Best Big Dog Breeds of 2013


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The Top Ten

German Shepherd
German Shepherds are the next best thing. They are protective and Loyal, but also a great friend.


They are very loyal animals!
Strong, intelligent, noble, great for families. Best dog ever
[Newest]This one is the best of all the dogs.

Grey Hounds are the best breed of 2013 because they're beautiful and Loyal. They also run like the wind
And make very good companions. Did you know? That Greyhounds are fasters than horses (in short distance)


I think the Greyhound is the best big dog of 2013.
I have two Greyhounds at home.
Greyhounds are amazing to be around. I love them so


I have a greyhound that has brought so much joy to our lives. She is sweet, kind, silly and lovable. She gets along well with my cats.

These dogs are like giant teddy bears that will love you forever.


4Golden Retriever
The golden Retriever is a dog for everyone. This dog is a lovable friend that
Most likely will become part of your family.


My Golden is truly the sweetest dog ever!
My dog is the best ever!
[Newest]I think that this one is going to be my pick.

5Great Dane
Great Dane's are very big dogs with big hearts. They are the huge version of
Lap dogs. They are the biggest dogs on the planet!


They are so big and cute! I love the Great Dane
Great Danes are my favorite. I own 3 of them.

This spotty little cute dog is known as a firefighter. This is a very friendly family dog,
That will be a very good companion.


7Siberian Husky
These dogs are great for snowy places. These dogs are very active
Dogs that are very loyal and loving. These dogs are very attached to
Their owners.


8Labrador Retriever
This dog is a dog that can help people in many ways. Scientists say people with Labs live longer.
This dog is the lap dog of the world. This is a great family dog.


Great family member being affectionate and very smart. Learns verbal and hand signals with ease and very quick to understand expectations. I can't imagine life without our black lab. 10 years old and going strong.
Best dog ever! Loveable - energentic - fun loves you more.

9Bernese Mountain Dog
This dog is very affectionate and smart. Although they
Have short lives, those lives are the best things that might ever
Happen too you.


10American Foxhound
These are rare dogs that are native to america. They are great at running and tracking.
They also love their owners.


The Contenders

11St. Bernard
These Dogs are the best dogs ever! They are fun and very playful! They are very good family pets and are very good with kids. They do like to protect their masters which is good. They are good with other dogs and sometimes cats too. I recommend this dog to everyone!
It is the biggest dog... Or it can be great dane
These are the best of all the dogs

They are the most affectionate dog I have ever encountered and has a human sense of humor. should be number one.

13Chesapeake Bay Retriever
These dogs were originally bred near the Chesapeake Bay by new settlers. The dogs would be trained to swim out into the bay and grab dead ducks floating in the water that were shot down by the hunters. The dogs have long, saggy lips so that the dog could easily retrieve the duck without puncturing the skin. These dogs have a coat like ducks that they just shake to immediately become dry. Chessies love to swim and do not rip up shoes or your clothes because they were trained to bring things to you, not kill things for you. So a chessie may bring you clothing or a dead lizard that they already found, not that they killed. These dogs can range from a near black color to a light brown color. They are very protective of their 'pack' and if you take one for a walk (beware: they are strong) they will lead in front, guarding. They will get up silently and check around the house if they hear a noise, and alert you if they think it is bad. They are very good with kids and older people as well. Also, they do not bite and may jump up onto your chest to lick your face. Ironically, these dogs, though bred to stay with hunters, are scared of thunder, fireworks, and noises like that. There have been many reported cases where the dog will jump into your lap and curl up until the storm is gone. They don't chase cars, but may try in their early stages as a puppy. With a stern, simple, "No", these dogs will obey anything. They love to swim, and when I say love, I mean LOVE. If they see a lake, chessies will do anything to get to it. Let them swim and play. These dogs should have large room to run in, and should be walked frequently. Do not wash them too much, or else it will ruin their coat. Their coat is special and does not need to be washed much. All in all, these dogs are brilliant. In diseases, they are known for heart worm and cancer. These dogs are good for outgoing families that live with a big backyard and are very friendly. Get a Chesapeake Bay Retriever today!
These dogs love water and are very good with young children. They are super active and playful. They are funny and love people. I have one myself, and they are in many agility competitions.

14English Mastiff

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