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21New Years Day

I love this song... The teaser for the Wretched and Divine album should have been "Rise from the Ashes -- 2013" oh gosh

Winning. Best song I've ever heard. Well, next to some Green Day, Motley Crue, and Avenged Sevenfold.

This song captures the energy of a battle in a song, and then the breakdown is a violin solo, which I find awesome because I can't imagine any other band like BVB ever doing this.

I love this song like really

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It s the great song of this band I want it up people. Listen to it and you will see its awesome

15th place?!?! The spine-chilling intro, the calmness and veiled intensity of this song, the hope and strength it has in its lyrics... I seriously thought this would be at least in the top 5 if not first... The guitar solo by Jake is amazing as always... That guy is an awesome and very talented guitarist!

This should be on the top along with savior, rebel love song and knives and pens. The verse 'We are not alone' really got to me. It's simple and straight-forward. It's melodic, and is one of the best songs out there! Go BVB! - music_book_addict

I don't know much about this band, but so far this is the best song I've heard by them. It's absolutely beautiful. The guitar, Andy's vocals, the lyrics...It's a gorgeous song. Should be higher in this list in my opinion.

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I'm going to break my neck head-banging to this song!
Weee are!
We are the Revelation!

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24Children Surrender

Love this song! Can't stop listening to it! If you love it when Andy screams then this is a good song for you. :) BEST BVB SONG! BVB ARMY FOREVER!


Helped me through some extremely tough times. Especially "stronger in new ways, don't care what they say, this is your life, its time to rejoice". I have anxiety disorder and get down a lot because of other people (can't help it), and whenever I hear this part of the song, I just loose all my down... Ness, and get so much new self confidence. Sorry if that was a little preachy, but this song means a lot to me.

This is the best song ever. Not only does it have a good beat but it has a good meaning behind it. "Rise up and celebrate your life, sing for what you feel inside. " The words have quality and they really speak to the heart. Just pure amazingness! I think this should have gotten more votes, It's my number one favorite song of all time, definitely it deserves to be number one!

Whenever I'm in a bad mood, this song just makes me feel so much better. The lyrics are inspiring, the more upbeat, yet still awesome melody is just perfection. It changed my outlook on life for the better.

Definitely should be in top 10 this song makes me so happy and the intro though

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26New Religion

Come on ARMY! This is such a great heavy and meaningful song! Should be at least top 5! It is one of their heaviest and just great and meaningful!

We are the unholy
We are the bastard sons of your media culture
Our minds eyes and bodies were born of your exclusion
You don't love a god
You love your comfort
An illusion you hide behind
To you we are filth we are dirty
So be it
We are dirty and unclean
A congregation of the unseen
Together we will set this world on fire!
This is the new religion!

This is definitely their best song on STWON closely tied with youth & whiskey, the legacy, and saviour. This song tells you to be who you are and who you want to be. Definitely an amazing song with great music and instrumentals and lyrics and everything. Can't BELIEVE this is at the bottom when it should be at the least top 5

This is one of the best songs they've ever written. Including Knives and Pens, The Gusling, Ritual, Love Isn't Always Fair and Lost it all... I'm surprised this song isn't higher rated...

I love this one, can't stop listening to it!

27The Gunsling

This song is amazing and underrepresented, this song deserves more cred than it's given. The Gunsling came out before We Stitch These Wounds and Set The World On Fire, both of Which are amazing albums, but without The Gunsling we wouldn't have the songs we do. This song should be at least top 5.

Its amazing how they can turn simple lyrics into a great master piece

This is seriously one of the best songs they've ever done. So much emotion, AMAZING lyrics, even MORE AMAZING instrumentals, and the vocals are so raw, just overall amazing, PLEASE GIVE THIS SONG A LISTEN!

I think this one deserves at least 10

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28We Don't Belong

An absolutely amazing song. Great beat, rhythm and the lyrics mean a lot to me personally. We belong in the BVB army and if there's one thing I've learnt from it - it's that although we don't know the guys personally, they will always be there for us and be there for you when there is nobody else. It was on one of Andy Biersack's old blogs and it's the one that gives me the strength to live for another day. Honestly - you NEED this song in your life if you're someone who can relate to me and if not - you NEED to listen to this anyway. Have fun and blast some music into your life! Jas/z

I think that "emo" and "goth" kids can really relate to this song about being at home and at school, I know that I can relate to it!

This song makes me want to cry, it is that powerful and beautiful. I mean come on "So get back up when they push you down
We're singing
Whoa oh oh, whoa oh oh oh
We don't belong here, we don't belong"
I dare you to look me in the eye and say that meant nothing to you.

This song is different. In a great way. I love the opening verse!

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29Shadows Die

I think this song is their absolute masterpiece! This song is so hard-core and amazing, it is the most hard-core deathly ill song ever! Greatest rock song with stunning effects. Oh yeah, and it is the best possible song to play Black Ops Zombies to!

Bolt Thrower has the best songs to play Black Ops to and all of them are much more "hardcore" than this

Shadows Die is just about the most epic thing BVB have ever produced. Literally just blows away any other rock song out there. So much epic, words can't describe.

I absolutely love this song. In my opinion, it is one of their best songs! I want to jam and Scream when I hear this song it gets me all jumpy!

I know right! I can't begin to express how much I love this song in words.

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30All Your Hate

I love this song so much! Is it weird that it makes me happy?

This is good song even if it describes andys manhood "all the hate goes to my dick"

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31Nobody's Hero

This song should be at the best. See its lyrics and see the knives and pens lyrics and then compare. Then if you like it vote it

Come on people! This song is great!

What is this song doing down here?
This song is so inspirational. The lyrics are great, the sound of it is great. It should be at number one, or at leest number two.

How is this song not number one? Never mind all the way back here? What's going on with the world?!

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32Beautiful Remains

I couldn't just choose one. These songs are, in my opinion, the best on the first album. They both have a very good mix of screaming, singing, and awesome guitar parts.

This one is just so beautiful and I love everything about it, especially the screams.

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33Heaven's Calling

Heaviest song of new album it is a good song and it should be in top 10

I love this song! Should totally be in the top ten.

Just totally amazing, should at least be at top 20

Really good song. Should at least be in the top 20.

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35Devil In the Mirror

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy BVB IV all that much in comparison to the other albums. Devil in the Mirror though, that surpass' all the other songs from its album by far. Andy's singing is amazing, the lyrics are original and the instrumental doesn't let down, ultimately making for an awesome song.

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36Walk Away

Why isn't it higher this song has power and can make me cry to be honest

Beautiful riff, brilliant song

37Youth and Whiskey

I used to be a massive black veil brides fan. Although, after time I lost interest in them. Youth and Whiskey is the one song by them that I haven't left.

This is one of my friend's FAVORITE songs. I don't understand how it's not higher on the list but, it's an amazing song.

The beginning is the best part! Love all their songs though.

I love this one, it's so catchy!

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38Rebel Yell

C;mon.. In the midnight hour she wants MORE MORE MORE this song is great. Listen to it and then vote

The catchiest damn thing I've ever heard! It's awesome.

I love this song and I just thought it would be up in ranks more... but okay..

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39Drag Me to the Grave

Best song from the new album. I think it should be in top 25 at least. - tiagocowboy11

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40Last Rites
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