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Diablo Nemesis


Diablo Nemesis. Y'all probably seen in the anime how it is so good. It could beat anybody in the whole world, well guess what, IT CAN! Gingka couldn't beat Nemesis if it wasn't for the other legend bladers. And trust me. I have this bey, and it totally ROCKS! It crushed Meteo big bang fang, orion, uranus, cygnus, flash, jupiter, hades, Anubis, so much I can't even NAME!
I thought phantom orion ( the bey below) was number
1 but then I watched a video of the 2 beys battling and
Diablo nemesis won

Hey, hey, hey hold your trucks and don't go anywhere cause I can't believe my eyes.

Diablo Nemesis or Black Nemesis is like the best it's tip has three modes, three and has all the power of other beys.

It is like the rarest bey on the planet.
I have this and I battled it against my new earth eagle fresh out of the box and it was in super vortex stadium earth eagle and all others I battled it against flew over the wall to their death
Diablo nemesis is like the best bey! Its mode change is awesome! It has all of the stregnth of all of the metal fury beys! I entered the tournament and defeated the kid in the first round. I was planning to get diablo nemesis for Christmas. So please vote for this bey and don't let this bey be stuck in 0.3%!
I have tried it out, it sent my flame byxis flying 2 feet out of the stadium!
Diablo Nemesis is awesome! It can beat any beyblade even Meteo L-Drago!
This has to be the best bey ever. It beat Meteo l-Drago, L-Drago destroy, Earth Aquila, Rock leone, Fang leone, Gravity Perseus, Phantom Orion, and Fusion Hades at once! Vote for Diablo Nemesis now!
Diablo Nemesis has the power of Big bang Pegasis Fang leone L Drago destroy Mercury anubius Scythe Kronos Variares Jade Jupiter Phantom Orion Death Quetzalcoatl Prototype nemesis Blitz Unicoro Flame Sagittarius Flame libra and Earth eagle and it's the heaviest Beyblade yet. It should be #1 after all it beat Meteo l Drago.
It is one of the best stamina type bey because it can merge it's fusion wheel with it's performance tip. It can also change the formation of it's fusion wheel and it switch between ultimate balance mode and attack mode
Why not pick this bey as the number 1#. It is the most heaviest bey, it uses a 4D system plus it was the strongest bey in the beyblade 4D season.
This bey is sweet. It beat every beyblade that I own, including cosmic Pegasus, jade Jupiter, phantom Orion, and even earth eagle. It is super heavy, which is amazing. Whoever put diablo nemesis is a idiot
Modest power. Some balance issues, but can be customized for use in customizations. It is the heaviest bey so far.
It is one of my favorite beyblades! You can switch between 3 tip modes in Normal Mode manually, but in Ultimate Balance Mode, it switches between 2 tips automatically! It almost never loses.
Transforms into any bey evil form not joking look at beyblade metal fight episode 145-155 killed ryuga
This beyblade is very cool, it should be on top of this list because it can beat meteo l-drago in a flash vote for diablo nemesis you wont regret!
This is the best knocks out everything in its path! If you don't Believe me check youtube! Also his tip is AWESOME! HE IS THE BEST AND THE HEAVIEST
People vote for Diablo it can beat any bey. It can beat Earth eagle Meteo l-Drago and Phantom Orion at once!
Diablo is the best it beat all 52 of my Beyblades I'm telling you this is the best beyblade ever
I understand it not being number 1, but a top 10 without Diablo Nemesis is a travesty. For those who don't know, a travesty by definition means-A false, absurd, or distorted representation of something.
This is my best beyblade I never got beaten with it even once vote for nemesis and not that cruddy eagle.
He's better than all the Beyblade's on this whole list he's great so get him he can beat any bey I have tried it so
Don't believe everyone else because diablo nemesis is number one
Diablo nemesis has 2 modes, try to twist them left and right. You can pick which mode you want and put nemesis in battle. And then watch diablo nemesis win his way through.
This bey has the, which is awesome! It can go from attack to defense to stamina! For attack it has the XF, for defense it has the S2D, and for stanima it has the S!
I sereicly can't believe that Diablo Nemesis in 51 and really someone please make a metal fury top ten

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