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41 I'm Only Sleeping I'm Only Sleeping

I personally think that this is an amazing song. It's not one of their more popular songs because it's pretty simple, but I still think it's beautiful. I love the expressions John uses in his voice. "I'm Only Sleeping" is probably one of my favorite songs by the Beatles. Also, one of my favorite bands, The Vines, remade this song, and did a fairly decent job at it. Even my dad, who is a Beatles fanatic and flower child, really liked their cover of the song.

This song is very underrated. Has some great reversed guitar solos, and nice vocals. - IronSabbathPriest

Most overrated Beatles song. It's true masterpiece. It's felts me like...

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42 Back in the U.S.S.R. Back in the U.S.S.R.

"let me hear your balalaikas ringing out!"

This is definitely one of the better songs in "The White Album" and has a good sound. One thing I still can't figure out is if George or Paul sings this song.

I like this song because it's a good rock n" roll song, but also is a great song to listen to, sing to, and enjoy. George has an awesome solo, Paul sings it great and in part of the song they sound like the Beach Boys. Over all, It's a fun song to dance to and is a joy to a lot of Beatles fans.

This is just such an awesome song! I remember listening to it when I was a very young child. Always been one of my favourites!

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43 If I Fell If I Fell

Why is this song rated so poorly its one the most beautiful melodies john ever wrote and the harmonies are surreal. This was kurt cobain's all time favorite song by the way

50 years from now when a new generation is rating Beatle songs, "If I Fell" will rank among the very best. A wonderful ballad written in a simple but yet deep and complex way.

The harmonizing in this song is flawless.
Just a beautiful ballet, proving John can right great ballets despite his reluctance to admit it.

This is curt Cobain's favorite song. Need I say more?

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44 We Can Work It Out We Can Work It Out

It may be short but it gets its point across very clearly. "Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend. " There's a whole life lesson to be learnt from that slightly mournful, yet humbly optimistic, line.

Most underrated song in history! Lennon-McCartney's greatest collaboration

We can work it out is the really best song of the Beatles I think! You must listen for the sound.

The best of the beatles hands down

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45 Rain Rain

THE most underrated Beatles song in all of their catalog. People really need to branch out a little bit more with their music. The Beatles isn't just all "Hey Jude" and "I wanna hold your hand". John and Paul had some amazing stuff that you never hear.

Nobody ever talks about this song and i don't understandy why? - BKAllmighty

Just listen to the drumming on this song and compare it to everything else going on in 1965 (I think it was 65,or 66). Where on earth were these guys getting these ideas and rhythms from? And they buried it on a B side single and never put it on an album! Oh and the bass line is insane as well.

The drums, the bass. For most bands, this would be the best thing they'd ever one by country mile...

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46 Eight Days a Week Eight Days a Week

More innovation with the idea of a fade in to the start of the song. A nice collaboration that bounces along. Surprised it hasn't popped up sooner but it shows the depth of the beatles legacy - gotlbh

This is my childhood song! It is brilliant and contains everything that everyone loves about The Beatles.

Eight days a week is a very catchy song and I rather enjoy it - Ajkloth

Greatest song period.

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47 Don't Let Me Down Don't Let Me Down

A real lennon soul bearing moment and some of the best vocals he put down on vinyl. Paul adds a romping bass line to support the singing and the billy preston synth hits a brilliant counterpoint. Shame the split soon afterwards as it showed just how awesome they still were. Check out the video on the roof of the abbey road studio. All these modern four and five piece guitar bands can only dream of such an effortless style and quality. - gotlbh

This is my favourite Beatles song it is honestly so beautiful. Not only is the chorus magnificent, but the verses are too! This should be higher on the list.

I was very please with "Don't Let Me Down"to be underrated and be at #60.

Way to low on this list. Definitely a top 10 in the catalog.

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48 Here, There and Everywhere Here, There and Everywhere

How is this not rated higher on the list. John Lennon said that this was his favorite Beatles song ever. It's just so pretty.

This song may not be the best song beatles had made, but it makes me feel that beatles were real psychiartrists/scientists in the field of music. They just make your mind blow. I wish I were in their time for I would die to hear them play live

Classic. Best song from Revolver. Probably the 2nd most beautiful melody McCartney ever produced, next to "Hey Jude", of course.

I was surprised to hear Paul McCartney perform this (2016-07-21) as I didn't think he had the vocal range anymore. Turns out he does! His live version differed from the original--Paul played piano, rather than guitar, and the backing vocals were more subtle. It reminded me of "The Long and Winding Road" or "My Love." - PetSounds

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49 Hey, Bulldog Hey, Bulldog

That piano riff is so catchy! Its just an amazing song, I love paul's barking at the end of the song!

The Song is catchy and has a great bass. What more can you ask from a Beatles song.

Ridiculously catchy bass, distinctive vocals, thoughtful (if a bit cryptic) lyrics... it's /weird/ in the best sense of the term, and it certainly sounds like they're having fun with it. Easily one of their best.

Fab Tune. Ending is a little ragged but a wicked effort.

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50 The Long and Winding Road The Long and Winding Road

This song was spoiled in my view by the hamming up the producers gave it on the original let it be release and I didn't really appreciate the song until I heard the scaled back sound on the subsequent naked. Listening to this version, it strikes me as a beautiful song, poignant and with a wonderful harmony of piano and, presumable some kind of loosely strung guitar riff that pipes up between the words. I urge all fans to give this a listen and bring it up the list. - gotlbh

How is this so low!? Naked version is simply beautiful

Gorgeous, completely immersive and ethereal tune. Listening to it never ceases to bring the chills.

Truly Beautiful and meaningful

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51 Taxman Taxman

One of the best songs they ever made, Its got an awesome riff and great lyrics, Paul's guitar solo is so great.

I think it's a great rock and roll song and I think it's one of George's best.

Danced to this Song at my School Show. Loved it!

Who Dosen't Like This Song?

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52 I've Just Seen a Face I've Just Seen a Face

Simply the best song ever, country, rock and roll the combination is beautiful, indeed, a Beatles song. Only they can do stuff this way!

A far underrated song that always cheers me up :) I stumbled upon it a couple of days ago when I bought the "Help! " album, which is, in my opinion, their greatest. A lovely melody and beautiful lyrics.

Even though it wasn't in the movie, it was a great song for "Help". A simple song with wonderful guitar and vocals, as well as everything else. It is pure wonder.

Why the HELL is this not in the damn top ten?

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53 Dear Prudence Dear Prudence

One of my favorite songs ever, just gotta love it. It makes the world seem less complicated, Dear Prudence, won't you com out and play?

This should be far more up the list. It is just a simple but breathtakingly beautiful piece of music. This is one of the songs that show what a brilliant composer John Lennon was!

I love this is song. It's amazing in all ways you can possibly imagine. This should be way higher on the list.

This is pretty good song because it's a very loose word the red fire truck you just listen and you will se what I mean is pretty coo fwip awesome oh powerful whaw golly gosh that's a good song woh I'm getting pretty woozy so give me some of that sausage dogs from a pistol whippee funzo fun ya know I always liked CCR they were pretty good don't you think hey gimme one of those tacos john hey you are called john just like that john lennon guy who wrote all the songs for them beet guys

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54 Paperback Writer Paperback Writer

one of the most hard songs by them! I freaking love it - rock2metal

Famous opening guitar and their voice is brilliant! And remember, it's their only #1 song in 1966. PAPERBACK WRITER! Really love this song... Vote it guys!

One of their most catchy songs with a great opening - Ajkloth

I love this song so much. - VenomxShocker

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55 And I Love Her And I Love Her

This is the first Beatles song I have listened, after listening to others over and over again, I still fell this is the best!

I love this song because its a love song and those are the best songs ever! The Beatles this is your best song ever and I hope that I can find more songs like this and my comment helps more people vote for this and we get to find out which song out of the Beatles top ten is the beat thank you a lot for letting me write my opinion about my song bye bye!

A real simple and beautiful ballad, minor key giving it a really sad feel, with a bossa nova rhythm and showcasing Paul at his early best. Already the band was laying down new sounds and sign posting the creativity that was soon to burst out in the studio. Quite amazing it is currently at 96 in the catalogue but then, what a catalogue! - gotlbh

A beautifully simple ballad, showcasing the melancholic style that McCartney would develop throughout the Beatles career (yesterday, for no one etc). Sort of a bosa nova type rhythm with the bongos rather than drums, and a minor key guitar to give it that sad edge. A testimony to this amazing band that it is 103 on the list. Most bands would kill to have a song like this in their repertoire.

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56 I Saw Her Standing There I Saw Her Standing There

She was just seventeen, you know what I mean, and the way she looked was way beyond compare, I couldn't dance with another, when I saw her standing there

An Excellent piece by the Beatles. One of their better early songs.

P.S. I love all Beatles songs equally

This song is another classic rock n' roll song created by the Beatles, and it's a great dancing song that will get you singing and dancing. McCartney did a great job singing this and no one else could do it better. Over all, this is a great song and you should dance to it some time.

Can't believe this song is in number 58! Come on peoples, this song is excellent, one of the best The Beatles' song!

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57 Oh! Darling Oh! Darling

Paul's best vocal performance ever, in fact the best Beatles vocal performance ever. It was also a John Lennon favorite and he wanted to sing lead on this song... Happy Paul did instead as in my opinion he was a far better singer.

The young Paul McCartney leaves nothing behind when he screams out the vocals. It is absolutely phenomenal.

Personal favorite, SORRY, ALL PAUL AT HIS BEST! - John09

For just the vocal alone...

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58 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

How could it 43 first of all this is very original song not like others. And even I like other Beatles songs this is more than a song think carefully

I memorized all of the words and it is my second favorite song but if rocky racoon was never made this song would be my favorite

This song is one of the best song ever, it's just so catchy! It deserves at least in the top 10!

I love when the guitar kicks in, shows that the Beatles were capable of doing hard rock if they wanted to.

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59 Octopus's Garden Octopus's Garden

I can't believe this song is placed here!... This song really takes you to an octopus' garden! The song is simple yet so deep and peaceful.. Makes me happy every time I hear it..

When I heard this song I was taken into a new dimension. This is by far the best Beatles song there is. I didn't know it was possible to have so much love and admiration for something. Simply a masterpiece

I think that this song should at least be in the top 20s this is The Beatles best song ever right next to Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane what were you guys think in putting this masterpiece song in the 70s there is something wrong with you guy's brains or something. Come on you guys can do a whole lot better than this I just know you can
Peace out
From BEASTMAN321321

This song is one of my favorite beatles songs it makes my bad day a good day all I have to do is listen to it at makes me the best I can be

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60 Can't Buy Me Love Can't Buy Me Love

What? This is one of the best songs ever by the Beatles and its here at 49? This is hilarious. Its gotta be at least in the top 5! Just 0.2%? My Goodness...

I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but this song always cheers me up- I have to listen this at least once day!

I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love... Great meaning, not drug song.

Its what true love is!

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