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This is a great Australian song by The Birds of Tokyo. It's a real grower and at the end you will eventually fall in love with this song.

It's the kind of song that catches your attention because of the timing. I love it and just want to hear more from this awesome band.

2Wild At Heart

This is the very best of Birds of Tokyo. I usually don't go for this style of music but recently I have started to get into it, probably because of this song. It gives of such and air of lost hope and what once was glory, of life spent on the battlefield and reason lost in time. Love it.
-Abbey, 12

3Broken Bones

Usually I don't get into these sorts of songs. But "Broken Bones" is something else. Had me singing along passionately. Proud to know that this is coming out of Australia too!

4An Ode to Death
6Head In My Hands
7If This Ship Sinks (I Give In)
8The Saddest Thing I Know
9One Way
10The Bakers Son

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Wow, surprised to see Lanterns out of the top 10, this and Plans are Birds best 2 songs, that said they have plenty of great songs

As much as I love Plans, I think Lanterns should get my vote simply because its way lower than I'd have expected it to be

13In the Veins of Death Valley

The best song, Killer lyrics.
I bet u listen to it once u can't stop listening.

15Like Rain
16LanternsV1 Comment
17AnchorV2 Comments
20I'd Go With You AnywhereV1 Comment
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1. Wild At Heart
2. Broken Bones
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