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Hey Jude
I can't describe this song its beautiful its like describing the flavor of water its really hard...

The beatles will always be with me til my grace -Peace and love people
Paul McCartney, you just changed the way I look at life from this song, so THANK YOU SO much, you mean a lot to me even if we've never met... I love you
this is just a sing along and you can't make it better than this THANK YOU PAUL MCCARTNEY JOHN LENNON GEORGE HARRISON AND RINGO :D!
If you don't know Ringo's last name, it's Star. (Star or Starr I'm not sure. )


[Newest]Hey Jude don't make it bad and there didn't
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2Let It Be
Great melodic masterpiece. One of the most magnificent rock songs of all time. Never get tired of listening to it. It simply feeds my soul.
I don't know why its not #1 its the the embodyment of hope & wisdom because without faith you have truly lost your way in life
What a great hymn! This is such an absolutely perfect rock ballad. Touchy melody, fine chorus, somehow roughly sophisticated arrangement, and slightly weird and religious lyrics about Mother MaryŁ. Is she Mother Mary Magdalene from The Bible or Paul's mother (whose name is Mary too)? This is such a great song that even today, over 30 years after it was released; it can still lift anyone's spirits. A great song with a great message: just let it be!
[Newest]A very spiritual song regarding Paul's late mother comforting him during a crisis he was experiencing.
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3A Day in the Life
Greatest song from the greatest album of Rock N' Roll history
Its really telling what is happening everyday in our lives
and it is straight for the heart I like it its too nice very very very nice
The best song for me ever I love you the beatles
A masterpiece that can never be recreated. This song rewrote the standards of pop (and rock) music and goes to show you how advanced The Beatles were (and this was released only in 1967! ) When I first heard this, I was simply speechless.
[Newest]Wow, Psychedelic, Art and Progressive rock, all at the same song, I'm just a progressive rock fan maybe that's the reason I like this song, but beside this fact, just wow, their best song, on one their best albums.
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A song that places a comforting hand on your shoulder. Absolutely mesmerizing! When the song hits your ears you are transported to another world...
Most of these top ten lists, from NFL Quarterbacks, to top singers, it's like did these people graduate Kindergarten and what are they huffing, and when did they start, like around kindergarten, that's why they didn't finish, but this is a half decent list; I'm glad that MOST of the meaningless bubblegum songs are out of the top 10; however, I think this is an easy #1 (would except a day in the life... ) but not a bad top 5, then again we're dealing w/ beatle's fans which'd make up for the increase in intelligence.


The lyrics remind everyone of their life. How everything can be one way and then change before you know it. Truly gave me a sense of how change is good and needs to happen.


[Newest]This is nice song I ever heard!
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5Here Comes the Sun
Love this song, it has something that changes my mood. A bad day can be changed in 3 minutes. One of the best of the Beatles and I think the best of George
Here comes the sun is a beautiful song. Written by George Harrison in the album Abbey Road. An iconic album and a wonderful song.
Yes! BEST SONG EVER! In my opinion this will be the ONLY music my children listen to because it is inspiring and calming.
[Newest]I couldn't live without this song!

6While My Guitar Gently Weeps
The greatest ever song of the Beatles era is at NUMBER EIGHT? It is perhaps THE greatest guitar song I've heard from the 60s-70s hippy time, I can't believe its so down low in the rankings... Shame.
Best, along with "A Day in the Life" ^^ "Let it Be". This song stood out immediately when I first listened to the White Album ^^ is also one of the many reasons that album is one of the greatest of all time.
This song brought wonder to my life. I can't believe its rank.


[Newest]Clapton's solo is killer!

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7Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever is absolutely the greatest song written by the Beatles. I never get tired of it. At first listen, it's strange and absolutely nothing sounds like it. But then it evolves into this magnificent, imaginative world. It makes you escape. A great song should be both beautiful and melodic, but also capture your attention and mesmerize. The lyrics in this song are simply incredible. To me, SFF takes the Beatles away from just being a great pop band to being the GREATEST of them all. Songs like this one take them straight to another dimension. As pretty as Hey Jude or Let It Be may sound, there isn't anything special about them. THIS SONG is special beyond words. Please put it at number 1 because it doesn't belong anywhere else. It's truly a masterpiece. Whichever Beatle wrote it, or if it was done by them all, I don't care. It's brilliant.
A great fusion of Indian, avant garde, musique concrete with classical elements. This is also one of the best known psychedelic songs and with it's reverse drum loops and double fade out with a free form coda. The lyrics are dreamy this has to be one of the Beatles best songs of all time.
Strawberry Fields Forever is a masterpiece. This song made the Beatles absolutely unique. There is something about it that shines more than other Beatles songs. It's got a gorgeous melody, a very dreamy atmosphere, and the lyrics are so different. They sound very strange slipping out of the tongue, but there is great depth there. I always think this sound them took them from just a band that made hit songs to a band that made REVOLUTIONARY songs. STRAWBERRY FIELDS for the win.
[Newest]How can be this on no 7. It is the greatest songs of all time. I thing in the lyrics he is talking about a person who want to get the girl he wanted but he cannot because she loves someone else he is sad and lennon understanding him that she was never made for you. So take it easy do not thing much about it because there is noting in our hand. Our life is a story that god telling to someone he loves
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8Eleanor Rigby
I lived through the 60's and beyond, in "the Haight" prior to the Beatles explosion. I listened over and over to all the music. It was everywhere, all the time, making life seem like a totally new dimension, like in the Wizard of Oz, but real life! Out of all the songs I heard, this one had a greater depth and meaning, now, some 50 years later. Hard to believe, but true! Seems like Yesterday, no pun intended.


Deep meanings, fantastic lyrics. Couldn't get any better! Absolutely love this song, never gets old.
A wonderfully dramatic song and possibly the first classical music pop song.
[Newest]AMAZING, their best song, no contest, great melody, great lyrics, wonderful song

9In My Life
Favourite song! applies to everyone! my inspiration for so many things. I listen to it everyday and it never gets boring, you find something new in the song every time you listen
This song is amazing. I always feel like I'm going to cry when I hear it. It is just so beautiful and meaningful!
we must remember this was written when lennon was 19
[Newest]Best song of the Beatles's 1963-66'era.

It's clear that John and Paul were the strongest songwriters in the Fab Four, but we know in the later years (when they were both at their best) that they hardly listened to each other. George spent years in the background, quietly biding his time and taking in as much information as he could from two of the greatest songwriters in history. His epic final statement is Something, which showcases all the different elements that made The Beatles so incredible: beautiful texture and instrumentation, unusual but incredibly effective chord changes, fantastic individual performances (Ringo's drums, Paul's bass, George's gorgeous solo). George mastered the art of writing a perfect Beatles song, something I don't think Paul and John could ever say they did. It's hard to compare the emotional capacity of this song to the likes of Hey Jude, Stawberry Fields, Penny Lane, etc. , but I don't know (I don't knooow! ) if any Beatles song is as perfectly written and recorded as Something. I mean, Paul's bass lick at 2:17? That alone could put this on the top 10.
So Wrong - Frank Sinatra covered George's Beatles' song, and fully and appropriately credited it to them and saluted it as in his opinion "one of the best love songs ever written" - and Sinatra mastered Many of those.


You're asking me will this song go, I don't know, I don't know, but it most certainly should. Too good too not be in the top ten, and I know you could say that about maybe 50 of their songs, but this one especially.
This is the greatest love song period! George is a great composer! The Beatles are the first ROCKERS ever and no other band will come close to them.
[Newest]This song is so amazing it still gives me goosebumps to this day.

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11Come Together
This song rocks the hardest! Well I'm 14 years old and this song sounds cool to me---sounds cool even to my teenage peers---sounds cool to my parents---sounds cool (virtually) to all ages;this song stands the test of time. Listen to the guitar on the line "come together! Right now over... That's pure soulful rock music! I believe that this song and "I Want you she's so heavy" are the two of the best (perhaps "coolest") song ever written by he Beatles; and these two deserves to be on top! I mean really! This is a rock anthem that will always rock you down forever. A rocker's favorite. Yeah! Rocks as hard as Metallica
This song is excellent. Come on people! How can these be number 12, this song could easily enter in the top 10 Beatles song. Everything is just perfect in here, excellent rhythm, terrif bass (probably one of the best from macca) incredible vocals (i think that these is the greatest vocals that john lennon ever recorded) I mean everything in this song is just so catchy!
The only really cool Beatles song. They were finally learning how to be cool and moody, like the Stones. Not that this song sounds like the Stones and that the Beatles didn't make other great music, my granny loved them, not the Stones, get my point.
Ps I loved my granny by the way.
[Newest]This song in my opinion was one of the harder rocking songs the Beatles had ever done. It sounds so different from their other songs.

12Twist And Shout
A song that will never be forgotten!
This song is rock n roll perfection, pure gold! Long live the Beatles!
In my opinion the best rock and roll song ever. John Lennon's voice and delivery is fantastic.
[Newest]So fun to dance to!

This song reflects John Lennon and I love him to bits. The voice, the music, the beat is simply undying, they listened to it in the sixties and it is still worth listening to in the 21st century.
Wow this song is pretty high on best songs list, AND is number 8 on the worst songs list. I think its one of the greatest don't know why people would or could hate this great song.
When I first heard it was like a veil was opened and I could see my future it was just great. I knew what I was gonna be I was gonna be a singer. Although I may not be as good as the beatles (no one is) but I'd try my hardest! I love this song and so should all the people.
[Newest]My favourite Beatles song. No. #31 in rolling stone's magazine top 500 best songs ever! (#7 at Beatles). Vote!

14I Am the Walrus
This is a very very and interesting song! PURE POETRY! This is BY FAR the best song in all of the Beatles career and it has a strange of representing the sixties with an understanding of the only possible way of turning a completely misunderstood written language of nonsense into a waterfall of beauty and direction of the minds of geniuses like John Lennon, the greatest and most brilliant songwriter and thinker of ALL TIME! Number ONE!
This song is kind of like the "Pink Elephants On Parade" of the Beatles. It's so bizarre that it actually makes you wonder if you were on something before watching the video. Seriously, I am the egg man? I am the walrus? What the fudge does that have to do with anything? I'm not saying this is bad, oh no, I'm saying that no matter how weird, scary or all-around strange it is, there is just one element that just makes you want to watch the music video again and again. This song is psychedelic genius!
There is one partition in music, before Beatles and after, more specific Sgt. Peper album, but for me I am te Walrus was the song to brake the envelope before his time. It┬'s a timeless work of art with ups, downs, stops, change of rhythm, different timing almost incomprehensible. This song is influential for rock master pieces like QUEEN Under Pressure.
[Newest]This song is weirdly beautiful

15I Want to Hold Your Hand
I want to hold your hand is a fun and playful song that is also very cool sounding. This is definitely one of the Beatles best songs. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the album Past Masters Volume 1.
For me one of the best songs ever made. Listen how the base plays a lick when the other instruments are 'low'. Everything works together perfectly. And it's not just the same chord progression looped throughout the whole song, no the chorus is a little bit different each time. A masterpiece!
this songs, let them go the U. S. A whithout this, you will don't know that the beatles exist so... put it on TOP 10!


[Newest]Not the greatest song, but the one that started it all in the usa.

16Across the Universe
My all time favourite Beatles song. It's so dreamy. The lyrics are so weird and yet kind of meaningful. I just love everything about it, but I still don't know what jai guru deva means... Think I'm gonna Google it...
This song is my favourite tune by the beatles. Although it is a very hard decision with so many amazing songs... Happiness is a warm gun, I'm so tired, a day in the life, the list really goes on forever. I'd recommend this song to anyone it has a really dreamy feel to it and makes me feel very nostalgic for some reason.
It's wonderful to think this song has been play into space...
It makes me cry every time I heard it, and it gaves me a lot of bravery.

For rock2metal and evrybody who doesn't know what jai guru deva om means : It's in sanskrit, and it means "thank you guru Dev". The Beatles met this guy during their journey in India, and he had a great infuence on their music and their way too see the life, I think.

(I'm sorry if I made some mistakes, but I'm french, I'm 16, and yeah, I love the Beatles too! )
[Newest]This is the Best Song Ever Ever not One Direction's stupid version!

17All You Need is Love
Greatest song ever written, Listen to it every day
"I still believe all you need is love, you know, but I don't believe that eh, just, saying it is gonna do it you know, I mean I still believe in the fact that love is what we all need"
this is there best song ever in my book.
It's such an amazing song. All you ned is love!

Actly, all you need is the Beatles.
[Newest]A committed way of living not here and there. Perfect message

18Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
I absolutely love this song! Should be in the Top 5 along with Help! and Strawberry Fields Forever
in my opinion this song is 1 of the best beatles songs
"Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees, and marmalade skies. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes... "
[Newest]Absolutely amazing, should definitely be in the top 2 or 3! Beautiful master piece and my favorite Beatles song.

19Helter Skelter
This song along with You Really Got Me, Black Sabbath and Born To Be Wild created metal. I guess Deep Purple and Zeppelin helped too.
Slash (Guns n' Roses) says this is one of his top 3 songs. Probably the heaviest Beatles song. Very catchy!
Well, for me is the best song because is very moove and very... Rare because Paul sings that so good and I love it so Ringo plays the drums very well and so I love it
[Newest]Would have been a great movie if it didn't inspire a family of serial killers :/

20Tomorrow Never Knows
A difficult song for many to like due to its lack of a recognizable or catchy melody (in my view), but for crazy, creative and experimental musicianship it is simply phenomenal. It is not a song of the 60s. It could equally have been written recently or in the future and still sound relevant. Drum and bass style break beats and a song structured around a single chord, in 1965!


The amazing backdrop of Indian classical instruments merged eloquently with Ringo's unorthodox drum play makes this song loud but still soul engrossing. The voices of John and Paul feels warm when heard with a backdrop of a flanged instrument play. There is a method in the chaos if you can notice it. It is one of those songs which will have polarizing listener's opinion.
Four guys at the very top of their game. A track that's both simple and complex at the same time. Hard to believe this was only 3 years after "From Me To You"! Great drumming; great everything.
[Newest]My favorite and I have taught rock music in college for 35 years

21With A Little Help From My Friends
Fantastic song deserves to be great and is a truly inspirational song from a truly inspirational band 'simply the best'!
Deserves to be higher up the list.
This is the best song of all time it's so nice and it is true you get by with a little help from your friends. It helped me lots not joking this song should be in the top 10 THIS IS THE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME I REPEAT BEST SONG OF ALL TIME. NEED MORE VOTES I BEET YOU GET BY WIT A LITTLE HELP FROM YOUR FRIENDS god I love that song so much AND I NEED SOMEONE TO LOVE TOO it's the best vote x
You know, there is a couple beatles songs I like. First off I like prog rock and hard rock more than beatles slow rock/pop but this song really is inspiring it seems to knock off every other beatles song. You will find maybe 1 or 2 songs on an album that are greatly underrated but are amazing songs. Like something for nothing by rush, great song so underrated. Personally I think all of rush is underrated. This song is great great rythym good lyrics just blows by all their other stuff.
[Newest]One of Beatles best songs. The words and the melody is just amazing. deserves to be in the top yen

22I Want You (She's So Heavy)
One of the greatest songs ever! Its very dark. At the end when it starts to get more and more distorted is just amazing!


My favorite song ever recorded... I marvel over every detail. The sound becomes so polarizing it toys with my senses. This song effects me like no other.. Beautiful chaos.
This should be at least in the top 10, its amazing, it sounds so dark and builds up over time and gets darker and darker until the song ends, if you havnt heard it yet you should definitely listen to this.


I adore this song a bit to much, I listened to it for the first time in 2005 and it has been one of my favourite sons ever since then. It's just a completely amazing song, I can't even describe how much I love this song, all I can say now is that it's perfect and I can't believe it's not in the top ten, to be honest.
Heard it once... N have not stopped listening to this song ever since... Feel like singing it as a lullaby to my baby brother..
it's the most beautiful song I've ever heard. it's amazing, very meaningful to me. it's short but make me super happy when I'm hearing it.
[Newest]Must have been in the top 5. The finger picked guitar makes it amazingly cool

24Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
The opening sitar tunes are unique! I being from India makes me wonder what amount of genius these guys must have possessed as they seamlessly blended Indian music with American pop style. This work is so hard that we still do not hear Indian music's fusion in mainstream pop styles of today. Long Live The Music Of These Geniuses. Harrison truly ROCKS!
If you consider their entire body of work as a group, in my opinion this tune best represents all that they had to offer and represented a major turn in pop music. This piece of work was completely flawless in its execution and resonated with the dominant youth culture of the time as well as those among the older generation that appreciated good art.
Amazing song! Not credited enough! I love how interesting the sitar makes the song as well
[Newest]Most beautiful song by the Beatles. Sitar? Only #23? This track should easily enter top 10. Sorry, I just can't let this so much lower.

One of John Lennon's best creations. Has a good rock intro, then I love the scream and then talks about a revolution. Lennon does a great job singing this, and you get addicted to this song fast and puts you in a good mood.
just great.. you will be inspired not by the music but by the way the complex and cruel the song is when it comes to sweetness and tenderness of any band artist
I can see why hey jude's first, I want to hold your hand should be second, and this one third even though it's my favorite.


[Newest]Ahead of its time

26Get Back
Get back is amazing should be in top ten.
Jojo was a boy get back get back rocks it is the best I've heard.
Thanks Beatles you rock

27A Hard Day's Night
It's really catchy 'It's been a hard days night and I've been working, like a dog.. It's been a hard days night I should be sleeping like alog, and when I get home to you I find the things that you do, you make me feel alright' Soawesome!


This has to be in the top ten


I don't know why people vote this song too much lower. Best Beatles riff solo and it's middle eight. In my opinion greatest Beatles song in pre-help era.

28Penny Lane
The Piccolo Trumpet solo is to die for. Ought to be number one really. A brilliant fusion of Baroque and rock!
When the music gods came down from mount Olympus they had 3 sons who were left at the fire station on penny lane. When they grew up they chanded there names to Ringo, Paul, and George. They wrote this song together...
I listen to this song every day! It makes me always happy and every time I listen, I recongnize something new in the song!

29Yellow Submarine
One of Ringo's finest songs to have sung!

I can't believe the Real Love version is now rare. Still, each version is excellent!
This song is beautiful, lyrical, and one of the great iconic songs the Beatles produced! I can't help but be swept up by the momentum and happiness whenever I listen to it, and of course the movie it inspired is incredible too!
This song is very werid, it's random and epic, and also cool, we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, and so on. llo
[Newest]This is my favourite song. Please vote for this killer song. This should be in the top 5.

30Happiness Is a Warm Gun
I love this song a lot mostly towards the end, but I like how there's four parts in the song: Donated to the National trust, I need a fix cause I'm going down, mother superior jumped the gun and finally Happiness is a warm gun. Paul McCartney also sounds a lot like Queen at the end.
John Lennon sang this song, unless you mean the background singing
Three great songs in one.
My favourite Beatles song and second favorite song of all time.


[Newest]Bang bang shot shot

31You Never Give Me Your Money
This one song contains more instrumentation and musical variation than most other bands put into an entire album. As I understand it, the song is actually itself a merging of several different unfinished song ideas into one, and when you listen to it you can really hear the different song themes, tempos and rhythms all in there. All told, it creates an incredibly varied and creative sound and is definitely in my opinion an underrated song in the Beatles catalog.
By far the most underrated Beatles song, quite possibly even top 10 material. It's the perfect start to the Abbey Road Medley, which was the final and most amazing composition by The Beatles. The arpeggiated guitar pretty much represents what made them iconic - how they kept experimenting with new styles even at the very end.
One of the most underrated Beatles songs. This is extremely complex melodically. It kicks off the Abbey Road Medley, which could be argued as the Beatles magnum opus. The lyrics are also genius. This song should be in the top 5.

32She Loves You
this song really rocks!


His was literally the first Beatles song I've ever heard, and I loved it immediately. This song just makes me want to wiggle around and giggle. Its adorable! :3
Best in 1963 beside I Want To Hold Your Hand. #32? What a joke? "She loves you yeah yeah yeah". Simply brilliant. Yeah I know there's to many Beatles great song. But this song is simply masterpiece should be at top 15

33The End
As I understand it the last thing that the band ever put down on record and what a fitting way to finish? Just have a listen to the three way guitar jam between paul, john and george. Sheer brilliance and a wonderful example of why this band is so amazing. You could write a whole album around the rhythms and beats in this one snip of two and a half minutes.


This short finale to Abbey Road is the last time the beatles jammed together and what a session! The 3 way guitar joust between john, paul and george is simply awesome. And what better way to sign off after 7 years of genius than with a song like this. Goodbye boys!


I like this song mostly because of the awesome drum solos and, I think, George Harrison's best guitar solo. Even though there's not much singing, the Beatles still do a good job putting the lyrics together.
[Newest]Abbey road medley's best

34The Long and Winding Road
This song was spoiled in my view by the hamming up the producers gave it on the original let it be release and I didn't really appreciate the song until I heard the scaled back sound on the subsequent naked. Listening to this version, it strikes me as a beautiful song, poignant and with a wonderful harmony of piano and, presumable some kind of loosely strung guitar riff that pipes up between the words. I urge all fans to give this a listen and bring it up the list.


Gorgeous, completely immersive and ethereal tune. Listening to it never ceases to bring the chills.
How is this so low!? Naked version is simply beautiful

35Don't Let Me Down
A real lennon soul bearing moment and some of the best vocals he put down on vinyl. Paul adds a romping bass line to support the singing and the billy preston synth hits a brilliant counterpoint. Shame the split soon afterwards as it showed just how awesome they still were. Check out the video on the roof of the abbey road studio. All these modern four and five piece guitar bands can only dream of such an effortless style and quality.


This is my favourite Beatles song it is honestly so beautiful. Not only is the chorus magnificent, but the verses are too! This should be higher on the list.

36Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
How could it 43 first of all this is very original song not like others. And even I like other Beatles songs this is more than a song think carefully
I memorized all of the words and it is my second favorite song but if rocky racoon was never made this song would be my favorite
This song is one of the best song ever, it's just so catchy! It deserves at least in the top 10!
[Newest]It was twenty years ago today, and still today, I'm in love with this masterpiece. And the re-prise is awesome too. Paul McCartney voice really rocks!

37Day Tripper
day tripper has a great guitar intro. the best beatles song.


Day tripper is the best Beatles song
Too good even as a garage song

38Can't Buy Me Love
What? This is one of the best songs ever by the Beatles and its here at 49? This is hilarious. Its gotta be at least in the top 5! Just 0.2%? My Goodness...
I'm not a huge beatles fan, but this song always cheers me up- I have to listen this at least once day!
I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love... Great meaning, not drug song.

39We Can Work It Out
It may be short but it gets its point across very clearly. "Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend. " There's a whole life lesson to be learnt from that slightly mournful, yet humbly optimistic, line.
Most underrated song in history! Lennon-McCartney's greatest collaboration
We can work it out is the really best song of the Beatles I think! You must listen for the sound.
[Newest]Better than "Day Tripper". Best middle eight ever. "Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend". Genius...

40Hello Goodbye
This is one of there best songs I can't believe it is this low. Go do baseball amazing son
I love this song. It has a great music video too. I love the Beatles! They're the best!
This is EASILY Top 5. What on earth is it doing at 57? I feel like I'm overflowing with all the world's happiness when I listen to this song. The Magical Mystery Tour Singles were the best songs they wrote. I can't believe people would vote for Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane, but leave this behind.
[Newest]Simple, yet amazing track. I may even like this more than Strawberry Fields Forever.

41For No One
The most underrated beatle song of all times
I agree with the guy above me


The French horn solo is the epitome of awesomeness. Overall, BOSS.
[Newest]Such a great song, its so deep

42All My Loving
I think this is one of Paul's best. The lyrics are great and I love Paul's vocals. My favorite part is "All my loving, I will send to you, all my loving, darling I'll be true". Just can't get over its greatness.
This Song gives me immense happiness, and invokes that feeling of love in ones mind, it also speaks of true loyalty and love, making it the best..
Oh this song is really great, It should be in top 10
I played it for my girlfriend and she was like aw

43Nowhere Man
Listen to the Harmonies!
Listen to the Sonic Blue Fender Stratocasters, it's so mind-blowing, I fell in love with this song.
Really fresh sounding still after all these years. The melody is so memorable and the guitars are soaring.

44She Said She Said
Drum roles off this planet, trippy guitar. Was this really written in 1965 (or 66? ). Revolver at its very best. Still awesome nearly 50 years later.
Nothing out of brit pop could compare - this sets the sound for a future movement and leaves them all in its wake
Revolver gone bonkers, with paul from another dimension on the bass and ringo stepping off a spaceship to do some trippy drums. Makes other 60s bands sound so dull.


[Newest]Ringo was the best drummer in the Beatles.

45Here, There and Everywhere
How is this not rated higher on the list. John Lennon said that this was his favorite Beatles song ever. It's just so pretty.
This song may not be the best song beatles had made, but it makes me feel that beatles were real psychiartrists/scientists in the field of music. They just make your mind blow. I wish I were in their time for I would die to hear them play live
Classic. Best song from Revolver. Probably the 2nd most beautiful melody McCartney ever produced, next to "Hey Jude", of course.
[Newest]John Lennon and Paul McCartney both said that this is the best composition that Paul made.

The most beautiful song in the world. So few words, which fit the song better than in any other song. I REALLY don't understand, why it isn't ranked higher. The lyrics tell everything: "Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry". "Love is all, love is you".
This one is awesome. It's kind of melancholic but really heart warming.
A masterpiece. Just wonderful. Sit back, play it loud, and enjoy it. My favorite Beatle's song.

47I Saw Her Standing There
She was just seventeen, you know what I mean, and the way she looked was way beyond compare, I couldn't dance with another, when I saw her standing there
An Excellent piece by the Beatles. One of their better early songs.

P.S. I love all Beatles songs equally
This song is another classic rock n' roll song created by the Beatles, and it's a great dancing song that will get you singing and dancing. McCartney did a great job singing this and no one else could do it better. Over all, this is a great song and you should dance to it some time.
[Newest]What the hack, just 51th, this is ringo starr best one

48The Fool on the Hill
Great song, heavily underrated in my opinion, the best song of the great quartet
Beautiful so lost & underrated give me this song any time over long and winding road. ANYTIME!

49And I Love Her
This is the first beatles song I have listened, after listening to others over and over again, I still fell this is the best!
I love this song because its a love song and those are the best songs ever! The Beatles this is your best song ever and I hope that I can find more songs like this and my comment helps more people vote for this and we get to find out which song out of the Beatles top ten is the beat thank you a lot for letting me write my opinion about my song bye bye!
My first Beatles song... elated me beyond imagination... Paul's voice and the purity of the lyrics bowled me out.. " bright are the stars that shine... dark is the sky.. I know this love of mine... will never die.. and I love her..
[Newest]This is the best of Beatles songs

50Octopus's Garden
I can't believe this song is placed here!... This song really takes you to an octopus' garden! The song is simple yet so deep and peaceful.. Makes me happy every time I hear it..
When I heard this song I was taken into a new dimension. This is by far the best Beatles song there is. I didn't know it was possible to have so much love and admiration for something. Simply a masterpiece
I think that this song should at least be in the top 20s this is The Beatles best song ever right next to Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane what were you guys think in putting this masterpiece song in the 70s there is something wrong with you guy's brains or something. Come on you guys can do a whole lot better than this I just know you can
Peace out
From BEASTMAN321321
[Newest]Every time a hear this song, I feel happy, I don't know why

51Oh! Darling
Paul's best vocal performance ever, in fact the best Beatles vocal performance ever. It was also a John Lennon favorite and he wanted to sing lead on this song... Happy Paul did instead as in my opinion he was a far better singer.
The young Paul McCartney leaves nothing behind when he screams out the vocals. It is absolutely phenomenal.
Personal favorite, SORRY, ALL PAUL AT HIS BEST!


[Newest]Best song of Beatles ever.

52Back In the U.S.S.R.
"let me hear your balalaikas ringing out!"
I like this song because it's a good rock n" roll song, but also is a great song to listen to, sing to, and enjoy. George has an awesome solo, Paul sings it great and in part of the song they sound like the Beach Boys. Over all, It's a fun song to dance to and is a joy to a lot of Beatles fans.
Geez, guys it should be much higher ;/ Deserves top 20 at least.
[Newest]Take that chuck berry and beach boys

53Ticket To Ride
Sure hard to decide, but this one is my favorite, I think
The is a cool and fun song that is always fun to hear. Written by John Lennon with Paul McCartney in the album Help!.
I think I'm gonna be sad,
I think it's today, yeah.
The girl that's driving me mad
Is going away.
She's got a ticket to ride,
But she don't care. PERFECTION! And the drums are amazing! The best song of The Beatles
[Newest]Should be in #15 I think

54I'm Only Sleeping
I personally think that this is an amazing song. It's not one of their more popular songs because it's pretty simple, but I still think it's beautiful. I love the expressions John uses in his voice. "I'm Only Sleeping" is probably one of my favorite songs by the Beatles. Also, one of my favorite bands, The Vines, remade this song, and did a fairly decent job at it. Even my dad, who is a Beatles fanatic and flower child, really liked their cover of the song.
Most overrated Beatles song. It's true masterpiece. It's felts me like...
Of course john was the best beatle; too cool and hip

THE most underrated Beatles song in all of their catalog. People really need to branch out a little bit more with their music. The beatles isn't just all "Hey Jude" and "I wanna hold your hand". John and Paul had some amazing stuff that you never hear.
Nobody ever talks about this song and i don't understandy why?


GREATEST Beatles bass and amazingly well played drum by Ringo Starr.

56Dear Prudence
One of my favorite songs ever, just gotta love it. It makes the world seem less complicated, Dear Prudence, won't you com out and play?
Number 35? Man people need to realize this is John Lennons best work!
This should be far more up the list. It is just a simple but breathtakingly beautiful piece of music. This is one of the songs that show what a brilliant composer John Lennon was!

One of the best songs they ever made, Its got an awesome riff and great lyrics, Paul's guitar solo is so great.
Who Dosen't Like This Song?
Danced to this Song at my School Show. Loved it!

58Paperback Writer
one of the most hard songs by them! I freaking love it


Famous opening guitar and their voice is brilliant! And remember, it's their only #1 song in 1966. PAPERBACK WRITER! Really love this song... Vote it guys!

59Real Love
The fact that McCartney, Harrison and Starr coupled together a song which in its original tape had a lot of static, and low quality of vocals and made it into a Beatles classic is testament to the tenacity of the Beatles as a unit... I never meant this song to be number one... By this has to be ranked higher. The fact that Lennon's voice was very thin in this record.. McCartney ghost voiced him and made it a little clearer... They cleaned up loads of noise... All of this points to the fact that a band like the Beatles is up till now.. Unparalleled.
The last great Beatles record. Brought Lennon back to life for 3:52. Proved The Beatles lost nothing to time or trends and did it with a dead man singing lead.
You know the beatles are the greatest bands of all time when the most romantic songs of theirs is ranked at 54. I sincerally do not consider this song as the best of the Beatles, and I can't choose a particular one to be number 1. I voted for this one because I think this should be ranked higher.

60Eight Days a Week
More innovation with the idea of a fade in to the start of the song. A nice collaboration that bounces along. Surprised it hasn't popped up sooner but it shows the depth of the beatles legacy


This is my childhood song! It is brilliant and contains everything that everyone loves about The Beatles.
This is my favourite song!

61Lady Madonna
Paul's voice in this... I love it when he brings this voice out. Like on the fast part of "You Never Give Me Your Money", which should also be in the top ten. I love this song! Should be in the top ten!

62Drive My Car
One of the best Paul vocals, one of the best vocal harmonies, one of the best guitar/bass riffs, one of the best sounding drum audios ever put on THE best bands albums, AND ITS IN THE 80'S?!?! This is my favorite beatles songs!
I agree with myself every time I say that this is the best Beatles song that I've ever heard in my entire life! I I'm going to keep saying it forever!
I visit this website almost every week and I so it just so I can vote for Drive my Car! It's one of my favorite songss and ill vote for it forever
THE PIANO IS SO ADDICTING, MY GOD. And, as usual, Paul's vocals are amazing too.

63Hey, Bulldog
The Song is catchy and has a great bass. What more can you ask from a Beatles song.
That piano riff is so catchy! Its just an amazing song, I love paul's barking at the end of the song!
Ridiculously catchy bass, distinctive vocals, thoughtful (if a bit cryptic) lyrics... it's /weird/ in the best sense of the term, and it certainly sounds like they're having fun with it. Easily one of their best.
[Newest]How is this 3rd last?! This song is great and amazing... I gonna vote for it on my phone too!

64Love Me Do
It is supposed to be higher in the list because it's nice and catchy
What this is no a good list of songs, this will be the best song of the beatles
Given its historical impact in uk and Europe, it deserves more respect

65If I Fell
Why is this song rated so poorly its one the most beautiful melodies john ever wrote and the harmonies are surreal. This was kurt cobain's all time favorite song by the way
50 years from now when a new generation is rating Beatle songs, "If I Fell" will rank among the very best. A wonderful ballad written in a simple but yet deep and complex way.
The harmonizing in this song is flawless.
Just a beautiful ballet, proving John can right great ballets despite his reluctance to admit it.
[Newest]This is curt Cobain's favorite song. Need I say more?

66Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Stunning song had an amazing storyline and is underrated. When I herd this song for the first time I was shocked that I hadn't seen it on a top Beatles' songs site!
It's a very funny song and plus my name is max

67You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
I dunno why but this song tears my heart out. It should be among the top twenty at least! It's got awesome lyrics, and I totally relate to it.
Is a song way ahead of his time. Timeless. Lyrics that seem simple but they head straight to the bones, that's what has always characterized the genius of Lennon. It should be on the top ten, with Something and Don't let me down.
I've heard all the supposed best Beatles song but this one was the best one period, even better than Hey Jude, I prefer Mcartney overall but this lennon song is definitely the best I have heard.
[Newest]Thank you Eddie Vedder for HELPing me find this song


68Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
I <3 this song! (: Maybe not the best but it should be higher (;
Makes me really happy inside. This should be in the top 12 at least! Why is it down here? Come on people, vote vote vote!
By far the best Beatles song I thought this would for sure be in the top 3


[Newest]This song tickles my innards

69And Your Bird Can Sing
Probably the most underrated Beatles song ever. I love the lyrics and the fairly simple melody, and it has some great guitar in it as well! One of my Revolver favorites!
This should be a top 20 song

70I've Just Seen a Face
A far underrated song that always cheers me up :) I stumbled upon it a couple of days ago when I bought the "Help! " album, which is, in my opinion, their greatest. A lovely melody and beautiful lyrics.
Simply the best song ever, country, rock and roll the combination is beautiful, indeed, a Beatles song. Only they can do stuff this way!
Even though it wasn't in the movie, it was a great song for "Help". A simple song with wonderful guitar and vocals, as well as everything else. It is pure wonder.

71Golden Slumbers
I couldn't choose between this and the long and winding road. Every song Paul puts out is a jem.
Golden Slumbers sweetly opens up the second half of the Abbey Road medley. This song, combined with "Carry That Weight" and " The End, " is a masterpiece.
65!.. Come on guys!
you must kidding with me
Golden Slumbers must be in top 10!

This song is AMAZING! How is it possible it's rated so poorly? It gives me goosebumps... It's unreal!
Perfect The Beatles song. That's it. Salute to this amazing, dreamy, beautiful song!
It's my favorite song of this band, I don't know why it isn't be in the first 10 but anyway. I Love this song Its really great...
[Newest]This is my favorite song my first love Beatles song

73Got to Get You Into My Life
The trumpet in this song is infectious and Paul's voice is simply amazing

74Magical Mystery Tour
I believe this song should be #1. Its tune is good, and the lyrics are almost majestic. I can't believe it's this far down on the list.

75Long, Long, Long
this is a curious song, with quite a different sound to may of the other beatles tracks. Its another harrison gem from the white album, and it is quite beautiful. In this and the other songs of harrison from 67 to 69 you really hear how he is reflecting on events. It may not be top ten, but it deserves to be heard.


Everything about this song is raw. The lyrics, the voice, the instruments. It's very beautiful.

76I Feel Fine
I don't feel too fine with this song so low. This song is really very similar to Yesterday in style and simplicity and awesomeness. The difference is that this one isn't nearly as much of a downer. I fell that I feel fine is like the prelude to yesterday, like We will Rock You and We are the Champions, or Say Goodbye to Hollywood and New York State of Mind.
They are crazy that this song should be in the top ten
Should be at least the 20th

77Think For Yourself

78She's Leaving Home
words and music together convey one of the saddest songs in the beatles archive. Nice use of a harp and strings. Another example of the creativity and varied sound that the beatles were masters at.


Yes... The lyrics are very good, beautiful and evoking of powerful sadness. It is one of the best story-telling songs the Fab Four have ever written. Can't believe it's only at #99. A fantastic song from the best band ever in all of history. 0% votes? Come on! Please patch this up immediately.
The words really do have a poignant meaning. It seemed to happen a lot back in the day
[Newest]Most under rated Beatles song ever. Absolutely my favourite Beatles song out there!

79Till There Was You
How is this so low! It should at least be in the top 20.

80Baby, You're a Rich Man
This is 62nd? Unbelievable. This is a great song, and if it's sixty second, I can only imagine how great the songs that have been voted ahead must be. I love this song. Jo
Baby you're a rich man is a cool and funky song. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the album Magical Mystery Tour.
Hey guys, This songs at least deserves a place in the top 10's
Come on...

81I've Got a Feeling
The big reason I like this song is because John and Paul each have their own singing solos and then they sing them at the same time. George does a nice job on the guitar and I like how Paul sings in this song.
This song can't be 68th, it just can't.

82P.S. I Love You
In a long distance relationship and I listen to it everyday.

83It's Only Love
This song is awesome! This should be in the top 10

84Within You Without You
Too sad that this masterpiece stands at 100. Its not one of the best, but THE BEST song of George Harrison and of course of The Beatles. Just listen to beautiful lyrics and the rendition of the Indian music with tabla uniquely combined with the magical Sitar. A classic masterpiece!
Yall don't know ANYTHING about the beatles, if yall did, yall would vote for this song EASILY! Listen to this song and tell me if its not your favorite song! One of Georges best, if not, the-best
Listen to this on acid lol

85Good Day Sunshine
I think this song is very underrated. There are songs by the Beatles that I like better then this one, but this one is catchy and has a nice rhythm to it. Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean.
Some great instruments in the background give this song a really wonderful, positive sound. Great vocals and lyrics elevate it into a masterpiece.

86I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
I love this song so much aaahdksns

87No Reply
What what what what

ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

88Rocky Raccoon
I had a tough decision over rocky racoon and USSR because I really like RR the best but I know most people would probably like USSR better. RR brings out the cowboy in all of us and tells a great story about a man who loses his lady to another guy and Rocky tries too get her back in a showdown. This is a catchy song and fun to sing.
I loved this song as a kid, listening to my dad's Beatles CDs and I still listen to it frequently today; it never gets old.

This is an interesting song. It's different and cool. Written by Paul McCartney in the album The Beatles.

89Things We Said Today

90I Will
Oh God, this should be in the top ten!
This song is the sweetest song ever!
Such a butifull song by Paul

91Free As a Bird
The Beatles wrote this song after their brake up and recorded it after John died.
Jesus! This should be better than the top 20 more than the 100's.
I remember this being the very first Beatle song I heard. Dem memories :D


92Do You Want to Know a Secret

93Sexy Sadie
I can't see this is at 87, a masterpiece by lennon. Should be on much higher number.It should be somewhere at 40

94Two of Us
This is one of the most beautiful Beatles songs. It almost seems to be about the Beatles themselves and their imminent breakup. The harmonies, the guitar, the lyrics - this song is not only a tear-jerker but a relevant masterpiece.
This is an absolutely amazing song and really shows the relationship between Paul and John. It's by far the most underrated song by the Beatles, or possibly ever!
"I dig a pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the deaf aids. Phase one in which Doris gets her oats. " Oh, John.

95Getting Better
What.. ! This song at 99
I literally dreamt about listening to this song in my sleep. THE SONG IS AMAZING AND IT SHOULD BE HIGHER

96It's All Too Much
I don't know what it is about this song, but I could listen to it forever! I don't think I could say that about most other Beatles songs, but this one just never gets old!


98Martha My Dear
It's so cute that Paul wrote this for his dog, Martha. Great song!

99Fixing a Hole
Great lyrics and wonderful fuzz guitar
Awesome song, really underrated!

100I'll Follow the Sun
The chords in this song are absolutely magnificent! The song is beautiful and really showcases the early Beatles' spirit. It's a song that should never be overlooked.
This song is amazing; more than wonderful: simply fantastic beautiful!

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