Top 10 Best Beyonce Songs


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The Top Ten

This is the song that I like the most... She is so good in this song. The beats, the tune, her voice all of them just seem to perfect.. This is really a masterpiece... >3 beyonc
I love this song it brings back memories and makes me feel safe and at home wherever I am.
best song ever<3 so addicted to this song... beyonce is the best! you rock! I love all her songs... love the lyrics... I lov u
[Newest]This song is so hard to sing well which shows what a fantastic singer she is!
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2Crazy In Love
Classic B, the origin of her solo career, there's none better!
This song made beyonce, which is why I voted for it, it will be on every list of best songs of the decade and none of her others will be, however my favourite is in this order 1. If I were a boy 2. Halo 3. Crazy in Love. But there is no doubt to the fact that without crazy in love, beyonce would be no where as close to where she is now
It's an amazing song also the music videos really good I hope she get's more successful
[Newest]My favorite Beyonce song ever!

Best song that she has out by far, and I love the words <3
Beyonce; I love you
Awesome song! Can't take it off my head!
the best! I listened to this once on the radio and I just had to buy it for my ipod nano.
[Newest]I love this song! It makes me feel great! 😍 love this song!

4Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
Definitely one of her best songs! Every time I hear it, I get up and dance! I'm not single though :) I have this song on my ipod and listen to it almost every day! It never gets old! Love you
This song is inviting and really helps woman in the world. The moral is great and it is very catchy. Beyonce never disappoints and she really helps woman feel like they should never change!
I watched this song just now I am a fan of beyonce.
[Newest]Yeah they want to wait 5 years to marry a girl like dang if you like then you should have put a ring on it

5If I Were a Boy
Hey I love this song it make me fell well good and special all my friend love this amazing song
This song makes a really valid point about the way that some men treat women. It's message rings absolutely true, and does the feminist cause great justice.
Hey I like that song it makes me feel good and spcial.
[Newest]I love this song, it's awesome! Especially when she says 'if I were a boy'.

6Best Thing I Never Had
Amazing song.. Beyonce has an amazing voice and is definitely not credited enough for it.. Vocally I believe she is definitely in the top 10 vocalist of our time.. Hands down
Lets girls with broken heart know the they will find someone better and later in their future they wont even remember the man who broke their heart. This song give great advice and a life lesson.
I love this song its really funny and cute and it shows her voice really nice. I also love the music video
[Newest]I love this one

7Love On Top
It's such a happy and carefree song, and it never fails to put a smile on my face!
This song made me thinking she really has my love on top. It was just a good video and she really put a lot in it. She getting better each time. You got my love on top this time beyonce.
Such a wonderful loving ballad! Love Beyonce. She always seems to amazes me.. I hope her next Album is over the top.. Like Love on Top!
[Newest]Because the music is so cool

8Sweet Dreams
Has to be this. It's easily her best song and she will never make a song better than this. Ever. Not only does she show her good vocals on this but it's also a song you can dance to because of the beat.
Best song by Beyonce EVER. It has an amazing beat, and actually has a nice melody! I love this song very much. By far the best.
Clearly her best song. Catchy, Funky, Straight to the point, and has her best vocals yet, not talking about the production quality. Beyonce @ her sweetest.
[Newest]This is my second favorite, only to Crazy in Love

This song is so moving I just love it so much! It is such a good dong and is very touching. I just love the lyrics and the whole rhythvibe of the song it should definitely be number 1. It is so great you have to love it!
One of the most beautiful and moving songs I have ever heard. The lyrics really speak to me and I am glad that I have heard it. One of the best songs she has ever sung
pure talent <3 shez really talented, this song is amazing! she has the best voice on earth!
[Newest]I think I heard this song at some dance recital and I would really like to know what it is so I can get it on iTunes

10Run the World (Girls)
This song is amazing... Who couldn't like it and already at 100 mil views on youtube... Come on really close to halo.
I love it especially the video she rocks in it! This songs really inspires me to move on and it's so nice for dancing on keep up the good work bouncy
This song is the best song that has ever been made. Girls do run the world. Girls are the strongest, sweetest, best, smartest, funniest.
[Newest]This song inspires me to be independent and all other woman /its my favourite /love the song girls are fierce

The Contenders

My baby is a 10
We dressing to the 9
He pick me up we 8
Make me feel so lucky 7
He kiss me in his 6
We be making love in 5
Still the one I do this 4
I'm trying to make a 3
From that 2
He still the 1..! <3..!
love the song..!
can never get bored of it..!
Woah... Why isn't this in the top ten? It's such an awesome song its really one of its own kind
AWESOME. Just simply the best song of all time ever! How this isn't top ten is beyond me, its just imply amazing
[Newest]Always make me smile!

12Drunk In Love
This is the BEST SONG in the history of all songs... This song is the BOMB!
The beats, the beats, the beats that's all
Its cute seeing beyonce and jay z have a song together and they always make a hit
[Newest]This song speaks to me I love it

This is her best song even if just sings a little bit, still, is better than any other of her songs.
Love lady gaga and queen b' so when they get together it's wow so great.
It's one of the best song sung by BEYONCE with LADY GAGA. She have a good voice.
You must hear to this song.
It is the best song of Beyonce. Be sure that if you will hear it once, you will listen to it all day! BEST DUO EVER!
[Newest]It's Gaga song! Not Beyonce!

14Beautiful Liar
Sexiest song and video ever, how is this not number 1? I was double checking the top 10 because I was expecting this to be there, easily. Please vote this song, Shakira Beyonce = hot.
Number 14?! This song should be in the top 10. Who made this list?
AMAAZING song. I'm surprised it's not on the top 10. I mean, come on, Shakira and beyonce did a wonderful job with this song - their voices together are just pure magic.
[Newest]Me and my sister is going to dance to this song

15Dangerously In Love
One of her songs that puts beyonce in the lane of her own when it comes to sing it live... The AOL version of it testifies
This is the song in which I feel that her vocals are just amazing while at the same time it's full of hearty emotion.
Love it. One of the best beyonce songs. Her vocals are amazing and she smashes it every time she performs live
[Newest]I can't do this thing called life without you here with me, Bey!

16Broken-Hearted Girl
The lyrics of the song are so meaningful and the way the song takes you through the power of love to forgive almost everything
the lyrics are awesome.. it will make you cry...!...
if you've just had a break up.. then you must listen to this... :P...
thumbs up to beyonce for such an awesome song... :)..
I love this song it is sad and meaningful to me
Beyonce's best song I
Made me like her even more
[Newest]One of her best songs

Just make you smile and feel happy!
When I heard this... I just felt... Good. Just good inside. Not like happy, more like relieved. Relieved of all the stress in the world because when you listen to this song it makes you forget about all of that and just want to hold on to someone and never let go.


Amazing song, just takes you away

18Smash Into You
My FAV beyonce song - how can anyone beat this piece of beautiful music. VOTE to make this NUMBER 1 - give it a listen and you'll see why I love it so much.

Starts off good and keeps getting better and better


Love this it so much...
Love this song this is one of her best ballads
[Newest]A piece of art

19End of Time
Till the end of time is an amazing song and it is a song to remember beyonce is becoming better and better so her are albums I expect greater songs but at the moment I have to say this is one of my favorably songs so fare...
Amazing song! I absolutely love the dance to go with it... This song is by far the best
Please, beyoncé shows who run the world in this song, it's perfect
[Newest]It's so catchy! And joyful

Love the music video and come on not at least top ten, come on people. It's sad her music isn't as good now.
Awesome best song ever
Great song, amazing dancing!
[Newest]Beyonce is a true diva

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