Best Behemoth Songs


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The Top Ten

At The Left Hand Ov God
Strong Growling Vocals with a seriously angry bang-crash rhythm. Way to Go!


Best masterpiece by behemoth without any doubt, every time when I listen to this song it gives me goose-bumps and makes me high!
Hail Behemoth m/
My Favorite Behemoth song SO MUCH BETTER THAT (Lucifer) but lucifer still a kick ass song too
[Newest]Behemoth's masterpiece and (in my opinion) better than lucifer

2Ov Fire and the Void
One of there best songs by far, just has this unexplained awesomeness to it a true masterpiece.
Inferno God mode in this!
I do not want to tell you about what kind of feelings this song gives me every time, but there are the best drums I've ever heard.
[Newest]This song makes me grateful for music

3Conquer All
The guitar is awesome! Great riffs, great drums, great lyrics. Could listen a million times.
I don't know why conquer all but I love the song the same as Lucifer, Ora... , Decade... , and the Satanist, and much more
Best song from behemoth and the first I have listened from them

Excellent solos, mazing vocals, outstanding riffs... Its got all! Evil satanic song... Truly a masterpiece!
This Song is has got like a seriously amazing rhythm! The solos are epic too. You simply got to love this song if you like Behemoth!


This song deserves this position. I think yop are gonna be a huge fan of Behemoth after listening this track... Amazing solos... Great piece by Behemoth
[Newest]Pure love for the lord Satan

5Slaves Shall Serve
This is their best maybe.. And also it is most brutal song a I ever listened.. This growling.. Pure blood. It is even scary. So it is could be number 1
This Song has like a cult mass following amongst Behemoth Fans.


This is one of their best songs never get tired from listeinig to it.

6Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
For thine is the kingdom... And the power Amazing song in my humble opinion the best behemoth song even better than at the left hand ov god
Awesome sync and empowering
Maybe the true behemoth is there

7Chant for Ezkaton 2000 E.V.

This is just a Masterpiece... Trumpets blowing in the first part of the song is just a miracle.. Amazing drumming patterns followed... I LOVE DEMIGOD!
Must hear this if you love Behemoth
Stay metal always m/
The song that made me love Behemoth. Incredible drumming.
Inhuman musicianship and vocals; most brutal song ever.

9Decade of Therion
This song has some fantastic musicianship. Great, wicked fast guitars, fantastic drumming as always, and fearsome vocal delivery. Best of all, it's quick and to the point. A great song to rock out to. ^_^

10Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
This song should be at the top tens, I Love the video and especially the lyrics. Nergal's voice is powerful like thunder erupting from the deepest parts of hell
This song deserves to be somewhere in the Top 10, it's a masterpiece.
My favourite song from them. Why isn't this on the top ten list?
[Newest]Very powerful song. Brilliant synth work.

The Contenders

11Inner Sanctum
Probably the most unique song I've heard from them. It's very different from the rest but it is my number one favorite song and definitely deserves to be in the top!
The melody and the vocals are just absolutely incredible!
This song is beautiful and unique on a global scale. I've never heard anything like this in metal.
[Newest]Every measure of this masterpiece is ideal.

12O Father O Satan O Sun!
Wow, I cannot believe this isn't in the top 10. This song defines Symphonic Black Metal, those choir voices in the background bring a chill to my spine. It harkens back to the epicness of classic black metal bands like Emperor, while still sounding fresh and original. Definitely the best song on The Satanist, and one of the best Behemoth songs.
This is an excellent way to end the masterpiece that is The Satanist. It has a triumphant feel to it, akin to classic black metal bands such as Emperor. Probably my favorite piece from the album.
A true masterpiece- best song on the Satanist for sure. WHIRL THE WHEEL- OH MY FATHER, OH SATAN, OH SUN!


14Spellcraft & Heathendom

15Ceremony Of Shiva
Amazing drumming on part of inferno. Badass vocals and theme too!

I really don't understand why behemoth don't play this song live!
This is best from evangelion

17As Above So Below
The intro riff is killer. This is the epitome of Behemoth 'a transition to full blown death metal.


18Messe Noire

19Horns Ov Baphomet

20Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
This is the song that led to me Behemoth. Without this song I wouldn't have discovered this phenomenal band.
This song has made my life better.
You gotta be kidding me! Must be on top ten

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