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41Love Isn't Always FairV2 Comments
42Resurrect the Sun

Amazing song. Such a strong meaning to me, but maybe not to you. I mean like: "I'LL PRAY FOR MORNING, I SWEAR I'LL NEVER LET YOU DIE! " He's talking about us! The BVB ARMY!

This song has accompanied me for almost four years,it has combined with my soul,when I'm low,there's always a voice from my heart says:On the horizon we will resurrect the sun! The hope is just like sun,it will always be resurrected!

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43Crown of Thorns

The guitars just sound awesome. This song always makes me feel good

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I just love this song. "if we stick together we will be unbroken! " - jackbell1

This is a truly beautiful song, the lyrics are beautiful and inspiring, and it's definitely one of their best songs!

Loved how it fit into the Avengers! It sounds amazing!

The guitar parts in this song are amazing! They're all such talented musicians

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45Days Are Numbered

This should be way higher. It sounds so badass, my favourite from Wretched and Divine.

Such a powerful message. My favorite from them. It should definitely be higher.

The start of this song is so good, you will fall in love with it straight away.

This song is amazing along with lost it all. it should be higher

46A Devil For Me

This has to be on the top. If you guys think that all the other songs are the best, wait till you listen to this one. I hated bvb but this has to be the best song from their first album.

I LOVE the instrumental in the beginning and it's just such a pretty song, I wish it could be on Spotify!

47Never Give In

One of the best songs from We Stitch These Wounds even better than some others of other albums and it's in 46th? - tiagocowboy11

Should be higher. It explains life and how you should never give into the people who want to change who you really are.

This is the best song ever and should be the Anthem for the Black Veil Brides Army!

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Awesome! Different but I really like Jinxs playing je has AMAZING violin amd guitar talent. Its cool to c bvb branching out.

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49Victory Call

Top 10 songs for sure! Have a listen guys...

50Sex & Hollywood
51Shattered GodV3 Comments
52Done for You

Even though it's one of their slower songs, it has such a powerful meaning and feel to it!

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53Stolen Omen

This should be higher...
The song has a different feel to it and it's sorta kinda hard to not want to release your anger with this song...
It's a good anger song...

Wow This song is so underrated
I mean the lyrics are incredible! It Should be in the top ten.

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54This Prayer for You
55Sons of Night
56World of Sacrifice

It is a brilliant song it should be in top 10


This really amazing cover (kiss - unholy) I very very love this song ever. For first time I hear this song I like this for the best ss

58God Bless You

How could you people forget this one. its just pure awesomeness Lyrics

Think set the world on fire is a great album. I think this song is one of the best. Know all the words too all the songs. This song along with many others really inspired me. I really love black veil brides and take joy in who I am: a proud member of the bvb army!

Great song should at least be top 15 if not top 10. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it!

59Hello My Hate
60Devil's Choir

"I'll carry you, my darkest desire
When life sings to you, through devil's choir
F.E.A.R., won't, steal what burns in you
I'll carry you, away from the fire. "

Perfect song. Love it.

This song should be in the top ten! It's one of the songs that first introduced me to this band its amazing!

One Of Their Best Songs, This should definitely be in the top 20 at least, this song is so GOOD

Should be in top five

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