Your Hand, She Loves You, Can't Buy Me Love, A Hard Days Night, Love Me Do, I Feel Fine - westofohio

They actually had 7 if you count "A World Without Love" by Peter And Gordon which was written by Paul McCartney hit #1. In the U.K. that song and "I'll Be On My Way" by Bill J. Kramer also written by Paul McCartney both hit #1 - westofohio

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8Are the #2 selling artist of the 21st Century, over 40 years after they broke up.
9Most #1 Singles (20) (U.S.)

All these accomplishments in less than 7 years of recording together.

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10Top 2 Selling Songs In 1964

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand & 2. Can't Buy Me Love - westofohio

1. I Want to hold your hand and 2. She Loves You

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11First To Have Backwards Music In Songs
12Biggest T.V. Audience Twice (1964)

Performance Live on The Ed Sullivan Show twice - westofohio

13Have a #1 Album In 2006

I think I the Beatles are the best

1435 #1 Albums World Wide
15Having Top Groups Quit In 1964 After Beatles Come On Scene
16Most Covered Song In History With "Yesterday"

Over 4,000 artists have covered this song, great lyrics...simple and rememberable!

17Fastest Selling CD of All-Time With "The Beatles 1" 13 Million Copies In 4 Weeks
18They Held the Top 2 Spots On the Billboard Charts for 10 Weeks In February - April 1964
19Most #1 Billboard Songs (20) (U.S.)
20Having a #1 After They Split Up
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