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The Top Ten

Gingka Hagane
Ginga is the strongest blader and he is the best in Big Bang bladers' list.

No one can defeat him, even Ryuga can't defeat when he is very angry. He is very well mannered and that is why everyone supports him. He is my favourite blader.
Ginga defeated ryuga l-drago destroy in the last episode I know using big bang which evolved at the end to be cyber pegasus
Look Ginga is the best. Even though Ryuga was influenced by dark power that made his power stronger. And he doesn't get overpowered beys, look at storm pegasis and fang leone. Which one is stronger. Its just an ordinary bey with power
[Newest]He is number 1 he is strongest he is mightiest he is better than best he deserves this position

Ryuga rocks and he has the best bey he has only ever been beaten once (that's better than Ginga the STAR of the show)
Ryuga only ever lost because he was being controlled by the dark power. Ryuga only lost twice in the entire beyblade metal fight series which was against Rago and Gingka. He also seems more in touch with his bey then anyone else in beyblade. He even lectured gingka about it.
No one can be defeat him, even ryuga can't defeat when he is very angry. Ryuga rocks and he has the best bey he has only ever been beaten once (that's better than Ginga the STAR of the show)
[Newest]He only got beat twice and in one of them he wasn't in control so he technically only lost once and he has a fire dragon that kills everything

3Yu Tendo
Yu is the best character on the show, without a doubt! His libra is very powerful, as you can see if you watch the show. His special moves are insane! I feel so bad when he is in pain, or loses.
He has such an admirable optimism and cares about everybody!
Yu has a great personality and has strong special moves. Yu beat ginga the first time and only lost to him later because ginga knew his special moves by then.
[Newest]He was only who defeated Pegasus

4Kyoya Tategami
I like him because I'm a Leo and he's heaps cool please vote for Kyoya. Go rock leone. 3,2,1, let it rip

No other character trains harder to get what he wants than him. He actually deserves the power he gets unlike gingka who keeps getting overpowered beys and Ryuga who also got an overpowered bey and on top of that he got the dark power and can absorb his oponents strength which is so unfair.
Kyoya is a boss and my favorite blader because of his animal spirit and tough personality.
[Newest]I can't believe he is number 4!

5Kenta Yumia
Its just his stamina basically!
He could take a lot of Pegasus's attacks on episoede 3

6Benkei Hanawa

7Masamune Kadoya
Striker and pegasaus are the best beys

Best blader and gingka plus kyoya
The beys are pegasaus leone and striker number 1 baby

He's so awesome he actually has character development I was kinda sad when he lost to chris
Because he has defeated strong bladers

8Tsubasa Otori
Yeah I can't believe I'm falling in love with a fake cartoon anime character that my brother watches. He's the most down-to-earth character in the whole series and when he has that flashback while overcoming the dark power with the short hair and everything is so cute. Yeah, I'm in love with his hair.
He's just amazing! Duh, he's so cute! Almost every girl has to fall in love with him. I am a girl I can tell you HE'S JUST SO CUTE!
He's so cool he will be bad and good he's mysterious and so cool! He's got one of the best Beyblades earth eagle!
[Newest]He's got very cute mannerisms, tries to do his best for his friends, has some great dry humour and an epic character design. What's not to like?

Phoenix is so cool. I like him. Phoenix is like burn fireblaze. I like his outfit.
The Fire Bird I Truly Awesome Burn FireBlaze Is The Best Bey Ever

I love him so much! He is such an epic battler!

The Contenders

11Reiji Mizuchi
His personality really adds a charming feeling to the show.
He did beat Hyoma and Kenta, and he had a pretty awesome battle with Ginga, too.

12Tetsuya Watarigani
He's flippin hilarious! He adds a great amount of comedy to the show and that's why I love him so much. Definitely and underrated character ^_^
He is psycho and crying ass

13Ryutaro Fukami

14Damian Hart
He is the best blader with his hades kerbecs.

He's very determined and knows what he wants. Plus, he's Funny

16The King
Kings variares the best
King is a very powerful blader and knows what he wants. Also, he can be sweet like when he stood up for Masamune.

He is so powerful and strong he beat Rock Leon with his dark wolf

18Hikaru Hasama


20Tobio Oike
Tobio oike is the best because his have sniper shot and almost defeated gingka at the battle
He can sniper people with his fantastic aiming and sniper shots. He uses his compass or led sight for capricorns quake preferments tip. He is the best sniper around town.

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