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161 Diablo Kerbecs BD145MB

Very strong defenses plus heaviest combo there is so has amazing power

So far my best bey, has tons of defense and stamina nocked out my fusion Kronos right away. Also weighs about 70 g so has strong defense's.

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162 Thermal Orion GB145HF
163 Hades Horuseus 145D

Awesome stamina and defense P. S sorry for the spelling

164 Death Quetzalcoatal 85ES

It threw Phantom Orion B across the stadium and has beaten big bang pegasus, and fang leone, and L-drago destroy! Ultimate beyblade.

165 Lightning Drago 100HF

It is a really good combo. It beats all of my other combos even the most strongest ones without even trying. This has to be the best combo out there because I will prove it to you face to face.

166 Flash Herculeo 145JB

This bey is beast especially is stamina mode

167 Death Quetzalcoatl CH120W2D

It has never been defeated. It has defeated phantom orion B and even Phantom Orion W105MF the ultimate attack combo. Also it can spin for a very long time with great defense. It even beats meteo L drago

168 Death Quetzalcoatl CH120EDS

It battled five beys at once and won it's beaten phantom orion, and beat the ultimate attack type. It's never lost a battle. It has amazing defense, stamina, and great attack since it can get under another bey and knock it around.

169 Diablo Orion GB WD
170 Thermal Gil 105RSF

Good attack while maintaining some good defense

171 Twisted Sagittario 230 F
172 Hades Striker 130SF V 1 Comment
173 Phantom Zurafa GB145BS

This bey spins really fast and it's really strong

174 Ray Orso T125RS

Good attack power plus some good defensive strength

175 Flame Tempo 85S
176 Hades Striker D125 F

This beyblade is the best in the world it took out 5 beyblades in one shot

177 Phantom Giraffe 85MS

This is my best bey combo

178 Flash Orion CH120MF
179 Flame Virgo 90BS
180 Kreis Leone T125 FS

The best defensive bey ever.

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