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21 All Me All Me

Big Sean's part is the best part of this song, beat was crazy!

Song is absolutely cash, must be higher

22 High High

Great song with big sean and wiz khalifa. The chorus is good and I love each verse. They should colab more often

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23 Blessings Blessings

I know it's new but it is easily one of his best songs!

Don't even trying arguing that there was a single weak bar in this song.

Best song on the album, this not in the top 10 is disrespect

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24 Burn
25 Clique Clique
26 10 2 10 10 2 10 V 1 Comment
27 Fire

You guys are insane not having this on the top 10

It's a really good song. I like how he has a church chorous in the background. Amazing beat

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28 Live This Life Live This Life
29 Switch Up Switch Up

It should be at least at top 5!

30 Hometown

What's with Dance (A$$) being so high up? It's a cool song but nowhere near his best...

31 As Long As You Love Me As Long As You Love Me

This is probably the worst song on this list. get this thing off here

I can't guess how much money they paid him to be featured on this.

I love this song


I love jsutin ieber

It's the best love song I heard

32 Detroit vs Everybody

Em was great but Sean was the sickest in this track... Outstanding... No offense dunk on me !

Sick track on Shady XV, Big Sean was diffently to main starting vocals to make the song great! Not to mention Em too!

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33 I Know I Know
34 My House My House
35 Outro Outro
36 Too Fake

The flow is so sick

Great song! Top ten for sure.

Best remake he's ever made

37 The One The One
38 Paradise Paradise

Should be higher Sean bodies this verse and the beat is insane

Dope flow, nice song, expressing it way too fast but still cool

This is the best hip hop songs I've ever heard...

Good bass, good beat, good song

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39 All Your Fault All Your Fault

You can never get tired of it, it's the best. Sean and Kanye are a team not to be messed with.

This is my favorite song of big sean and it's the best

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40 Smoke N Drive Smoke N Drive
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