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201Earth Gil SW145D
202Phantom Kronos F230EDS
203Bone Gil V125R2F

Bone is an original fusion wheel that I came up with. It has slanted protrusions that are shaped like acute triangles, making it good for attack and stamina. The vacuum 125 spin track is also my idea. It's made of rubber, shaped like a UFO, has a line in the middle, goes directly beneath the fusion wheel, and has protrusions at the bottom that enhance is vacuum-like effect. It's mediocre for stamina and defense but it's quite effective for attack if used with a good attack-Type fusion wheel. The R2F performance tip makes a beyblade circle the stadium in the middle. Overall, it has good attack and stamina, making it quite effective against a defense type.

204Scythe Virgo WD145 EDS

Recommended stamina bey for :by sailesh

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205Flame Kerbecs 230DS
206Variares 130SWD
207Thermal Lacerta T125HF
208Fusion Tempo AD145WD
209Gravity L- Drago GB145HF
210Dark Pegasus H145WD
211Twisted Bull GB145WD
212Thermal Tempo WA130 WD

So awesome! Spins on carpet for more than 20 seconds!

213Galaxy Capricorn 100 HFV1 Comment
214Earth Crown 230WD

It is a really good stamina/balance bey with a pretty good defense I use it a lot and 1 time lost only to my phantom orion B

215Leviathan Salamander

Double metal construction that has been unbeatable in my substantial collection. Best in Zero G Stadium.

216Hades Kerbecs BD145ES
217Scythe Kronos F:S

Beyblade that great, this is the first stage of f (flat) uses performance tips. If the tip is engaged in the performance of an decreased stamina endurance, was defeated by that my whole beyblades.

218Meteo L-Drago SW145WD
219Big Bang Aquario W105WF
220Earth Eagle TH170WD

This bey is unstoppable it cannot be beat. When you are vs a bey like Pegasus or l drago just switch the height super high so they can't reach your fusion wheel. This is truly the best combination. Please vote it.

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