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Lennon wrote most of "Help! " by himself at his estate and then summoned McCartney to help him complete it, which they did in a couple of hours at one of their regular songwriting sessions in Lennon's upstairs music room. Lennon originally wrote "Help! " as a midtempo ballad, but the Beatles decided to amp up the arrangement in the studio, with Harrison's surf-guitar licks, Starr's thundering tom-toms and the reverse call-and-response vocals that would become the song's trademark.
this song rocks and my class are doing the song in our school show so vote for it people. if you do you rock.
This is by far my favourite song by The Beatles.
The tune is just fantastic, can't help but tap my foot to the fabulous song that is 'Help! '.
I'm going to say that this is my favourite song of all time, ever, by any band. It is just that fantastic! =]
The first song that gave me Beatlemania. It was originally a really sad song, I mean if any of you think this is a "Jolly" song, the name is "Help! " it obviously has to have some sadness in it. But all in all an amazing song.
I consider this to be the best constructed and best performed recording the Beatles ever made. It may just be the greatest rock and roll record ever.
I love it for it's up-tempo beat... Fast pace but deep thoughts from John in an all time classic pop/rock tune.
Its good that its this a high but it DEFINITELY should be higher
One of the greatest songs the beatles have written
Number 14?! You gotta be kidding me!
Should be top without a doubt
Another really cool song.
This is the best song ever
A sheer belter of a song!
John plays a great guitar on this
Hi this is a very good song I am a walrus literaly
Help is d best
Das ist ein so schön es lied
The stage version isn't as good as the stereo room version! JUST LISTEN TO THE GOOD ONE AND YOU WILL KNOW THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER!
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