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41Lonely Road to Absolution
42Living In the Shadows

The quite "raw" sound of their first album is still what defines this band for me. This song is an outstanding example.

This song has been my favourite since I discovered them in 2002 and got their demo CD at a concert!

Probably the best but song. Major nostalgia too.


Amazing song and chorus! Don't know why this wasn't a single!

44Afraid of HeightsV1 Comment
45Swallowed Up by the Ocean

The hidden gem from Dead silence, I'd put it in the top 5

My favorite song from Dead Silence album. Absolutely fantastic.

46Where Is the Line?

Amazing analysis of current trends, now instead of 'ganstas' being popular, it's all about 'hipsters' and 'indie cred'.

V1 Comment
47Big Red Gun

Best song from the new album, which - in general - does not stand up to the high expectations and is quite disappointing.

This song is good after afraid of heights and crutch

Awesome Song nice guitar and genius chorus

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48Don't Need to Pretend

I don't understand why but didn't take this song on an album. Should be top 10!

49Covered In Cowardice

Always gonna be my favourite song. Really makes you feel something special when you hear how brilliantly the lyrics and music mesh together. Absolute hidden gem from Billy Talent II

This song isn't the best by them, but why is it so low? This song Is amazing

50Hanging by a Thread

Really? 40th place? People listen to this song it's FAN-TAS-TIC. Maybe not number one but top 10 certainly

51Chasing the Sun

This song shows how mature but has become in song writing. Chasing The Sun is the very first song with a fingerstyle progression played throughout. But has definitely expanded their musical reach with this impressive addition to their repertoire. This song also has the most heartfelt lyrics, about the loss of a loved one, which is a concept that everyone can connect with. Overall a very great song. Great job Billy Talent!

52Man Alive!

Amazing song! In my opinion, best song in the new album! Definitely give this song a listen!

In the top 3 of Dead Silence in my opinion

53When I Was a Little Girl
54Louder Than the DJ

Very nice song. Should be way more higher!

56Bloody Nails and Broken Hearts

If this wasn't a bonus track, I can guarantee this would be MUCH higher.

This song is all great I had to set it as my alarm

57Rabbit Down the Hole
58Half Past Dead
59Beach Balls
60Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?)
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