Best Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Songs


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1Whatever Happened to My Rock'n'Roll (Punk Song)
3Need Some Air
4In Like the Rose

Just a great song, great effect with the guitar. The part where he sings "it's time... ", the song gets harder and it picks up. Very well done over all.

5Spread Your Love
6Heart & Soul
7Waiting Here
8Beat the Devil's Tattoo

How come this song is not in the list yet? This is their trademark song.

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9Six Barrel Shotgun

Best hard-hitting riff of the band. - Agent_Cooper


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11Ain't No Easy Way
12As Sure as the Sun

BRMC is one of my all time favorite bands. I love their most songs but this one is the best in my opinion.

13Weapon of Choice
15Conscience Killer
16American X

Epic long song with great guitar playing. A real underrated one.

17Red Eyes and Tears

Best song of this band

18Love Burns

One of their first truly great songs.
To me this is THE song that sums up the sound of BRMC. Not only does it perfectly emote, it also showcases has that dark, bluesy and groovey sound that features throughout their other material. It's the best introduction to one of the most amazing bands of all time.

19High / Low
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1. Heart & Soul
2. Six Barrel Shotgun
3. Mercy
1. Whatever Happened to My Rock'n'Roll (Punk Song)
2. Berlin
3. Need Some Air



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