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Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun
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Me;all these song are crap
me;no, not really
me;but there is one thing missing though
people;what is that
me;it doesn't have the song called with a little help from my friends, it SHOULD be in here somewhere
Always been a huge fan of George and as I kid I always heard this song. It wasn't until I was older that I found out this song was a Beatles song and from my fave Beatles none the less. It just brightens my mood and day. Beautiful song by a beautiful man.
Absolutely Amazing, I love how its relaxing yet energetic at the same time. Great to listen to at the beginning of each day! Also it relieves stress, and nothing, I mean NOTHING, can compete with this true melodic masterpiece.
My favourite Beatles song by far. You forget all about it until you hear it again and think - wow that's a good song. I always play this song at parties and I don't care people don't like it - I do!
Something that you would assign to a cute baby. This song is one which really brings in the warmth, like you can actually feel the sun. Let in "here comes the sun"
Inspiring and calming... For me, the best by Beatles...
Love this song... Makes my day every time, I listen to this masterpiece... Wish I could have listened them live...
Really wonderful
Just such a great song! The guitar really makes it a hit.
I think that this song should be put in the top five.
This song will always be a classic,
The most amazing song ever written. It's has an ability to completely talke over your body, your heart, your complete soul. It makes you feel like every grey day is behind you and the grass is greener on your side
Amazing song and has beautiful lyrics. It's just a feel good, happy song. I don't know how anybody could not like this song.
Love this! Just great george Harrison makes this one of the best songs to appear on the whole of the abbey road album
The best Beatles song ever in my opinion. It has a warmth about it that I love - speaking of hope for the future.
Is not just the Beatles best song, but the best song every written. Can never be sad after listening to this song.
George Harrison was a genius. Genius. Genius. Ok I will stop saying it. Once more. GENIUS! HERE COMES THE SUN!
This song reminds me that whatever the problem is. There is always another day to solve it
Love this song frist time I'd heard this song it was the parent trap and just ate it up!
I am doing a project on them at school I love them that much! Harriet age:10
This song is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It is the most life changing songs of its time. Paul your awesome! - Vladamir Drake
Great melody, it's simple, easy to remember in a unique way.
this song is beautiful
it's definitely their best =D
Its a beautiful song, that can instantly make you happy.
Just the Best song of all times. So sweet and beautiful.
I love this song me and our friends like this song
Song is just filled with all the positive energy..
I can't get over how this song is not on this list

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