Top Ten Best Beyblade Combos

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The Top Ten

Twisted Eagle AD145WD
Best bey not to mention super heavy for balance!
Scythe nemesis B Bb118 it lasts for ever and can beat all my mates so I think it is the best possible combo it even beat twisted tempo
It killed my burn fire blaze, and ultimate meteo l-drago absorb and more.
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2Wing Pegasis T125RSF
Super powerful
Has a lot of stamina for attack type
Wing Pegasis is the best!
Awesomest beyblade in the world
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3Diablo Nemesis BD145CS
It's the best because mine keeps knocking the other one out of the stadiun even if the stadium has tall walls and it also literaly destroyed my frends saggitario the spin track and the face bolt broke it even chipped a small piece of it's fusion wheel!
Beat all my combinations
It broke 5 fusion wheels of mine!
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4Galaxy Pegasus WA130RSF
Best bey even beats Earth Eagle!
Best. It even beat diablo nemesis, metro ldrago, flash saggitario and phantom Orion


5Diablo Orion TR 145 WD
Awesome try like flash nemesis and stuff
I feel that diablo is a 4d bey and as having 2 metl weels it has good attack, stamina, defense but not balance so your opinion is the best I fell.

Were down wd good attack
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6Flash Unicorno W105HF
The best bey combo ever. Destroyed my Hades Kerbecs in 1 shot

7Rock Leone D125WB

A great bey all in all but could use some more stamina!
I just used it·It beat all ten of my legendary Beyblades·I have all 10
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8Meteo L-Drago D125FS
Fire meteo L drago is better but
Great stamina + reverse rotation = A great beyblade
Great bey because it absorbs the opponents power
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9Twisted Capricorn GB145BS
Little less balance but otherwise thumbs up!
Sounds like good stamina combo

10Flame Pegasus LL 145 SD

Beat all beyblade it dodges attack and trips up oponnents

Look this bey combo the best it can beat hades kerbecs plus phantom orion even twisted tempo

The Contenders

11Flame Kerbecs AD145 B
That's a cool beyblade

12Death Cetus S130RDF
It is very cool and defeated my eagle

13Phantom Gasher TH170D
It beats every single beyblade I own! It even beats my friends too! I recommend this bey to every single person looking at this review. This beyblade is top tier in Stamina but Takara Tomy brand Beyblades are recommended for this top tier Beyblade.
Are you serious people? This is the official best combo. Have you seen the WBO's top tier combinations? If you haven't and you are reading the Top Ten List, then you are wasting your time. Go get some real advice at WBO.
It is a really strong bey for Stamina. Beats all of my beys!
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14Phantom Fireblaze B:D
Not much of a difference of phantom oron but still most powerful beyblade in my collection of 127 beys

15Earth Capricorne R145RS
Its the best well legend cyber pegasus is the best but this is still good

16Hades Befall 230EWD

17Hades Befall BD145MF
Its an awesome beyblade but my one doesn't fit so I don't know how to fit it

18Meteo Pegasus 100 XF

19Variares CH120RF

20Scythe Kronos B:D

21Big Bang Orion B:D
This bey is wicked strong, its so epic!

22Meteo L-Drago 90WD

23Duo Cancer TH170SD

24Kreis Pegasus B:D
Amazing free-spin stamina beyblade!

25Hades Befall BD145WD
I am the one who put this bey on the list. He is my favorite bey, he also once beat my friends meteo l drago, barely
He is the best Beyblade in the world. Great for stamina. Great for defense. He all so beat my friend meteo L-Drago.
Why is this one not first?!?!

26Scythe Capricorn 145B

27Blitz Unicorno GB145RF
I made it and it killd 1000000000 beys

28Flash Libra WA130 BS
It beat all the beys on this list and never lost
Crazy cool, beat all my beys!

29Duo Bull TH170RB

30Earth Herculeo 105F

31Earth Pegasus UW145 D

32Storm Leone 145 FS
Huge attack power+incredible stamina+undefeated defense power=awesome bey. Every single bey that it faces gets either pummeled into the ground or knocked out of the stadium so please vote this bey up and try it out for yourself. I'm positive you'll like it
This beyblade really works it crushes all the other beyblades it can even beat earth eagle and destroys twisted eagle you should try it and then you will probably know what I mean.
I'm in love with this INCREDIBLE bey! It has beaten everyone of my bey's, including Basault Horogium, Hades Kerbecs, and Gravity Destroyer(Perseus).
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33Flame Saggittario WA130WD

34Fang Leone 145W2D

35Meteo L-Drago CH120EWD
It will never fall and will not stop absorbing!
Spin Steals for a long time!

36Inferno Striker SW145S
Terrible tips over when getting hit from underside of metal wheel. Suggestions change performance tip with a BD not B and change spin track to a S-120
Unbeatable stamina with a tall fusion wheel making it spin foreva!

37Flash Pisces GB145R2F

38Spiral Virgo 90 HF
Its great for attack but could but more stamina would be nice
Sipiral virgo is the best combo

39Diablo Orion 230WD

40Earth Zurafa T125D
Earth Zurafa is strong as a brick wall. Because when a beyblade hits it, it doesn't even move, or wobble! It just stays there doing nothing. You know what, I think it should be #1! Besides it's spin time is 3 minutes, 50 seconds point 0! So this bey should be king of ALL beys so PLEASE VOTE!
Earth Zurafa is INVINCABLE! It beat my Lightning L-Drago recolor, my Triple Dimmension Genios such as Cyber Gemios. AND WON ON MY EXTREME Beyblade TRAINING! I tested out how long it spins and this is what I got: 3 MIN,58 SEC! If you want to vote for my Beyblade then make it too!

41Burn Eonis 150RF
Definetally my best bey. The second best I would highly recommend is spiral cetus, with A white Performance tip from Rock Leone and a blue spin track from Thermal Lacerta. Go for it guys.

42Cyclone Bull DF145SD
Good stamin and defense, best for battling left spinging beys, defense types, and stamina type!

43Dark Capricorn T125ES
Best stamina bey ever!

44Lightning L Drago 100MF

45Beat Jupiter 130WD

46Basalt Kerbecs 230WD
It has unbeatable defense and stamina
This bey is unstoppable

47Basalt Kerbec C145WB

48Twisted Tempo (Diablo Metal Frame) X:D
It is so awesome it beats any beyblade
It can beat all the legendary beys
This bey can beat 4 beys at once in its S2D
I love that bey it beat all 20 of my beys

49Diablo Kerbecs BD145R2F

50Midnight Fireblaze DF145B

A great beyblade for defense power and with strong stamina I think this should be the forbidden bey!

51Rock Aries H145WD
It rocks it spins for 2min. 33.5seconds. It has good defense. And power. Its a good combo
. I recommend. This blade.
He's good he beats virgo he is really easy to make and does well it has good defense and spins for like about 2 min. So its really good its my best combo vote for him
This is a dealt good beyblade. It beat twisted tempo 2 out of2 and earth eagle 2 out of 2 the sencond time
It broke eagle
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52Dark Orion B:D

53Phantom Kronos D125D

54M2F Twisted Nemisis TR145 SWD
This bey is great! It defeated my twisted tempo, hades kerbecs, and phantom orion in an instant

55Variares CH120 R2F
Amazing bey moves really fast and has great attack power
It's awesome it moves at super fast speeds, and sends beyblades flying out of the stadium. It can even beat L-Drago Destructor

56Twisted Pegasus lll F:S
Awesome! Invincible bey! It's really tough because it has a wall of time! With the wall of time it can hold on for attacks! When I used it it beat every single beyblade combo in my room! Literally! This bey is KING of ALL... Beybattles! So just please! Please! Please! Vote for me! Please! Nobody voted for me like Earth Zurafa T125D. PLEASE! < Or... Else... You'll... DIE! And take off you're head! Poke in your eyeballs! And TEAR YOU APART! Literally! >:{0! Grr... AHhh... :l8 O.K. sorry for the intentional. Anyway. If YOU! Want a STURDY bey... Then MAKE it! If you BREAK it!
Yeah, I tried it too it was really awesome it beated hades KERBECS phantom Orion too. I like this bey so much I'll even die for it!
Best bey in the world

57L-Drago Guardian D125RF
Smash + Reverse Rotation + ownage

58Lightning Bull GB145WB
It's fab and you will not belive that IT SEND MY FRIEND'S TWISTED TEMPO FLYING OUT OF THE STADIUM IN IT'S FIRST ATTACK AND I WON THE BATTLE IN JUST TWO SECONDS! So try it NOW or you will be the greatest fool in the history!
My best bey ever, it has good defense, excellent balance, great attack and awesome stamina. Overall, it's a marveleous bey and no bey can defeat it.
It's the best. It's a marveleous balance type bey with good defense, excellent balance, great attack and awesome stamina. No bey can defeat it. It's the best costomized bey in the world.
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59Phantom Orion B : D
This isn't a combo

60Blitz Leone FS

61Thermal SGTO 135MS
This bey doesn't stop spinning til he wins!
I have the same thing but burn sgto with the same pices but it is my number 1 beyblade

62Basalt (Diablo Core) Horogium B:d
Best tank in the bey world

63Death Quetzalcoatl CH120EDS
It battled five beys at once and won it's beaten phantom orion, and beat the ultimate attack type. It's never lost a battle. It has amazing defense, stamina, and great attack since it can get under another bey and knock it around.

64Twisted Sagittario 230 F

65Burn Orso 125FS

Heavy wheel pllus sharp tip equals an awesome balance bey!

66Dark Orso 145SD

67Poison Eagle DF145MF

68Fang Virgo 105F
It is super fast it has strong attacks and a bit of defense

69L-Drago Destructor BD145RDF

70Beat Aries 145W2D

71Earth Pegasus D125 WD

72Grand Pegasus D125 HF Attack Type
Cool beyblade to beat twisted tempo and earth eagle. Crush diablo nemesis and phantom orion. Strike other beyblades
Try my beyblade
Combo burn gasher 145 WD

73Metal Face Bolt Twisted Aquario DF145 MS

74Twisted Leone W105S
Beats diablo nemesis earth eagle hades kerbecs evil befall dark bull gravity destroyer poison zurafa and more
Can bea any bey

75Metal Face Variares AD145 R2F

76Hades Striker 130SF
Great bey
Beat all of my other combos

77Fusion Sagittario S130RDF

78Dark Pegasus 90HF/S

79Hyper Orso SW145JB

80Twisted Byxis 230WD

81Rock Tempo 145WD

O.K. let's get this strait. EPIC! It spun for a VERY.. Long time like 5 min,48 sec! And it wasn't even BUDGING! But only a tiny... Bit though. There. Okay thank you for the lie! Oh! The truth hurts. So please vote!

82Twisted Lacerta GB145HF
It pushed grand cetos around like it was 1 ounce it can knock every bey off balance like in 30 seconds it was awesome

83Flame Orso D125B
The best beyblade ever it defeated flame bixsy vote for it
Great stamina and deffense!

84Dark Pegasus H145ES

85Twisted Herculeo AD145 HF

86Flame Tempo 105 D

87Storm Pegasis SW145HF

88Hell Befall AD145 EWD

89Metal Face Twisted Lacerta AD145 MS

90Earth Eagle ED145

91Twisted Eagle B:D

92Hades Aqurio 90LW
This bey is awesome!
An awesome attack type and is even better in the Mobile Stadium! Vote and #1!

93Evil Rex UW145D

94Hades/Hell Kerbecs BD145WD
An epic Beyblade with great stamina and defense.
Despite being an stamina or balance type (i don't really know)does it have nice attack. Its also nice that he's a large wheel and spin track. Just a few of my beyblades can beat it!

95Twisted Kerbecs R145WD
He is a really good defense type and his weight is incredible. Thanks to his spin track: R145 can he absorb hits from low beys and then the damage is like nothing

96Phantom Bull AD145WD
Phatom bull is very good if you use variaries dd tip on flat and ball which provides good stamina and more over attack and defense power best of my beys

97Basalt Horogium TR145R2F

98Earth Pegsus ED105BS

99Flame Gemios 100RF

100Grand Pegasus WA130S

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