Twisted Tempo


Very VERY good if you replace the part above the tip I forget what to call it but take it off and replace it with gravity balls from earth virgo or counter leone Again it is extremely strong. Please get this to #1!

Best bey and by the way my signature is on these but I took other people stories this bey beats all beys especially int lions lair - TWISTEDTEMPOGUY

This Bey is unbelievable it has beaten every combination I've made, well it might also have to do with its outstanding wight

I have never come across a beyblade that could beat twisted tempo
Twisted tempo can beat any beyblade their is.

I have this bey. Metro L-Drago always kept beating it but I found out why my dad was doing it.

It is a great defense bey. It defense so much that when any attack Beyblade attack it the atack t self is pushed back but not a single damage comes to the bey. It is the best bey I've ever seen

It I a very good beyblade and because of its weight I like it and for its defense

Twisted tempo is beater than you think he's like the best defense type ever

Twisted tempo beats tornado battlers all the time

Number one loses to no one with is epic defense and staircase of defense! - TWISTEDTEMPOGUY

Easily my third best bey. It looks like it takes no damage from anything!

Awesome beyblade beats phantom orion. It's my best beyblade It can beat 6 beyblades at once (Phantom Orion, L drago gardian, Jade Jupiter, and more) It beats anyone I battle so I say it should be best

This bey can beat any bey with its fusion wheel look it up in YouTube

Twisted tempo is a great bey and should not be this low!

Its so good all I can say that it is the best bey ever

Awesome better than Phantom
Orion and fang leon

What! This bey is awesome why is it down here!

Really great it beat all my friend

It is the second most heavy bey

Baddest bey ever it can seriously every bey

I bout twisted tempo it looked like it sucked but I just wanted a Beyblade so I got it I tested it out it looked to me that it was bad so I decited not to use itso in the next day I went to my friends house and battled ALL 20 BeybladeS he's 13 and I'm 9 and I beat all his Beyblades I beat meteo l drago, rock leone, earth eagle and gravity perseus and people are always say'in that all theys Beyblades I beat are better but one day twisted tempo will and should always be #1

Best Beyblade in the world. Why because twisted tempo defeated my gravity persius, eagle, wolf.

I Have Twisted Tempo it has good stanima and defuse can beat rock leone and mete l drago and all l drags sucks

This Beyblade can beat my cyclone hurculio. It has the best defense, stamina, and balance.

I just bought it it beated my grand cetus and flame serpent also my cyber aquario