Best Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Primary Guns


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The Top Ten

It is so good for rushers and it is also good for people that use ghost and stuff with silencer. So I reckon it's the best gun over all. People who love msmc please vote and try to make this the the #1 gun in the game!
Laser site definitely. I also rock a silencer which seems to reduce recoil. I am going to try long barrel as stated below but I think this gun deserves #2 spot in my opinion!
I used this ever since I unlocked it. Best gun in the game. Throw on fast mag, suppressor and laser and you can just beast around all day. Best range of the SMGs and the highest damage.
[Newest]This game was SMG superior.

It takes some time to get used to, and is unlocked at the last level, but makes up for it as being one if the best guns in the game. The accuracy isn't M27 recoil, but it is still accurate. The way the gun switches fire rates can be kind of off putting for new players, and the scar actually is more powerful, but it is without a doubt one of the best overall guns. It's not op or anything, it's just very good. It's like a more powerful version of the Mtar.
Great overall gun. High damage. Great accuracy and range.
Amazingly accurate. No need for any sights because the iron sight is really good leaving room for other attachments. I use fore grip, quick clip and stock making it even more deadly accurate with very little recoil.
[Newest]Best gun in the game

Best gun ever a must for everybody since you get it at level 4 and you can use it up to prestige its a really amazing gun with its nice range and 3 shot kill usual this gun couldn't have been better with such a large magazine the weapon gets even better and in the right hands you can destroy your enemies.
Great power and on target
Large mag and strong overall


[Newest]Never ending bullets and low recoil.

No recoil gives you the ultimate advantage when building a class a sight is not needed but you can throw one on there just to get the job done. If you want run a stealth class and let the enemy come to you or rush at them with force your choice
I used this in the beginning and I was ALWAYS 1st and 2nd
No recoil and is probably the best to per unlock, once you find your attachments this 3 shot kill gun is probably the best!
[Newest]When I'm not using the R870, this is my thing.

I hated this gun at first, but over time I have grown extremely fond of it. My KD raised significantly after I incorporated the MP7 into my classes. I use it with Laser and fast mag and then ballista with ballistics. That class is beast. I also have another MP7 class with reflex, rapid fire, and fast mag and it is also dominating on smaller maps (especially Hijack). Overall, this gun won't deceive you with the right attachments.


This fully automatic gun is one of the best guns in the game system because this gun can go to many extents its a perfect gun for shooting out in the open and also for snipering in high range places depending on the attachments overal this is a great gun to use in black ops 2.
I've used the mp7 since I got the game and I've gotten 10 nuclears and 24 swarms with it that's why I think the. Mp7 is the best
[Newest]This is a very good gun for close range

Though the recoil on this AR is really high, the damage output at the medium to long range is equally high. I find that the weapon is best served to pick off snipers and make people who can't see you suffer. My personal favorite.
Very versatile as most ARs are. High damage output with long range. No drop off with silencer. 3 shot kill. You really don't need any attachments so that lets you spend more tokens on perks. 1st gun I spent a token on.
So underused yet so powerful I love it
This is an awesome gun

7Type 25
Simply the best, so fast, so accurate, so fast in reloding, so easy to use, so easy to unlock and also great in zombies. Just so good. The ultimate complete weapon in bo2
This gun is basically the 2.0 version of the FAMAS, which is great the famas was the best gun in BO1, now this is the best gun in BO2.
Light and good for movement and scouting. High fire rate makes it ideal for such things.
[Newest]Second favorite gun. call me crazy but I like the swat 556

Just such a beast. Similar to the intervention from mw2, a bolt action with high damage but small mag size, but you can fix that with extended mags, and throw on ballistics cpu as well. This is the trickshotting and kill feeding sniper for black ops 2. Hope to see it again in future Call of Duty games
This was my first gold and max prestige gun it's just really good for trick shooting no other gun can compare to it
DSR obviously stands for deadliest sniper rifle
[Newest]I got gold on this gun in 2 hours

Very Underrated! A perfect All rounder with the right attachments and Perk choices!
Excellent fire rate. Highly recommended!
DEFINITELY needs to be higher on the list, has great damage with FMJ and a great rate of fire with no recoil. Definitely a must for people who play tactically.

10Skorpion EVO
If you get rapid fire on this bad boy, you gonna be a killing machine!


No matter the situation I always wins always get lightning strike hunter killer drone and agr on search. Always win free for all with this gun. Easy to max prestige. Have it gold took me a day because of head shots. Best gun ever.
You are insane if you put rapid fire on this bad boy! This is insane for getting camos, because the recoil kicks up a ton towards the head and you have to hip fire a lot with this thing. Skorpion for days!
[Newest]Got me to prestige!

The Contenders

Probably the best gun in any call of duty. No recoil very high damage output. This gun go ham in the paint
Its A Pretty Beast Of A Weapon, Best With Select Fire Millimeter Scanner And Adjustable Stock
Very good deserves to be at least number 10
[Newest]It is a sniper with benefits

The best gun in the game just put silencer and fast mag and see if you don't get nuclear today
This is a awesome weapon

It's accurate, with high 4 round burst damage. Practically any attachment suits well with it. I don't play too much Call of Duty, but I got 2 VTOL Warships the day I started using it.
Most accurate and kills someone with a trigger pull
Most of the time a trigger pull can kill the enemy if you can aim well.

14Vector K10
In general a pretty solid SMG, best with silencer. You won't need sights because the iron sight is good.
Best gun in my opinion. It's designed to have no recoil. Best with target finder and fast mag.
If you don't vote for this gun you obviously haven't tried it out.

I prefer burst fire weapons over automatic ones due to the fact it kills faster than most over weapons in the game (Except Snipers and Shotguns). But automatic is still good, burst fire guns are fun to use if your accurate but at the same there are some disadvantages like poor close quarter combat for instance.
Helped me in 1v3 situation in search n destroy. In amazing weapon if you know how to use it effectively and efficiently. The three round burst is very helpful in all situations.
First gun I got to gold. If all three bullets hit in core, and trust me they will because this gun is pinpoint accurate, their dead.
[Newest]Usually one Burst gets the kill, good mag size, decent reload speed, high damage, great range

16R-870 MCS
I think its an awesome gun you can use it in level 4 and I got it in gold in less than 24 hours its the best gun I have ever tried in my life. Also not everyone can kill you its hard for others but extremely easy for you so try it.
LOVE THIS SHOTGUN! 1 hit kills at short to almost medium range. The only thing people could say badly about this gun is that it has no range, I only have 1 thing to say to that... It's A SHOTGUN
This has to be my favorite gun I went on nuke town and went 41-22 and I suck at this game like I am getting better but really I suck and yet with this gun I am beast. I find it best to have the hamr with it so that say I play hardcore it is like an instant kill so it's a great set up I love it so much like danng

Best gun in the game! Got my first quad feed with this gun and it is a beast! No recoil, and it has a lot of damage. Got my first ORbital VSAT with this and it is just the best.
I love the Ballista because it has a good scope and it is good at quick scoping
BEST GUN EVER. Best gun for quickscoping/dragscoping. You should definitely always have this in your class!

Great weapon if you have good accuracy, also it has a good range
Pretty much a sniper rifle 1 shot kills to the head
Once your accuracy is up this is a beast gun it can work like a ballista with iron sight! :-)

19Chicom CQB
This weapon is amazing. Had know idea how op it was until I used it. Took only about 3.5 hours to get gold.
Best gun ever I just started using it with select fire and it rocks

Similar to an ar but with heavier for power and larger ammo capacity
Its really good on hardcore its like an instant kill I go beast
Best gun for zombies and multiplayer

Best in the game at medium to long range. Quick handle, silencer or fmj and must use thermal optical. I'm not a very good player and I own with this set up.
Beast with target finder, fmj and quick draw
They both have good ROFS, and they are both very accurate BEST LMGS


BEST TIME TO KILL in the game plus big mag and good range
Best damage and fire rate combo in the game by far
The QBB is one of the best guns in the game it is always dependable for me it's the best when your on overflow

24Ray Gun
Hey its good in zombies. It deserves to be on the list. I GOT THE RAY GUN! Love saying that. Best zombie gun. Instant classic.
Why would you put this as a multiplayer gun its for zombies
It shouldn't be on this list but it is a beast weapon.
[Newest]Why put zombies guns on a multiplayer list

2 shot kill at any range and put select fire on and you got a full auto killing MACHINE

High damage with good fire rate pretty damn good overall.
I got gold on this gun in 1 hour

This is the best pistol in Black Ops 2! How is this #31!?

28Five Seven
If you hove a trigger finger this gun is the secondary for you good with fast mag extended clip and long barrel. This gun has very little rec0lil.
Overall a great pistol to use at close to far range. Great damage kills in 2-5 bullets

Gayest weapon in all the game
It bloody good Iam so surprised its not in the top 5
It is so good. you never have it fly up a
Like the dsr 50 it has steady aim you can fire multaple bullets instead of having one bullet at a time

Don't know if you noticed but this is a primary weapons list not secondary
Duel wield one shot each from them


32Combat Knife
Bad ass and it has swag

Great if you havegood accuracy. and tri-bolt is the best with this weopon.

34MK 48
This gun absolutely destroys at a distance even with a silencer on the gun. The damage is amazing at all range and the recoil is a non factor most of the time. This gun with target finder, quickdraw, and silencer is a monster.
This gun is very underrated. When you use attachments like quickdraw and stock it helps you vet over the slow mobility. Almost no recoil and almost always 3 shots to kill even with silencer.
I love this gun I got close to 2,000 kills with this gun.

It is a very beast gun in cqc and it is great for those medium range kills.

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