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Scary but upbeat and haunting beat with a creepy visual but very thoughtful and creative. - JaysTop10List

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You can really feel the emotions in this Song

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44That's How You Like It


45'03 Bonnie & Clyde
46Say My Name

Lovely song! Just like everything Bee does but I think it should be higher up

Why is this song only 33? It's amazing

48Deja Vu

"Deja VU" is the first single from Beyonce's 2006 album B'Day and is my favorite song of hers. Since she released this song, Beyonce has scored hits with "Irreplaceable, " "Single Ladies, " and "Sweet Dreams, " to name a few, but "Deja Vu" remains my favorite track of hers. With a funky horn section, utterly catch lyrics, and a catchy rap from Jay-Z, "Deja Vu" was able to one-up Beyonce's fabulous breakthrough hit "Crazy In Love" with even saucier beats and an utterly addicting chorus. Love this track!

The beat of the song is still something good to hear and it pulls you up to dance in its way

The best song ever - it has amazing lyrics, an awesome horn section, Jay-Z and Beyonce singing her heart out - what more could you ask for?

The beat is sick, her voice on point, the video is hot, the dance moves are crazy! PERFECT!

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I can't believe this song is at 33 this song had one grammy nomination and it is at 33 one of the best song of beyonce deserves to be in top 5 please vote for it guys you don't know what you are leaving behind!

Best song ever I love it! We like to partayy! Haha vote for it! It had a grammy!

50Freakum Dress

One of my favorite song of hers it has this pop /electro beat that I love which makes the song good

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One of my favorite singers is beyonce and when dis lemonade album came that was great

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52I Care

I love this song so much beyonce keep doing your thing

Beyonce is without a doubt the greatest performer ever to exist. I choose " I Care" because I think it is B's best song vocally, along with "Resentment". #QueenB #BeyHive

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This song deserves to be way more near the top... One of her most true, deep and emotive songs... I cry every time...

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A gorgeous underrated song

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55Why Don't You Love Me

Love this song! The lyrics have meaning and are relevant, the video is also awesome, I highly recommend that it is watched. Beyonce has one of the best voices!

This song is so underrated! its amazing and the video is great too!

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Drake and Bey did that! One of the best songs ever

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This is a absolutely beautiful song, and "Why Don't You Love Me" sucks - Celestius

58SpeechlessV1 Comment
59Ring Off
60Scared of Lonely

This is most definitely the best beyonce song

Amazing songg, one of my all time favourites. Lyrics are so true 'scared of lonely scared of being the only shadow I see along the wall, scared the being the only heartbeat I hear beating is my own...

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