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1Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Absolutely the best Beatles album with Abbey road coming up for second. Great hits like 'A Day In The Life', and other great hits although I love every Beatles album nothing even comes close to Sgt. Peppers. My grandmother showed me this album and we listened to it while painting the walls and since then I was hooked. I was 8 years old at the time but now I'm 13 and know so much more about the Beatles. My grandmother also showed me abbey road and let it be.

1. ) Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band

2. ) Abbey Road

3. ) Let it Be

4. ) White album

5. ) Revolver

6. ) Rubber Soul

7. ) Magical mystery tour

8. ) A Hard Day's Night

9. ) Yellow Submarine

10. ) Please Please Me

11. ) Beatles For sale

12. ) With the Beatles

13. ) Help!

14. ) Yesterday and today

15. ) Past masters

It's so brilliant even the fillers are catchy. Every song in this album is my favorite except "She's Leaving Home" ( which I regard as McCartney's saccharine piece). "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" may have childlike elements coming from all direction, from Lennon's tripped-out singing and bizarre lyrics about a new world, but its synth line gives a haunting melody, making the song having edges. "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" may be a psychedelic tune, it's a lot more experimental than most other songs by the Fab Four by having questionable solos.

Nothing can top pepper - utter perfection!
1. Pepper
2. Rubber Soul
3. White Album
4. Revolver
5. Help!
6. Abbey Road
7. Hard Day's Night
8. Let It Be
9. Beatles For Sale
10. Please Please Me
11. Magical Mystery Tour
12: With The Beatles
13: Yellow Submarine

Love This Band

This album is historic - in every fashion. - jmepa1234

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2Abbey Road

Unlike their other albums, this album lacks flaws. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band has A Day in the Life, true, but it also has When I'm 64, which, while not bad, is rather worthless. Every song on Abbey Road could easily be said to be in their ten best songs. The concluding medley is a masterpiece, George Harrison has his catchiest tune and arguable the best Beatles love song, Ringo has his own fun little ditty, Because has the beautiful triple vocal harmony... Then you have the three rockers, Come Together, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, and I Want You. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the fact this was not universally recognised as their best effort continually amazes me.

How many other bands can you name where their last album is their best? Not many. Everything that was great about the Beatles is evident on this album. It's the height of all their musical talents and songwriting abilities. They worked for years perfecting their individual crafts and their sound as a group. George's best songs are on this album and the medley is the greatest work created by both Lennon and McCartney. This may not be as iconic as Peppers but it's a beautiful, magical, and rare piece of work.

A milestone in rock history is ageing with grace (not mentioning phenomenal production to its day). Best Fab Four (monumental) release, most important album of rock history, still basis-and-source of inspiration, all the different genres it spawned (together with Pepper), that originated, splitted over the evolution of rock up to this day. No filler, no weaker song, just absolute perfection of a sheer musical genius (especially classic trio I Want You-Here Comes The Sun-Because being my favorite). A paragon for numerous later creations by different artists which reached similar level of sheer brilliance, depth and pure sincere - music industry independent - fun. Immortal.

Abbey Road - even though it is a fantastic album - is overrated in my opinion - jmepa1234

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Sgt. Pepper maybe more influential and important than Revolver, but Revolver is certainly the Beatles at their best. Each band member is fully engrossed in the project here, something that's absent in Sgt. Pepper. There's a song here for everyone, from Yellow Submarine to Tomorrow Never Knows. The Beatles are practically creating new musical genres with each step they take on this album. And, after all that, this isn't even my favorite Beatles album. That title goes to Abbey Road. This is just a smidgen better than everything else, though. Ringo's drumming is imaginative as ever, Paul's bass playing is sweet and melodic, and the guitars are very heavy and distorted for 1966. The voices are stunningly beautiful, something that the Beatles nail every time. The single released in 1966, Paperback Writer b/w Rain, is the perfect companion to this record. If you can't decide which album to buy next, go for this one.

Another one who loves this album, really it has better songs than sgt pepper, I feel every beatle has his part here, the innovations are obvious, what more to say, more interesting than sgt pepper, just a perfect album that's all, the next best is rubber soul, sgt pepper is one of the great but not the best

This album is perfect. Revolver and Dark Side of the Moon are the only two perfect albums ever created. Know why the Beatles are so great? Revolver is my fave and I completely understand how Pepper, Abbey Road, Double White, MMT or Rubber could be someone else's favourite. Off of Revolver, I've heard every songs except Yellow Submarine, Good Day Sunshine, Doctor Robert and I Want To Tell You called someone's favourite on the album. Mine would have to be I'm Only Sleeping.

Definitely my favorite Beatles album. Eleanor Rigby, Tomorrow Never Knows, Love You Too, and Yellow Submarine are some of my favorites. Love this album

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4Rubber Soul

By far the best Beatles album, it has it all. Shame 'Day Tripper' and 'We Can Work It Out' don't make an appearance though.

1. Rubber Soul
2. Beatles For Sale
3. Abbey Road
4. Let It Be
5. Help!
6. With The Beatles
7. Revolver
8. A Hard Day's Night
9. Sgt. Pepper
10. Please Please Me
11. Magical Mystery Tour
12. Side ONE of Yellow Submarine
13. The White Album

Their best album for no other reason than being released before the time they became canonized. Rubber Soul established the rise of a legendary band, seen in the depth and maturity of songs like In My Life. It is one of the only two albums by The Beatles, along with Abbey Road, where absolutely every song on the album is a pleasure to listen to.

The moment when they became a force to be reckoned with. It isn't their peak, but it's their most important album, because it opened the doors for them to create their best work.
My Top Ten Beatles Albums:
1) Revolver
2) Sgt Pepper
3) Rubber Soul
4) Abbey Road
5) The White Album
6) Magical Mystery Tour
7) Help!
8) A Hard Day's Night
9) Beatles for Sale
10) Please Please Me

This is really good!

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5The White Album

I went through a phase where Abbey Road was my favourite Beatles album. Then it was Pepper. Then it was Revolver. Then it was Abbey Road again. Now it's the White Album.

A lot of people look at the white album and see awful filler like Revolution 9 and the Honey Pies. Then they see some mediocre songs like Why Don't We Do It In The Road? , Don't Pass Me By, Rocky Racoon and Good Night. Some people even hate Bungalow Bill and Ob-La-the. But I don't. Every time I listen to it, I t takes me farther way than Pepper. It's more bittersweet then Abbey Road and more experimental than Revolver. Every single song has a purpose. The next song is always so different from the last, that I can't help but enjoy them all. Every song is placed so perfectly that they are all made enjoyable.

If this was shortened to a single LP, that would have been the worst decision the Beatles ever made. The Double White is not the Double White missing any of these songs.

My favourite tracks are ...more - backflip

It's always a close run between Abbey Road and the White Album for me, but I love the White Album. It really shows you the individual talents of each band member. Of course you have some odd songs like Revolution 9, but this album is a treasure to Rock N' Roll history, it is musical creativity at it's best. - joshthomas

Nobody's gonna agree when it comes to Beatles albums - some will say sergeant pepper, some will say abbey road but for me, this is their best. An absolutely brilliant album, with more than 30 songs on it. The standout tracks are "Blackbird", "while my guitar gently weeps" amd "Helter Skelter".

Probably their worst album.

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6Magical Mystery Tour

Very underrated album, it is my favorite.
It is just so different than anything else they did, and very appealing to psychedelia lovers. There is no bad songs on this one, only problem its kinda short.
A must have for Beatles lovers

This album is a happiness overload. The movie songs might be unspectacular (expect I Am The Walrus obviously), but the singles were the best songs they ever wrote. Hello Goodbye, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, All You Need is Love, it has them ALL.

The best Beatles album of all time with songs like (3 examples are) Strawberry fields forever, I am the Walrus, and Hello goodbye. All that is missing to make this album flawless is While my Guitar Gently Weeps and In my Life.

All great songs, put together into an incredibly stylish, fun, and addictive album. I can listen to it again and again and it feels like a brand new dream every time.

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7A Hard Day's Night

I go through phases with Beatle albums, the last 20 years I would have said their later stuff, especially pepper and the white album.Recently though I've rediscovered a passion for a hard days night, check out 'you can't do that, completely forgot what a brilliant song that is. Would put the album in my top 10 just now.

All the songs can describe someone's life now how they live also made my favors songs in this album so the best one for me (If I fell)

All Len/Mac compositions and no Ringo song!

One of my favorite albums.

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Probably my favorite Beatles album. The music is simple yet effective and the lyrics basically tell the story of a relationship, which I think is something we can all relate to. I'll admit there is some filler but overall I'd say it's their best effort as a whole group. I love the movie, too

Help is their best in my opinion because it's such a smooth listen and the songs are wonderful and have a nice flavor to them

The Help album has to be the best! All of the songs have nice energy and great poetic lyrics in them - beatles5

It my favorite one - Danteem

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9Let It Be

Hmm... I am sort of ambivalent about this album. I mean, it has some amazing songs including Let It Be, Get Back, Across the Universe. But they put different versions of the songs on, which I don't like. it also has a lot of short pointless songs. I do like One After 909, The Long and Winding Road, and Two of Us though. - SammySpore

let it be, let it be, speaking words of wisdom, let it be number 1

The more I listen to this album, the more I realize that every song is either beautiful or just downright catchy (or both! )
My only complaint with this album is that 'Get Back' was shortened, and this is easily my favorite song on the album

Tons of hidden gems here. Very great album.

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10Please Please Me

Please please me and with the beatles are my favorite beatles albums actually all of there albums are my favorite there the greatest music artists of all time

This is awesome soft songs and heavy ones

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11With The Beatles

I absolutely love this album and for some reason like it more than the rest, I love Revolver and Abbey Road, but the covers on this are brilliant and I have played tracks on this album more than any other, so I have to say this is my favorite, it wasn't an easy choice. "Please Mr Postman" and "All My Loving" are legendary!
1) With The Beatles
2) Abbey Road
3) Revolver
4) Rubber Soul
5) Let It Be
6) The White Album
7) St Peppers Lonely Club Heart Band
8) Help
9) Please Please Me
10) Magical Mystery Tour

(By the way I haven't listend to all their albums, such as Beatles For Sale and Yellow Submarine, so don't judge me if you think they should be mentioned, laugh out loud)

12Beatles For Sale

Actually an underrated album


Collaboration of all The Beatles greatest hits. Number 1 in all aspects. Yes, they remix some of the songs, but I don't think it hurts the song. I actually like how the album flows. Not just my favorite Beatles album, but my favorite album PERIOD. - A7XfoREVer

They morphed "within you without you" with "tomorrow never knows" in this album and it is best psychedelic song I've ever heard.

26 marvelous songs changed and put together

14The Beatles 1

It introduced a new generation to the Beatles. It's one of their most important albums. It's also the definitive greatest hits album released by the band, in that all the songs are on one disc and this album shows just how big they were; 27 number one hits in total between the US and UK.

It introduced a new generation to the Beatles. It's one of their most important albums. It's also the definitive greatest hits album released by the band, in that all the songs are on one disc and this album shows just how big they were; 27 number one hits in total between the US and UK.

Though there were some great Beatles songs left out of this masterpiece collection ('Sgt Pepper's' and 'Twist & Shout' comes to mind) I love this album. I think that I captures the Beatles's growth as artists, and is perfect to introduce kids (like me) to the legendary Beatles!

15The Beatles: 1967-1970

This is not a studio album, but it is absolutely amazing for what it is. It just has so much value. It contains the Beatles best from Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band to Let It Be. Strawberry feilds forever, A Day In The Life, Come Tov

16Past Masters, Vol. 1
17Yesterday and Today
18Meet the Beatles

This is the best beatles album!

19Past Masters, Vol. 2

So many songs that should have been on albums. Like Revolution. -

20Something New
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