Best Bee Gees Songs


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The Top Ten

Stayin' Alive
I'll keep listening it as long as I Stay Alive. The intro moves you and feels alive again and again.
Love it so much good song it's a classic the best song


The bee gees are the love of my life. Wonderful singers. God bless you all for making and singing your songs. Thanks again. Xoxoxoxo
[Newest]This song is awesome. Watch Saturday night fever and within the first minute this song plays.

2How Deep Is Your Love
The intro of this song it's pure magic, just the voices the power of the lyrics and feelings that the song have are just the best, it's a romantic ballad disco pop song no matter what kind of music you like this song is one of those that you simple love it.
This is the best song ever!
Essa música é um marco na história dos Bee Gees, além de ser linda demais!
[Newest]Best song to dance ever

3Night Fever
You can sing along to this song, dance to this song, and even have sex to this song. Its really awesome and melodious. Could be the number 1 bee gees song
Number one without any doubt. what a song. even better than staying alive
What a wonderful song
[Newest]If u discoed you'd know this song in an instant. It's as always played and whoever it was you'd all hop up and dance

I really like this sing so much because it is the most wonderful illustration of the explary nature of distinct pefundictual commentary
Awesome song I just don't really understand why it is not number 1 love to shout 'tragedy' when I am alone
Hard to choose because any bee gee song should be # 1 without a doubt, they are the best ever...

5More Than a Woman
Great tune vote this song up higher great singing bass guitar and drumming amazing love it


This song should be number 8 or 9 not 10 please vote this song up love this one great singing guitar bass and drums
Love this ong please vote this one up higher great singing good tune
[Newest]Great tune please vote this one up

I was so shocked to see this song so low. However, right after seeing this song so low, I was even more shocked to see that "Words" was even lower than this one. I don't know what to make of this.
This is the first song I heard from the Bee Gees (that I knew came from them) and got me hooked on them. It is the best song from the Bee Gees ever. (Maybe I Started a Joke) I like anything from Robin, too.
This song should be number 6 or 7 on this list. to love somebody should be number 10 or 11 on this list and yes it is a great song too but this one is better

7To Love Somebody
You can listen to this song all day long. Should be in the top 3 in my opinion. Brilliant melody!

8Jive Talkin'
Great song this own should be number 5 not number 7 please vote this song up
This Song Should be higher please vote this one up please


Love This Song Vote This One Up Please
[Newest]I have a record with this song on it

9You Should Be Dancing
Great song should be higher up the list. My top ten would be
1 Stayin' Alive
2 How Deep Is Your Love
3 Tragedy
4 You Should Be Dancing
5 Night Fever
6 Jive Talking'
7 More Than a Woman
8 Massachusetts
9 To Love Somebody
10 How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
This list would be better love You Should Be Dancing the guitar solo is amazing.


This song should be higher than how can you mend a broken heart like that song should be number 11 and this song higher than it and more than a women higher than it too please vote this song up got so much feeling and great singing


Love this song should be number 4 or 5 great singing guitar bass and drums cool vote this song
[Newest]Great Song The Bee Gees are one of the reasons why I watched Saturday Might Fever because of the songs they had in it

10You Win Again
Their best song without a doubt! Can't believe it isn't higher!
One of my all time favourite songs!
Love this song. Perhaps their best.
What happened to I could not love you more? Beautiful song that gets no mention.

The Contenders

11Too Much Heaven
This song is a classic. Just doing some justice here.
Amazing Song This One Should Be Number 8


Great Song This One Should Be Higher Up
[Newest]Listening to it right now!

With just no musical arrangements, they did magic. A masterpiece of pop music full of echoes of the 60's.
Such a shame to keep it so low. It's a masterpiece. Lyrics so simple yet so deep and magical.

13How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
sounds great plus the album contains many other great songs
One of the great love ballads of all time

14New York Mining Disaster 1941
Their earlier stuff was much better than their disco stuff!


15I Started a Joke
Sang by the best male vocalist ever, this song is hauntingly beautifull! Should reach the top 5 at least.
This songs is the great masterpiece of the bee gees

16Islands In the Stream
Great song this one should be number 7 or 8 vote this one up higher please
Amazing not the best but its really good great singing

17I've Gotta Get a Message to You
One of the top Three songs. Perfect blend of Barry and Robin. Then all of them in harmony.
Great Lyrics, A Peaceful Ballad


Piercing lyrics, great melody.
[Newest]Perfect blend of their voices

I totally adore this Song, Should be on the top ten.
This is my number one Bee Gees song
A mini concerto with soul

19Nights On Broadway
Nights on Broadway is the best song ever! It has all the elements of a good sons.. It's different, it's sweet and sad.. It hits you right in the middle of the heart. I love how the younger brother sings it.. His voice makes it unique. This is a song that should be rated higher in my opinion.
This song is just more than enough to sing and hear... Love it so much!
What a wonderful song!

20Love You Inside Out
Filled to the rim with passion and emotion.
The band's final nr 1 hit in the US

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