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Tighten Up (Brothers)
Led zeppelin white stripes = Black Keys
They are the stairway to our generation! 
And this is their best song... By far
Best song by this best duo...
Nothing more than the word 'best'.
This is the first song I heard by the duo and it has still remained my favorite by them. It's nothing short of perfection
Livin just to keep going. Going just to be sane! Amazing! Loved it to death
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2Gold On the Ceiling (El Camino)
This is the song that made me love these guys. It beats everything else on this list. I've gotten many of my friends hooked on the Keys because of this song.
This is the song that got me hooked onto the Black Keys and got me listening to all of their other great music such as Little Black Submarines. A truly great band that uses actual instruments and good vocals to write amazing songs.
Best song the BKs ever wrote. Extremely cool. The guitar is awesome, lyrics are insanely cool, this is definitely my favorte song of all time.
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3Little Black Submarines (El Camino)
The Black Keys answer to Stairway to Heaven! And what an awesome song it is too! I can't stop listening to it!
Definitely better than Gold on the Ceiling.
This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. It's so lovely and slow and emotional first, and then when the drums and the electric guitar kicks in, I just want to get up and dance.
Best song, it really showcases how good his voice is, with the classic Black keys sound, it is literally the best song ever! Why the hell isn't higher, I mean, gold on the ceiling is great but, come on
Simply too amazing for words
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4Lonely Boy
The amazing first single for the album El Camino. Rolling Stone praised the song, giving it four out of five stars, saying that "Frustrated desire is the song's ostensible theme... But for Keys fans, this is a clean hit of instant gratification. " I loved the music video- that dance was precious!
This is an amazing exception to the old "they don't make music like they used to" saying.
Gives you that feel of the old 70s with the touch of modern rock. Ultimate feel provided whole together. Gets your spirits all high. Super energetic song. The simply changes the mood with keeping in account the feel which can never be lost. Must for every single lonely boy in the towm.. Keep rocking, cheers.. M/
How is this not Number One? It won a Grammy! People have to listen more and dig in for the riffs, not just sit and watch MTV or MUCH :/
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5I Got Mine (Attack & Release)
You haven't properly experienced this song until you see them play it live. The rock in this song is so much stronger than his other songs. Go listen to it right now!
The Black Keys finish strong, I Got Mine is what they use to close their shows. This song is top 3, at worst!
This song rocks so hard! Amazing energy, a simple yet heavy riff. personally this should be number 1
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6Howlin' for You (Brothers)
"It's True, Baby I'm Howling For You! " Really catchy and amazingly creative
It kicks! The drums are the best. And who did not see trailer (video), it's like parody of Hollywood movie - then you must see it.
This is classic rock at its best... Baby I'm howlin for you...
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7Thickfreakness (Thickfreakness)
Huge Keys fan, this is probably their best (although there are too many to really choose a clear best. )
This and sinister kid should be top ten at the very least
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8Everlasting Light (Brothers)
How the heck is this not higher?! Amazing vocals by Auerbach and a subtle but amazing buildup from start to finish?! Come on people
Always puts me in a good mood, His falsetto voice is unbelievable so calming and pure. Should definitely be higher on the list. :(
Most beautiful, soulful, borderline R&B song (yet still completely rocking) song on brothers. Worth the listen, every time.
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9Psychotic Girl (Attack & Release)
Simply there best song ever! Sit back, crank it up, and love it!
And a famous quote from White Men can't Jump ".. Look man, you can listen to Jimi but you can't hear him. There's a difference man. Just because you're listening to him doesn't mean you're hearing him... "
God, what a soulful music
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10Your Touch (Magic Potion)
Simple, but an unforgettable riff. Dan's voice suits that blue's guitar amazingly well.
Come on. Nobody knows their old stuff, wich is the best. This needs to be #1
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The Contenders

11Strange Times (Attack & Release)
HOLY CRAP! This song is so cool. There is no way that someone can't like this, unless, of course, they're crazy!
If it was worthy of being in Grand Theft Auto IV then it most definitely belongs in the top ten
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1210 A.M. Automatic (Rubber Factory)
Anyone who doesn't have this in their top 10 Black Keys songs, well they shouldn't be making a Black Keys list in the first place. What an amazing song...


Great song. Maybe not their best, but definitely in the Top ten!
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13Set You Free (Thickfreakness)
Really awesome riff. It's amazing how the Black Keys are just two people. They create ideas that are the views of many. SO awesome!
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14Oceans & Streams (Attack & Release)
This song adds so many awesome components plus an awesome beat. Definitely one of their best ones
So many awesome songs by tjese guys, but this one takes the cake.
Its also very underrated in my opinion. Good to see it on this list. Proves that Keys Fans have awesome taste! :) now if only I could learn to play that awesome solo...
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15Dead and Gone (El Camino)
I think this is my favourite song by the black keys, why is it so low?!
Why the hell is this not no. 1. Let alone not in the top 5
Should be higher in my opinion! Great tune.
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16Ten Cent Pistol (Brothers)
Best black keys song EVER! ^_^
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17Nova Baby (El Camino) Listen to sample

18Sister (El Camino)
Good stuff but seems underrated. The music is mixed pretty well, catchy touch in guitar and bass, plus fun stomping drum. The tempo is amazingly addicting.
Amazing! So catchy, a mint summer tune, and along with nova baby, the best off the album by far!
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19Next Girl (Brothers)
This song is REALLY catchy and just AMAZING all in all.
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20Girl Is on My Mind (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

21Fever (Turn Blue)
Best song from their newest album (2014) called Turn Blue.
Definitely should be higher. No question.
Great song! Should be in their top five.
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22Stack Shot Billy (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

23I'll Be Your Man (The Big Come Up) Listen to sample

24Meet Me In the City (Chulahoma) Listen to sample

25Sinister Kid (Brothers)
First of all it's based on a real life story! Secondly, it's just awesome. This Tighten up Gold on the Ceiling and Lonely Boy are the best
Needs to be higher on the list
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26Just Couldn't Tie Me Down (Rubber Factory)
The riff is simply amazing, the solo beautiful, everything about this song is perfect besides the fact that my speakers won't go loud enough to do it justice!
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27Midnight In Her Eyes (Thickfreakness) Listen to sample

28Weight of Love (Turn Blue)
My favourite off the new album. That ending guitar solo is mega.
The baseline in this song is just incredible. So addictive!
By far the best of the album
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29The Lengths
This proves that these guys are true rockers and rollers. Every great band needs a great slow dance song and this is it for them. The Lengths!
Love this song. A little less of blues and more of roots rock. Great song, great band, and awesome note bending in this particular song.
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30The Only One (Brothers)
All time favorite song!
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31Never Gonna Give You Up (Brothers)
So full of sound! A great song.
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32Till I Get My Way (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

33Things Ain't Like They Used To Be (Attack & Release)
My favorite black keys song
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34My Mind Is Ramblin' (Chulahoma) Listen to sample

35Yearnin' (The Big Come Up) Listen to sample

36Breaks (The Big Come Up)
How is this not higher?!? The intro of "Lean forward slightly, Look straight at
The speaker and listen with a sparkle
In your eye as though you might be thinking
'gee this is the most wonderful thing
I've ever heard in all my life'" just immediately sets you up for an incredible guitar riff that hooks you for the whole track. My favourite song
Really? If you do not have this song in your top ten, then you are not a fan of The Black Keys
Amazing guitar riff just listen to it I guarantee you'll you it
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37The Go Getter (Brothers) Listen to sample

38Too Afraid to Love You (Brothers)
This song is my ultimate fave!
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39Just Got to Be (Magic Potion)
I love this song it's the best they ever made
Best black keys riff sounds like Hendrix
How In the world is this 51... I think the world should listen to the whole CD and not cherry-pick the hits!
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40Grown So Ugly (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

41Run Right Back (El Camino)
How is this song not in the top ten!? Give it a try! I promise it will not disappoint! It's So catchy and you won't be able to get it out of your head (in a good way) I'm really suprised its not way way higher!
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42Leavin' Trunk (The Big Come Up) Listen to sample

43When the Lights Go Out (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

44Mind Eraser
Obviously not top 10 material but I can't let one of their most underrated gems be put so low
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45She's Long Gone (Brothers)
LISTEN to the guitar riff in the CHORUS and you will be hooked! Love this song!
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46Keep Me (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

47Chop and Change
The bass line is awesome! Why wasn't this on here yet? I love it!
Oh my gosh this song
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48Lies (Attack & Release)
This song is just awesome. The power, the lyrics, everything.
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49Money Maker (El Camino)
Get your SUITS ON, GROOM UP and GET THIS SONG on the background while your at it!
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50Unknown Brother (Brothers)
This song is very underrated!
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51The Desperate Man (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

52I'm Not the One (Brothers)
One of the greatest songs ever. Beautiful, relentless and just mean - god I love this song.
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53You're the One (Magic Potion) Listen to sample

54Have Love Will Travel
Love the sound of this one.
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55Countdown (The Big Come Up) Listen to sample

56Busted (The Big Come Up) Listen to sample

57Heavy Soul (The Big Come Up) Listen to sample

58Elevator (Magic Potion)
Just an awesome riff... :D
Listen to sample

59Hard Row (Thickfreakness) Listen to sample

6010 Lovers (Turn Blue) Listen to sample

61Strange Desire (Magic Potion) Listen to sample

62Act Nice and Gentle (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

63Remember When (Side B) (Attack & Release) Listen to sample

64Same Old Thing (Attack & Release) Listen to sample

65All You Ever Wanted (Attack & Release)
I know it's clichéd but I can't believe it's not on the list. Definitely one of their best.
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66Hurt Like Mine (Thickfreakness) Listen to sample

67Turn Blue (Turn Blue)
Wait a while, I bet this song will be higher! Best song off new album!
Listen to sample

68Bullet In the Brain (Turn Blue) Listen to sample

69Gotta Get Away (Turn Blue) Listen to sample

70Work Me (Chulahoma) Listen to sample

71Just a Little Heat (Magic Potion)
The opening guitar piece is amazing, as it the overall groove of this song.
Listen to sample

72All Hands Against His Own (Rubber Factory) Listen to sample

73In Time (Turn Blue)
This song is coherent, has a variety of musical instrumentation it brings to the table and overall has a wonderful tone and rhythm!
Listen to sample

74Year In Review (Turn Blue ) Listen to sample

75It's Up to You Now (Turn Blue)

76Waiting On Words - Turn Blue Listen to sample

77In Our Prime (Turn Blue) Listen to sample

78Hell of a Season (El Camino)
One of their best songs of all time
Listen to sample

79These Days (Brothers) Listen to sample

80Stop, Stop (El Camino)
This song is so underrated, should go up!
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