Gravity Destroyer

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Gravity Destroyer


He is an awesome bey, he beat meteo l drago, earth eagle, burn fireblaze, scythe Kronos, and basalt horigium! Also why is he the 41 best bey, isn't gravity perseus the same thing? If you answer yes then put a thumbs up please!
In Left spin this bey proved pretty hard to beat. We only have 10 beys and Gravity Destroyer in L spin beat them all in short order. We just got started reminds me of growing up in Japan and playing fighing tops.
Gravity Destroyer is a great bey. I have it and its stamina rocks. It is one of a kind bey cause it can spin both ways,
I have bought it because it has four modes and you may use it for fight with many types. I suggest you to put a metal facebolt to increase it's weight so it may not suffer from recoil.
The tip has balance and stamina and stamina defense which makes the bey win a battle
super duper good defense and maudusa mode actually worcks it spins left and right.
gravity desroyer has good defense and has 2 modes and can spin in 2 directions
I have one and it's my best

It's won all my battles. I'm hoping I'll win more
He sucks at right spin but awesome at left can almost beat eagle
It is the best bey, no bey can be stronger than this in the entire universe those fools tell that earth eagle and meteor l drago. Gravity has unbelievable endurance. It has eagle tip... !,.
I would recommend getting gravity destroyer
I got him for my birthday he beet all my beys.
The Greek hero... AND THE BEYBLADE HERO!
I love this ever please vote
Cool bay and very fast
I need your opinion.
swcth mode
Gravity Destroyer is cool.
Did you see gravity detroyer he beat twisted tempo, Earth eagle, earth virgo to Grand cetus, Hyper orso also rock Zuraf

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