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61 Scared of Lonely Scared of Lonely

This is most definitely the best beyonce song

Amazing songg, one of my all time favourites. Lyrics are so true 'scared of lonely scared of being the only shadow I see along the wall, scared the being the only heartbeat I hear beating is my own...

62 Flaws and All Flaws and All

To think that there is someone out there that could love you for you good and bad... This song is for hopeless romantics its defiantly in my top 10 favorite beyonce songs

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63 Radio

This song is so pop and nice The background and front vocals blend well and really makes me move and dance

A song that explores the love of music to the deepest level, Radio says it all. It holds some of Beyonce's best vocals and never fails to make me smile with its background drum beat.

64 Start Over Start Over

How is Start Over this low? Beyonce's performance in this song was nothing short of spectacular. I think the reason why it's not higher than the others is because Start Over isn't played on the radio half as much as Love on top or Countdown ( 2 songs that Start Over should definitely be above). This is one of her greatest masterpieces and, if Beyonce ever made a greatest hits album, Start Over should definitely be on there. - bishop.moore07

Very beautiful vocals, showed her powerhouse voice and her voice with a softer quality to it. Gives me chills, definitely one of my favorite of her new songs- sometimes I wish I could start over some things.

One of the beautiful songs by the Queen. I'm thinking it should be in the top 5.

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65 Mine Mine

Drake and Bey did that! One of the best songs ever

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66 Hold Up Hold Up

My second favorite from Lemonade and this song is pretty good.Well done Queen Bey. - BeaM456

67 Black Culture
68 Standing On the Sun V 1 Comment
69 Beautiful Nightmare Beautiful Nightmare
70 Blow Blow

Beyonce is still as sexy as ever and this beat is extremely contagious!

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71 Rise Up Rise Up

This song has such a brilliant message

Beautiful song.

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72 All Night All Night
73 Yes Yes

I think this song is such an incredible and unique song. The lyrics is honest and the sound is amazing. One of Beyonce's best songs vocually

74 Cater 2 U Cater 2 U
75 Oye Oye
76 Control
77 Move Your Body
78 Feeling Myself Feeling Myself
79 Resentment Resentment

This song is amazing, her voice is so deeply beatiful this song should be at least in the top 10 list.

I love this song! The lyrics really are deep, and she sings beautifully. This song should be higher up on the list in my opinion.

This song is beautiful and a great breakup song her vocals are amazing in it

She sings so good in this and the bridge is excellent - JaysTop10List

80 Superpower Superpower

Hello Frank Ocean is feat. in this song!

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