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August 2, 2015 - The best 10 songs from the singer songwriter guitarist Ben Howard. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Old Pine
Original, moving, and unique in every way. Can't stop listening to it!
When I hear this song, everything else in the world is irrelevant! In my opinion this song is one of the best in the whole wide world..
The first song I heard my date play it on the guitar. Then he played Ben's on my phone. Love it. Calming and true to my heart

2Only Love
Yet another brilliant song written and performed by Ben Howard
I cannot believe Only Love is not first on the list, this song is so beautiful! Highly recommended for all people, all ages and all moods!
This song is magical. It should be first on the list. This song really makes me happy, its just the cutest!
[Newest]Amazing, I love it! It takes all my worries away, so relaxing.

3Depth Over Distance
Unique, inspirational and moving. A work of art from Ben Howard. Absolutely stunning!

"Depth over distance was all I asked of you
And I may be foolish to fall as I do
Still there's strength in the blindness you fear"
Moving and compelling. Filled with raw emotion, this piece is so very organic and the lyrics are brilliant. Listening to it on repeat the entire afternoon
His most inspired, both emotionally and musically.
[Newest]Awesome... Wish it was on an album!

4The Wolves
Very different, but brilliant, and a great story.
Ben Howard is a genius

It's simply brilliant, from start to end. Love this song almost as much as I love him.
Not laugh out loud

6The Fear
Nothing compares to the lyrical genius that is Ben Howard. 'The Fear' simply sums up his talent in one truly unforgettable song.
Serious one of my favorite songs. Love this songs and love this artist!
Awesome guitar this has! Love this guy so much

Sentimental, true, beautiful. I can relate really well to the lyrics and it's just a really amazing song.
Most true and down to earth song by Ben Howard. Amazingly calming and beautiful

Listen this song every day for 2 Years still I think that it is a song that makes me move forward and understand how to enjoy the small things in life. Love it
Lyrically fantastic. Extremely surreal feeling when listening to such a masterpiece.
This should honestly be number 1. The pure emotion is about as raw as can be, and it's a lyrical masterpiece.

9Black Flies
Such an emotional song with beautiful lyrics! All of his songs are amazing but this one... Is so perfect!
Should be so much higher ♡ I'd probably rank it in my top three from Every Kingdom, alongside Old Pine and Only Love. This song is just complete perfection and so powerful yet relaxing at the same time
AMAZING SONG. It's so dark, but beautiful when he performs it live. Such great lyrics and deep meaning.
[Newest]Amazing song... Powerful lyrics and all. Should be #1!

10Oats In the Water
Needs to be higher! Featured on Sons and Anarchy and the walking dead. It's so powerful and emotional. Has been my favorite song for a very long time.
I agree. Its such a great song. I remember hearing it on sons of anarchy but can't remember which episode. Can you refresh my memory please? Thanks
Great song, featured on Sons of Anarchy twice in the same episode!
Love love love this song! So moving and powerful!
[Newest]One of my favorite songs of all time... I'm surprised it's number 10

The Contenders

11Under the Same Sun

Nearly moves me to tears every time I hear it.
This song is so good. Eveytime I hear it it moves me. Can't get enough. So touching.
When he switches from "you laugh like you've never been lonely" to "you love like you've always been lonely" really moves me

13I Forget Where We Were
One of his best for sure, should be higher on the list :-)
What, this makes me cry even in the morning...

14Keep Your Head Up
Fantastic, heart warming song! Very positive and uplifting, never failing to cheer me up!
Brilliant Song! My favourite of many great Ben tunes.
An upbeat, lively tune which always cheers me up!
[Newest]Why is it at the bottom?

15Cloud Nine
Simply amazing, one of my favourite songs

Really.. Just stop making these songs so awesome :p... Just kidding keep it up bro


18Call Me Maybe
He made this song his own way and yet even though Carly Rae Jepsen wrote the song Ben Howard made it it should be one of the greatest cover songs of all time

19Three Tree Town

20Burgh Island
My favorite song ever from Ben Howard. This song has a deep and haunting magic that take you elsewhere. It's beautiful. This song is just wow to me.
In my opinion, this should be in the top ten. This song is unique, brilliant and haunting. I can never stop listening to this song. I love it.

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