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21Flash Pisces GB145R2F
22Diablo Orion 230WD
23Spiral Virgo 90 HF

Its great for attack but could but more stamina would be nice

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24Earth Capricorne R145RS

It's the best well legend cyber pegasus is the best but this is still good

25Fang Leone 145W2D
26Dark Capricorn T125ESV1 Comment
27Storm Leone 145 FS

Huge attack power+incredible stamina+undefeated defense power=awesome bey. Every single bey that it faces gets either pummeled into the ground or knocked out of the stadium so please vote this bey up and try it out for yourself. I'm positive you'll like it

This Beyblade really works it crushes all the other Beyblades it can even beat earth eagle and destroys twisted eagle you should try it and then you will probably know what I mean.

Its really nice and it generates dangerous attacks it has even defeated my Gravity Destroyer

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28Beat Jupiter 130WD
29Diablo Kerbecs BD145R2F
30Meteo L-Drago CH120EWD

It will never fall and will not stop absorbing!

Spin Steals for a long time!

31Phantom Kronos D125D

I love this Beyblade so much that Pokemon is not in it's league!

I do not like this mix it is a fail

32Inferno Striker SW145S

Terrible tips over when getting hit from underside of metal wheel. Suggestions change performance tip with a BD not B and change spin track to a S-120

Unbeatable stamina with a tall fusion wheel making it spin foreva!

33Cyclone Bull DF145SD

Good stamin and defense, best for battling left spinging beys, defense types, and stamina type!

34Phantom Fireblaze B:D

Not much of a difference of phantom oron but still most powerful beyblade in my collection of 127 beys

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35Scythe Kronos B:D

Think About Fusing Some Of The Best Stamina Beys Ever

36Big Bang Orion B:D

This bey is wicked strong, its so epic!

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37M2F Twisted Nemisis TR145 SWD

This bey is great! It defeated my twisted tempo, hades kerbecs, and phantom orion in an instant

38Blitz Leone FS
39Meteo Pegasus 100 XF

This is illegal, as meteo and l drago2 are supposed to only work with each other.

40Twisted Tempo (Diablo Metal Frame) X:D

This bey can beat 4 beys at once in its S2D

I love that bey it beat all 20 of my beys

I promise to you this is illegal

This is my best bey out of 25

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