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Til I Forget About You
I love this song so much I could listen to it for hours and never get bored of it! Xx I love btr!
I think that you and band should keep up the good work big-time-rush,but I iove your songs
I like this song when it was played in the episode because it was so emotional. It also gets me hyped up
[Newest]I love this song

I think this should be number one! I could listen to this till time ends and never board! to make long story short, this song rocks!
Boyfriend is my fave song of all the BTR songs... Cause the song is also in my fave episode.. And, Kendall sings most of the parts... P. S. Kendall's my fave, I so totally like his voice and his also cute!
really partying song... at least here snoop dogg's featuring is appreciable
[Newest]This is the best song ever!

I love this song! It gives the sweet side of things that makes me want to cry sometimes. It's a song that you can listen to you when depressed and make you feel better.
I think that worldwide is the best song on the first disc because it is dedicated to Jo. It also made me feel sad. It told me that kendell is a very nice guy by singing worldwide to Jo. Lots of love, your best fan Gloria!
LOVE this song it makes me thing they are singing this song to me and for me. I just personaly think this is their best song! And I could listen to it 24/7 Can anyone else do the same!
[Newest]Best song ever seen

4Halfway There
i love halfway there it is the best btr song ever!
I love Logan in this song espically: How you ever you er gonna reach the stars if you neva get off the ground and you'll always be the wa
Thia is an awesome song. It makes you wanna cry especially when James sings.
[Newest]Nothing's gonna get in the way

5If I Ruled The World
Well I grew up likening these
Song and this is the best
I think Big Time Rush is the best band ever!
This song is so COOL!
It does helps you realize that you are a lowling or noob on earth which hurts, but it doesn't, becayse it helps you to realize, no matter how high your level in the real world is, you just have to enjoy it. :]
[Newest]If I Can Ruled The World Right Now Because I Will. Be The King Of The World Big Time Rush Do Rock By Your Fan Damon Anderson

6City Is Ours
Love your song keep cookin I really like if I ruled the world and any kind of guy though
When ever me and my best friend are in the car together and sugar high or in a really crazy mood we sing this song out out the window. People must really love us, laugh out loud
Why is this last? It's so nice!
[Newest]And I Like City is Ours I Love it Because James Diamond Sings in it I Sing Just like Him And Have His Swag I Need The Edge City is Ours is An Awesome Song By Your Swag Fan Damon Anderson

This is the best song ever. It has more rock and meaning than any other BTR song ever. The beat is really catchy and I have it on repeat all the time! This song is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY AWESOME! The words mean a lot to people as it happens to pretty much everyone. This song is THE BEST SONG EVER!
I really LOVE paralyzed cause every word of it has meaning
One of the best songs by BTR I love it. It has one of the more rock songs as most people would say and is very very catchy.
[Newest]Paralyzed for the win! Their voices are so perfect especially Logan when he sings those unreachable high notes

8Any Kind of Guy
Love this song! Especially when there's episode when the boys sang this song to JO! SO SWEET!
The BEST song ever! It's so cute when the guys sing it to Jo in that episode! I totally wish they'd sing it to MEE! I would love them forever, but I already do!
[Newest]I love this song is stuck in my head

9Oh Yeah
I heart BTR, just love kendall and the rest! I wish to meet big time rush! Their the favourite band of mine :!
Because I really like it so much
[Newest]Big time rush is my favourite band and I think this song deserves better than this

10Nothing Even Matters
It make really motivated, because every time I here this song it feel like something just pop out
I love this song so much I want sum1 2 sing it 2 meh :]
Good song by. Big time rush from one of your biggest fans in Nigeria I may be a boy but you are the best band ever

The Contenders

This a new song from their third album

You should vote for it
I think this song is great. Once you hear it you'll knew why I said it's great.
This song is the most amazing song ever
[Newest]I love big time rush especially james

12Windows down
My favorite btr song keeps on changing, these days I love listening to this song, I have made my friend listen to this song again and again and now she loves this song as well.. Hats off to btr :) great work
WOW! This could be the best summer vacation song... The video is making me insane... I've watch for many time and I never fell bored... It's just... The BEST song ever! It even beat one direction's live while we're young... I know I've choose the best band ever!
Perfect, incredible and awesome the best part is when they slide in shirtless... PS logan abs is making me crazy and perfectly james abs is making me freak and the best part of james is he is very tall I love tall guy
[Newest]This song need do be number 1 this is the best song I heard WOO HOO

13Big Time Rush
This song is awesome! So catchy and cool :3 Honestly, I don't like their other songs as much as this one... Is the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time!
first song ever, launched BTR's career


I love this song it's my favourite of them all I love it so much and it's so catchy... Oh oh oh oh, make it count play it straight don't look back don't hesitate when you go big time hey hey listen to your heart now hey hey don't you feel the rush now
[Newest]This is their first song and in my opinion the best one. No idea if it's because it was the first one from them I listened to, but it's the best.

I love this song so much and I love Logan he is so cute. I love his smile.

It is my favorite song james you rock and you so hot can you teach me to be awesome
best song along with boyfriend! its awesome and so is boyfriend! both of them are tied for first!
[Newest]I think this song is number 1 James and Logan are so cute!

AWESOME SONG! Good work James Maslow! I this song. They are awesome and all sound amazing in this! It's an amazing song. Big Time Rush is just amazing... and hot, and they sound awesome in this.
The best! James did a really good job writing it! It sounds amazing and everyone can sing along, no matter who they are. Me and my friends always sing this song in the car. Also, I love James, and he wrote it. That gives me special ties. The best song EVER!
Love this song it deserves to be number 1 on the uk and us charts
[Newest]Big Time Rush wrote that song Elevate on stage in Las Vegas Big Time Rush were four hockey players in Minnesota form a boy band

Awesome song its just amazing and it brings out all of their voices. All of them are awesome but my favourite are all of them they sing very well.
the song is great can match this
I like this song because make me famous when I sing this song

Madi luck
[Newest]If the name is famous then it should be famous

17Confetti Falling
This is one of my faves it deserves better than this
Seriously guys, this is the best, please vote for it, it should be in the top ten

18Like Nobody's Around
16 I am listening to this song right now!?!
HI big time rush


19Music Sounds Better With You
This is flat out the best btr song ever. Every one loves this song and I don't know why it isn't on the top 5
I love this song so much! It's totally awesome and the video is amazing!
I hope one day BTR can come to South America (don't forget Uruguay) and play a concert to us! I love you guys so much!
[Newest]This song is one of my favorites! Its video is also very cool! It must be in top 5!

20Love Me Love Me
Logan you did an awesome job on making this song
I can't get it out of my head!
And I like the voice editing you did!

Love me love me guys!
My fave love this song it's the best
I love this song so much that I'm afraid if I will hate it. And my baby Logan... I LOVE YOU...

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